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What are we, in front of the supreme creator?

Updated on March 8, 2016


Human being is tinier than the atom compared to the vast creation!

We invent many things in this world. But, who invented every little thing before creation happened? We coolly forget this aspect. Scientists boast that they have found out much number of new inventions which helps us to lead a comfortable life with speed and accuracy! But the same scientist is not thinking that the brain system has not been invented by him. It is a sure gift for everyone in this world by god. He has given this beautiful miraculous body, wherein simultaneously many things and process are taking place continuously all the 24 hours. The heart beats, the lungs clean the blood, the kidneys filter huge amount of things from the digestive system. Some of us may be aware, that even a minute disruption in the function of any organ or gland will bring ill health at once.

Who designed this beautiful machine called human body? Scientists have taken decades to assemble a robot performing simple movements and functions. But, in which factory, the different types of human beings are molded? Who has wired the beings with miles of nerve systems, minute arteries passing through different parts of the body? Who has put the fire in our stomach for digestion? How the body is maintaining a constant temperature? Many volumes of encyclopedia is needed to detail the function of each part.

Have we seen any physical factories in the world which produce various limbs of creation, including the flora and fauna? How about the river and ocean systems? How about the air circulation, without which everyone here will fall dead? How the breathing is regulated even while we sleep or dream? How man thinks coherently? Who is behind all this miraculous inventions which baffle even the shrewd scientist? We boast that the computer was invented by man. OK, but how he invented this without the aid of the brain gifted by god? Of course, everyone here on earth knows that these questions are impossible to answer. Our scientists can not make a single leaf but after decades they may try to clone a leaf.

Really, a scientist can never make any new thing. He examines the available element or molecule and find out how it can be manipulated? These are all permutations and combinations! Hence the fundamental requirement of the so called genius people is to relinquish their petty ego and understand that he is also an instrument in the hands of Divine! Nowadays, we have many kind of diseases affecting the humanity. Of course, many researchers break their head to find out a remedy. It may take five or ten years to find out an antidote for these new diseases like ‘ziko viruses. Even we are far behind in treating ‘Aids” and other such deathly diseases. There is also the ‘Ebola virus’ affecting the African countries. Hence the capacity of man is like an ‘atom’ in front of the billions of galaxies created by God. How can we boast that we are superior? Astronomers may boast that space shuttles have reached moon and mars and it is circling Jupiter and Saturn too. But what is the achievement?

Many lakhs of years ago, the demons were capable of moving to different galaxies and planets with ease by uttering certain potent chants. They relied on syllables but we are relying on machines run on fuel. Really, we have clustered the space with lot of debris. It is not known when that debris may land on earth, causing huge damages to men and machines, contaminating the earth and river systems? God alone can set right the pollution created by man everywhere! Let us remain humble considering our tiny form compared to the limitless space everywhere! We are not even aware that we are the creators of fate and free will. Whatever we have done earlier, boomerang on us for sure. You need not believe in the Almighty. At least, you can infer your tiny ego which posits lot of problems to lead a peaceful life on earth!

Earth is tiny!


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