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What does a ghost & spirit look like? Or How?

Updated on July 9, 2012

The most frequent question I get

As paranormal investigator, one of the most frequent questions I get is "what does a ghost look like". It is a common question of people who just started exploring the mysterious world of paranormal or just asked by people interested in what I do beside writing.

To be honest, no one really knows the answer to this question. Yes, no one knows what does a ghost really look like. If someone told you he (or she) had seen a ghost, which looked like a mist, glowing blur or a real person, he is wrong, as he had not seen a ghost, but an interpretation of ghost - it is a difference. A little bit of disclaimer - what I'm about to write here is my own theory :). Do not take it as the only true or as true in general, I might be wrong as there are no proofs yet.

Seeing the psychic energy

Based on many books I've read, and personal experiences I've... experienced, I'm not afraid to make this statement, that what we can see (if we can, of course) is only our own interpretation of a real form of a ghost. It is well known that psychics and other sensitive people can indeed see spirits as they were real persons (it is called clairvoyance), others might just see a mentioned mist or a blur of light, while most people can't see a thing.

Ghosts and spirits (there's a difference between ghosts and spirits) are built of pure energy - whatever this mean - some call it PSI, Prana, Chi, Qi etc. It's a "theory" common among spiritualists and psychics. This energy, sometimes interfering with our material world, is causing famous glowing ghost photos, and sometimes is creating a blurred mist which people can see with their own eyes. Of course, this is just a theory, and more spiritual one, yet I have to admit, that it's much simpler explanation the the next one.

Brain playing trics

As the second explanation is a little more confusing, and it is based on our senses and brain tricking our mind. I discussed this theory on my blog in the article "Why do people see ghosts and energies" which became the best post of all time - here I will explain the theory in short.

It is well known that our brain is often creating things that aren't really there. I'm not talking here about hallucinations, but the ability of our brain for intepretation of the world around us. It's very simple, we're seeing a spirit, our senses are picking its true form, but our brain is not able to understand what it is receiving, as a result it is producing images it's familiar with, which are only "close" to reality at most. Therefore, as we are unable to perceive the true form of a spirit, our brain is sending us images we are familiar with - we're seeing a shape of a man, so our brain is sending us an image of a man and so on.

But this is a little more complicated, as now we are facing another question - if the above explanation is true, then how can this be that psychics can perceive and describe people as they really were during lifetime, with all these details? Well, in order to answer to this, we have to accept the existence of telepathy and psychometry :). Psychic might be able to pickup informations saved within energies of spirits and places, which then can be mixed with familiar images (a face, a beard, a shirt and so), to create a full interpretation of people and events. Et voila! Yet another stuff that is explained on my blog.

Same rules might apply for clairaudience (hearing spirit voices) - mixing informations saved thanks to these PSI energies, with other (still unrecognized) forms of non-verbal communication, the brain during complex process is creating a sound hearable not by ears, but with brain itself. Those are indeed fascinating theories, but are they true? Unfortunatelly, there's no way to answer this question either...

Anyway, that's the way people see spirits and ghosts - or at least the way this phenomena might looks like.

What about you? Have you ever seen a ghost? What was it like? Or maybe you're a psychic yourself, are you able to see/hear spirits? Please post your thoughts and experiences in comments.


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    • profile image


      2 years ago

      can a spirit look like a cloud and very fast moving

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      ok i have a question i have dreams where i seen people that have died it was so real was like they were trying to tell me they were ok and not to worry ,,what does that mean?

    • profile image

      Teresa Clark 

      5 years ago

      I saw a blue light behind my son, my daughter saw what looked like someone dressed all in black but with a blue flame like light around the figure, my son saw this too at the same time. We have also been touched by ghosts, this feels like a magnic type force, not cold fingers as you imagine, my hand has been squeezed and lifted by a magnic type pressure. Spirits are real, the after life is real

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Thank you soo much for saying you saw electrical charges, I couldn't find that anywhere!! My uncle died when i was 4 or 5 and i was scared of him when I was little b/c he was really sick, and i feel horrible but when i was in 7th grade i saw a colorful neon electric outline of him in my living room, every detail, in a leapfrog position. I thought i was nuts, but it was so real. He just sat there. When I turned on the lights, there was no objects, but his whiteish glow was still there, like an actual physical presence. During the day he was probably just hard to see or something but when it was night he came back and sat there for me. He stayed for about 6 wks total. During this period, my little brother, 8 at the time, said out of the blue "do you see uncle george in the living room?" I could not believe he saw him too, and I didn't say a single word about it to ANYONE!! This proved to me that I wasn't crazy, and should probably try to communicate with him since its a family member why not. So a few nights later I looked at him and waved. The next night, he was gone and never came back.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      that is scary

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I have a few for you. My fiancé passed away in April. So far, the dog knows when he is here. She goes over to him, lowers her head for him to pet her. He has changed the television channel to baseball game. He loved baseball. I had a dream,woke up screaming. In dream, I was leaving my home, opened the door, and screamed. There was a man there, I could see the shape. But he had no face. The face was replaced with electrical charges, like sparks, or something from a science fiction movie. I can't explain it. I had been looking for a microphone of his to give to his friend, but could not find it. One night I heard a thump and thought the dog or cat had knocked something over. Nope, dog asleep and cat was upstairs. But on the floor, was the microphone I had been looking for. I have his baseball cap on to of his urn. One evening, I noticed that somebody had picked the hat up, and sat it down,next to another special hat of his on the table. It didn't fall down, it has been sat there. I have had the chandalier above my head swing. On the same day, about the same time, my neighbor and I had somebody gave two light taps on our door, but nobody was there. She has a storm door, which had been left ajar. They always shut that door tightly, and nobody was home but her that day. For a time there, my bird just screamed all day, even when I covered her up, which stops birds from screaming, but not her. I got a message from a neighbor, that she was told to tell me, that Michael said to tell me that when the bird screamed, do not cover her up to quiet her, because it wont do a thing to stop her, because it is him talking to me through the bird, trying to get my attention, and let me know he is here with me. My neighbor gave me this message from Michael, because he gave it to somebody I do not even know, nor did he. In fact, nobody even knew I was covering the bird up to shut her up, and it did no good, but me.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I have never really wanted to pay attention too much paranormal activities because I figured if I invited the idea in, perhaps I would be more welcomed to the idea but the other side had it be real.

      However I have always had crazy experiences to the point I always sleep with the lights on. Not only had I seen figures and felt things I couldn't explain. I also had a crazy experience with a friend over hearing the whole situation over the phone. Multiple noises going on at once on mah roof that could never be done but ten people if they had decided to try. Nails scrapping the top, with a million stumps throughout the rooftop down to helicopter sounds going on. All while no one else inside the house could hear any of it, and our walls are very thin. Household of 6 at the time.

      Any how, all this aside just excepted it as if nothing happen and it was unexplainable to the point that I don't want to know.

      However recently I stayed in a hotel room in vegas for a family reunion. It looks like a small suite. Also thin walls and what not. very in closed spacing, but with about six of us again. Sounds like an unlucky number lol.

      Anyway, I was sleeping on the other side of mah hotel bed with mah fiancé on the other side. He sometimes moves in his sleep and wakes me up by flinching and what not, nothing harmful however. This time he moved in an awkward position slamming into me. Where it seem like if someone had kicked him or pushed him in the stomach, where his bottom ran into me and his legs and arms going in a triangle angle. Really confusing. So I woke up thinking... thanks what the heck.

      When I started to complain in a mumble I noticed someone standing next to my bed. I would hate to make this comparison however I will. It was very similar to paranormal activity where the lady sleep walks and stands infront of her bed and never moves.

      It was just a young women almost familiar looking but not able to be recognized. All I could think was who came in my room i don't know her. So I woke my fiancé up and kept repeating " who is that" "who is in my room" over and over. Had to be about 15 mins or less staring at it.

      There was a mirror behind it and I couldn't see through it so it really was there. I saw it. Down to the strands of hair, eyes, nose (side view of face). Her jacket, shirt and pants. I totally freaked out because people ib general sound more harmful than a ghost but what do I know.

      So I stumbled looking for the remote to turn the tv on it to show him because he couldn't see it. As I turned it on, I saw her slowly fade away, from bottom to top slowly. So it wasn't mah imagination. I don't know what it means, never heard or thought of seeing such a thing but I wish I had someone to compare it to. Because its back to night light forever, as I seem to only have problems with these things with the lights off. Mind you the lights hit in the room so I could see perfectly well in the early morning in that hotel room.

    • thevoice profile image


      8 years ago from carthage ill

      really enjoyed you hub thanks


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