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(6) Stigmata & Deception

Updated on September 22, 2017

Are You Being Deceived?

The world is full of many religions, many faiths and many beliefs.

Who is to say which are right and which are wrong? Does it truly matter what religion you practice if the faith that you follow brings you onto the path of God? If your spiritual practices bring forth 'good fruit' to others and your intent is pure, how can this be bad? I have heard people say that there are many paths to God and heaven. Ummmmm no. It is a lie. The only way to God and heaven is through Jesus.

I have learned many things through the devil's "deceptions." The great deceiver will come as "light" and often imitate what is of God but it is not. Through Jesus and only through Jesus period! Everyone who believes in Jesus as the Messiah and repents their sins will be saved! All who call upon Jesus will be saved. Plain and simple isn't it?

Anything that you have learned from the "darkness" that has imitated light, please throw it out and start over! Start with Jesus and Jesus only. There is only one way andonly one path to God and it is J-E-S-U-S! It doesn't matter who is telling you what. My testimony is true and I do not want to see you perish into darkness!You can do all the good deeds in the world but it will not get you to Heaven. It will get you no where if you do not know Jesus as your personal savior.

For all those who are reading this and praying to a false God, please remember this. The seeds are planted here for you. You may not accept it now and that is okay because Jesus will never give up on you and the moment that you call upon him and ask for forgiveness and proclaim Jesus as the Messiah with your mouth and inside your heart with belief he will be there for you.

Yes, I am sure many will be offended by these words of mine. I make no apology for the truth of our Lord Jesus Christ! False Gods are just that--FALSE!

"It has been written" and I understand it fully. Hopefully when you see the 'truth' of the written words and my testimony of the Lord you will ALL come to Jesus. I pray that you do. My testimony is true! It is amazing!

God Loves Everyone But He does Not Love Sin!

Who is to say that someone is not worthy of Jesus's love because they sin and they are imperfect human beings? Even those who are far away from Jesus and have fallen for the lies are worthy of Jesus's love.

I heard somewhere that the one who is perfect is allowed to throw the first stone. Go ahead, throw it. I double dare you but be ready because I come armed with the truth and I will smash you with the hugest boulder you have ever seen and ever been hit with! Those who hate the truth RUN from me! hmmmmm amazing that people can come armed with lies but when I drop a few boulders of truth on them they flee and hide. You better hide! You should be ashamed but you are too haughty to even see your own behaviors! They are atrocious!

I see these hypocritical responses and actions everyday, against other races, religions, races, homosexuals, it is never ending. Sin is sin! No greater and no worse than another sin. Hurting others! Killing others! Making people want to kill themselves because you tell them that they are not worthy of God's love and forgiveness is a SIN! Wake up!

Did Jesus tell the murderer, prostitute, beggars or thieves "Sorry but this sin of your is just way too much for me to forgive and I just can't love you due to your sin--be gone from me? Sorry but I have to reject you--please don't walk in any of my churches or come near me or my Holy are not worthy and never will be worthy of my love? NO JESUS DID NOT AND WOULD NEVER SAY THAT NOR DID HE!! As a matter of fact He forgave many and told them to go and be clean and free of this sin!

On the flip-side. I hear many people saying that Jesus hung out with sinners. Yes he did but not to hang out. He spoke the Good news of the Gospel. Once a person received it and left their sin he hung out with them. If someone refused His words, they were no longer in His site. He didn't hang with them nor did He beg them to accept the truth, He moved on and away from those who did not receive Him.

Stop saying it is cool to sin and God loves you anyway and accepts your sin. No it is not cool to sin and God may love you but He does not love your sin and He surely does not accept it. He will not be hanging with you while you tell Him that it doesn't matter that you sin and you refuse to leave it. Wake up!


The things that I have seen in my life just weigh so heavy on me at times. This behavior has nothing to do with God's work nor God's promise and whoever is teaching you this is a liar. Oh, and by the way, the devil is a liar also. Don't forget that! I believe that God can work through everyone, those who believe in Jesus Christ and acknowledge him as the MESSIAH who was raised from the dead, those who love and accept Jesus and call upon him are able to do God's work...if you allow it...and no you don't have to be perfect, just sincere and have a genuine love and belief in your heart for God and Jesus.

Just as God works through people but sadly, so does the devil if you allow him. Yes, my friends the devil does exists. Chuckle if you would like but you will all see the truth eventually. Very shortly he is going to take the majority of you down with him because you reject Jesus. There is no power over these demons and the devil without Jesus.

I have heard so many horrid responses, when I give testimony to God. It is sad really not for me but for them. "What are you a holy roller?" "Yeah, right, you know God. You're no saint. Please.""I don't know anyone who is as full of so much hatred as you." "You? God? Ha ha ha ha hahahaa.""Oh, that's right, you are a reborn Christian." tsk tsk tsk

Personally my friends, I would rather be around someone who is close to God or at the very best, has a heart after God. It is safer that way!

I have no indoctrination. I am not Religious.

I belong to no religion, no specific faith, I do not sit in any church nor do I really want to. God has left many of the churches but he has not abandoned his people, the true believers. I am one of God's true believers, though I am far from perfect. I believe in God, not because of any man made indoctrination but due to what God tells me and shows me. Period. I would be a foolish woman to believe in mere mortal men.

I was reading a young man's Hub in regards to him making many mistakes and I had to chuckle. I am the QUEEN of MISTAKES! Without making mistakes, how else do we learn? I have learned through many of my mistakes and I would not change a thing, they have helped me immensely to grow closer to God. I am less worried about putting others first and more interested in having God in the front seat.

This time though, God is now in the driving seat and I am the willing passenger. After all the driving that I have done in my life,I have managed to only drive recklessly; onto sidewalks, into trees, lamp posts, off cliffs and mountains. I think that If God was giving bad driving tickets and I would be in court for a lifetime and I would have HUGE fines.

I am never alone, even if I am sitting alone in my home. I have much to celebrate because I am still alive. My heart is still full of so much love for many people who have none to share back to me at this time. I have accepted this. I don't like it but I will accept it for now.

I hold on to the faith that God has a reason for everything, I have seen it played out this year in my life-profoundly-given the strange rocky road I have always stomped down. I am worthy of God and his blessings no matter who thinks otherwise. As long as God tells me so, I couldn't receive a better gift than knowing that. I do know that in my heart.

Crazy aint contagious


Have you ever heard that alarm that says "This is a test, only a test...stand by for further instructions?" Apparently I am standing by for further instructions. I have given this great thought on why God chose me and I have come to this conclusion. "I don't freaking know." How's that for an answer?

I have a sneaking idea on why God chose me and I am laughing and shaking my head as I type this. If you have been keeping up with my story from the beginning than you understand that twenty years ago when God arrived to me, I was too worried about what others would think and say 'crazy-loco-touched' and I shut down from God-and speaking about God. I put others first and not what God had shared with me-to share with others. So here I am the same predicament again. Interesting. Didn't someone say history would repeat itself?

"This is a test...only a test....stand by for further instructions."

"Okay! Okay! I am giving testimony now." And yes, I am being treated the same way that I was treated years ago but this time, it is okay with me and often makes me laugh. I know and God knows and that is all that matters. Eventually the world will know and I will smile-clap and praise God because the word of God has been spoken. Possibly I may have redeemed myself for twenty years of ignoring God? I think so...I really hope so.

They have all betrayed me & abandoned me.

As for the reactions that I have encountered by telling this story to others in person, it has not been looking good down here God. I have had two friends completely stop talking to me. "Your crazy-this is crazy" and I have never heard from them again. I have family members who thinks that I have finally fell off the deep end and that I need a 'love-me suit.' I hear the snickers and gossip of workmates,they think I don't hear them but as I said, I see and hear what they don't) So yes, I will take this rejection, their humiliation and abandonment as my punishment for now. I deserve to be chastised. I do. I get it.

God is quite funny in his lessons and I will stay on the path that God wants me to. The outcome of faith, listening and following God is more important than the unbelievers who mock. They mocked Jesus and nailed him to a cross. Who am I to think that I am somebody special and that I can side-step other people's garbage and ridicule? We will all drink from His cup and I am surely drinking from His cup.

I am broken inside from this. Flat on my face and so deeply spiritually grieved but I know that He started this and He will finish this thing that He is doing. I will wait on Him. He is the Author of this story. It is not mine but His. I will keep enduring even if I am alone down here and everyone has rejected me. He has not rejected me. He has chosen me. This I know. How else could all of this happen? It is Him. I am safe with Him and I will trust Him.

I learned my lesson! I know that God understands that after all is said and done, those people are not be in my circle of friends any longer and never will be, no matter what they say after the fact. I know who has been there to support me, love me and protect me! Jesus has been there for me! Only Jesus and that is all I need! That is all that is important.

I love you Jesus and I thank you for never ever leaving me. I do know that you will show the world great things and for your glory--ALL FOR YOUR GLORY! I am in awe of you and will never turn away from you...NEVER! I want nothing more than to win a zillion souls for you before you get here!



Stigmata is a manifestation of bloody wounds on a person’s hands, feet, forehead-chest- or back - similar to the wounds of the crucified Jesus. Those who have experienced stigmata explain that these experiences are spiritual, a divine blessing from God--due to their pure belief in heart.

Many people that bear marks on their hands-feet-side-brow-the wounds of Jesus Christ with corresponding and intense sufferings. These are called visible stigmata.

Many other people who have experienced stigmata-only have the sufferings, bearing no outward wounds or marks or blood; these are called invisible stigmata.

Stigmata are the wounds of Christ- reproduced in a human body. Visible stigmata are located in both hands and both feet, and on the right side of the chest, replicating the sites of Christ's wounds, which he showed to the disciples in his post-resurrection appearances (Luke 24: 36-40 and John 20: 19-29).

The most famous of stigmatic, St Francis of Assisi, received the stigmata in these places. Occasionally wounds on the head, in the shape of the crown of thorns. There can be marks on shoulders which represent Jesus Christ carrying the cross to his physical death.

Stigmata which is invisible, is marked only by the pain of wounds in the classic places, invisible and visible. St Catherine of Sienna received the stigmata of the five wounds in a vision but asked God to make them disappear, after which she experienced only the pain of the wounds.

Stigmata visible and invisible are known to happen to thousands of people all over the world-many who are not religious but love Jesus and God and their hearts are completely in tune with the love-compassion of Jesus Christ. Interesting.


It has been said that those who suffer from stigmata are usually the recipients of the worst-most horrific demonic attacks that a man on Earth can endure.

When I read these words 'the recipients of the worst-most horrific demonic attacks' while researching my experiences, I actually shuddered. I sat and stared at the words I had just read and I was a bit shaken up thinking about those two months of the worst demonic attacks from years ago. Is this truly possible? I believe so. This stuff that is happening to me is not hysterics. It truly is happening to me and nobody can explain it to me.


Our usual routine was to converse, very late in the evenings. He would sit on one couch and I would lay on the adjacent overstuffed brown couch across from each other.

Twig and I had assumed our positions this particular evening. We were discussing the Holocaust in depth due to our situation with this Nazi. A whimper bubbled up and out of me, flying across the living room. I was overwhelmed with these thoughts, sadness that consumed me-these people- I could vividly see and feel-eerie-icy room-fear-pain, knowing they were going to die. I almost could feel their intense fear. It hurt me so deeply to imagine-feel-see-know.

"I can't believe this Twig! I just can't believe what happened to these poor people."

I began to bawl out loud-overwhelmed with the sadness and pain of so much suffering, so many human beings and the thought that God had honored me with such a gift, worthy to speak for God and for millions. I wept openly, unable to hold it all inside. Twig stayed silent. He just stared at the ceiling-not quite understanding. Eventually he began to talk again and I was calm.

I regained my composure and lay on my back, staring at the ceiling, listening to Twig's words. Immediately I jumped up from the searing sharp hot pain in my side. I felt the warmth of what I thought was rushing blood spreading underneath my black tank top and I quickly yanked it up-terrified. Nothing was there! the pain gone! No blood! No nothing! Creepy stuff!

Do I believe in stigmata? Yes, I do. I have experienced invisible stigmata. Once is all that is needed to understand the simplicity of it. I love God with all of my heart!I believe with all of my heart and soul and it is engraved in me and it always will be. It does not matter who mocks, scoffs, laughs because I am a living witness to this testimony and I know and can see the truth through "God's eyes" and Jesus and this war with the devil really exists. Stigmata exists...The devil exists and God exists.

FEBRUARY 18, 2010

Christian music was playing softly in my bedroom.I lay in bed saying my prayers, my eyes wet with tears saying my prayers and then crying out asking God when? When? I am trying to be patient and I am doing the leg work regardless of whether I like it or not. I am listening to the Holy Spirit and following and yes, I know that you continue to show yourself to me and I am in awe but I need to know when? When will this happen?

Yes, you have continued to send a few Christian friends online and I know that they are true believers. Yes, you have even placed a few of 'posers' to teach me some things I needed to understand. I acknowledge that you are preparing me in such great ways but I am still quite confused on why you are allowing me to see all of this. Why me? I can not be patient.I have never been patient and I know I have much work to do in this area. As I began to drift off to sleep I heard these words that made me jump up in bed and wonder if I had been sleeping.

"You will know when by the palms of your hands."

"You will know when by the palms of your hands."

Getting out of bed, I trudged to the bathroom, splashing cold water on my face...was I just dreaming? You will know when-by the palms of your hands? Are you meaning what I think you are meaning? I slid back into bed and acknowledged what I heard. Was it a dream or not? I acknowledge what I had heard and I will continue to wait patiently. Waking up early Friday morning I thought of it again.

"You will know when by the palms of your hands."

Was I dreaming? I slid out of bed and stared across the room at my silent was no longer playing my Christian music? Softly, I tiptoed over and turned the volume up and the music began playing again. Who turned the volume down? That was truly plain creepy.

I giggle because I was somewhat joking after this strange experience and I jokingly would say to friends "I keep staring at my palms...nope...nothing yet." Strangely enough a stigmata experience happened again at work but it happened in the midst of something very horrible and it never occurred to me until later that day. My left palm had been experiencing stigmata. Trust me when I tell you that once you experience stigmata, you will just know that it is very spiritual in nature and it is the strangest but most amazing experience.

FEBRUARY 19, 2010

I stood on a break with people at work today-standing in a circle, holding my coffee cup in my right hand. My shirt sleeves rolled up-standing there doing nothing when out of nowhere something hurt me. "OUCH!" I yelped out. Something burned on my arm forcing me to pull my right arm to see what the heck happened.

Blood was dripping from what appeared to be a razor slash down my arm! Demonic forces again-blood again but this time it was in front of other people. I was shocked and a bit humiliated. "Oh its happening again" I blurted out in shock! Many saw it! They stood right there in front of me and saw that I had done nothing when a razor slash came down my arm from an invisible force! Some mocked saying, "Oh you have the paranormal around you! Some laughed! One walked away as if it had not even happened though I could tell by her face that she'd seen it and it scared the crap out of her. One girl had a horrified facial expression as she said, "That is really f*n creepy having that happen out of nowhere."

I knew who did it but how do I begin to tell them..ummm..errrr..its a demon and I get attacked. Yeah, okay. I tried to somewhat explain and they thought it was funny, thought I had lost my mind...even while many of them stood there and watched it with their very own eyes! Unbelievable that people can see the truth in front of their very own faces and still deny what they see....fear! They have fear and that is all it is.

Fear No Evil

This shocked me big time! It is the first time that I have been attacked openly and outside of isolation, or in front of Twig or my children long ago. I felt humiliated on some levels but I know who is doing this and that is how he wants me to feel. He did a good job. I choked down tears while cleaning up the blood and bandaging myself.

After cleaning up arm, I rolled down my white tuxedo shirt to find unnatural splatters and blood spots blown across my shirt on the front of the sleeve! What?? There was no blood on the back of the sleeve! This is where the dripping of blood should have been! Blood on the floor where I was standing as well. I am more alarmed now!

The blood is above the elbow and blown all over in patterns and spots! How? It is a cotton tuxedo shirt and the blood is nowhere near this slash/cut? Just plain creepy! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I was shocked again. The young lady at work stared in disbelief at my blood speckled shirt with her face turned up and her eyes glazed over with a fearful look. "Oh that is so freaking creepy. Oh my God that is creepy!"

After all of these bloody attacks on me in Montana as well as bloody attack on Twig in Las Vegas. I know who is doing this! Yes the devil exists. A scary way to find out. Others don't see with my eyes and apparently they don't see with their own eyes either so what is the difference?

Demonic Attacks That Others See

While I was cleaning the blood out of my right arm sleeve, my left palm began to hurt horribly! It hurt so bad that I thought I was going to cry. I thought I was having a muscle cramp and began using my right hand to massage it out--nothing helped.

I could feel it, it was as if a flat pressure of steel was pressed into my palm and the pain radiated to the other side of my hand and it was throbbing horribly. I ran my hand under the cold water for a very long time, long enough for a server to ask me if I had burnt myself.

How do I explain this? They already think I have gone mad. Some made fun of me today.It is not funny and they have no idea of what exists.I just went home and cried, overwhelmed with why this continues. I am so alone with all of this.

As I cried out and asked "Where is God? Why is he allowing this? Why doesn't he show himself but he will allow the devil and his legions to do this to me? Why?"

My hand? The steel! The pressure--the pain? Oh my goodness. Was this stigmata again? Could this be possible? Can the devil hurt you and mimic the crucifixion? Or was it the Lord showing me that he was there with me and for me not to be upset or humiliated? I don't know. A friend said that he didn't think that God would do that to anyone. This stigmata stuff. I don't know...I don't know anything about these things, though I attempt to research.

All I know is that I felt humiliated and confused and abandoned and I know that this is not the author of God! What I do know and remember is what I heard that night."You will know when by the palms of your hands" and this was not 'palms' but 'palm,' so I tuck these things away and wait...wondering and trying to find answers. I am trying so desperately to understand what those down here can not explain to me not even those who call themselves "Holy." They do not understand the spiritual even when they pretend and say they do.

I will just try to wait patiently on the Lord and fear no evil. My impatience has impatience though. The worse thing for me is patience--so this is difficult--waiting on the Lord.

I feel now that if it is God doing this, I would feel blessed and not scared but it is only because I have seen so many spiritual and supernatural things happen that I am no longer shocked or afraid. Now if this would have happened prior to these past few years...oh yes, it would give me the creeps and surely I would be very frightened.

Jesus would never cause fear so I realize that I am okay with it now but it took me a very long time to become strong in faith and strong in understanding. The little understanding Jesus has allowed me to understand which I hold on to and I have no fear over these things any longer. My pea brain can not contain and assimilate these surreal yet real things that are happening to me.

Beautiful---kari Jobe-the Revelation Song

Follow the Pattern

The Ignition of a Flame

Nazi's Hidden Among Us

Many of you who are reading this may be quite confused by this story. I had written this on the instructions of God for His own perfect will and His own perfect appointed time. It has been seven years that I have been waiting for God to fulfill what He told me that He would fulfill. God does not lie and He always is faithful. Seven years of a walk in this fire with only God to protect me and guide me.

I have numbered the stories by chapters. Start from the beginning and read chapter to chapter and do not skip around or you will miss what God is showing you. It will allow you an understanding, a basic foundation of me, my life, my spiritual experiences with God, the demons and the devil. I pray that God allows you to grasp the full profound spiritual meaning of my story and how this all happened and where it started! This is the first part of my testimony of the Living God, Jesus Christ. It started with a prayer to God and it was activated in the spiritual and manifested in the physical.

Due to many, many things involved in this story, Politics-corruption-Nazi's and of course ...good versus will see my series in many categories. I am not quite sure where to put them due to so many variants. I will scatter them as if they are leaves on a windy day-hoping that the very lucky will get a chance to view "History in the making" and above witness God's justice...prophetic and a warning to all who have not called upon Jesus as Messiah.

May God bless you!

© 2009 The IGNITER vs Corrupted Governments


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