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What does it mean to belong to a church or any religious sect?

Updated on June 1, 2012

It is a fact that people belong to one religious sect or the other and some people have wondered what it really means to belong to a particular religious sect. Each religious sect is defined by its doctrines and teachings and that is where it may differ with other sect.

Many people claim to belong to a particular sect and they should be known by the teachings of the sect they belong. For instance, a catholic should believe in the Catholic doctrines while a Jehovah witness should believe in the witness doctrines but it seems that it not always the case. That is why we need to understand what it means to belong to a particular religious sect.

I remember a fellow Hubber that is a catholic and he once said, he did not believe in all the catholic teachings and doctrines and that he is still there because he grew up there and he plays music for the church which he enjoys.

He is not the only one that holds such view because many people are just in their sect for one reason or the other and it can be said that only few people agree completely with all the teachings of their sect, especially now that we are learning to tolerate the various religions. Religious tolerance and the ability to believe that nothing is wrong with any chosen religion will be difficult to achieve if people had decided to stick tight to all the doctrines and teachings of their various sects. This is because virtually each sect thinks it is better or is in the right path while others are wrong so a member that accepts that will not be able to think differently from what his or her sect teaches.

I often tell people that I cannot claim to belong to a sect when I know that I cannot accept all that they teach because I shall openly say it and they will know that I disagree with them. This is because men like me do not keep quiet and I personally do not think one must follow any particular religious sect for one to be considered saved or righteous or before one can make the said, heaven.

I wonder if there is any religion that shares my kind of view maybe that is where I should belong.


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