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What happens to the soul when we Die?

Updated on January 19, 2016

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What happens to the soul when we Die?

What happens to the soul when we Die?

What ever we inherited while we were on earth

lives on.




The Image and reputation we left with our family

community as well as loved ones.

The age we meet our demise?

Even if we are just infants and we meet our demise.

Our parents or siblings will always remember us.

We will name our children after our loved one.

Our parents may choose the significance of naming their first grand child after the loss of a loved one.

Then they live on through the tales of family folk time as well as stories.

What could have been.

The pain which forever remains with us, throughout our lifetime.

Yet should we be faithful to our dreams.

Work as hard as we pray.

Should our family and loved ones be cosy, we heal

with time.

We feel as though our loved one is with us, watching over us on earth, and along with God the universe and our other Angels keeping us safe on mother earth.

Yet should we fall from grace.

Not listen and absorb the teachings of our parents

perform poorly at school.

Not earn a good living.

Adding unnecessary pressure and stress to an already demanding reality and life.

Start a family before we can support ourselves?

How shall we survive?

What shall we eat?

Is life worth living?

What have I done with my gift of life?

Then we start having doubt.

Self esteem plummets.

We perceive ourselves as failures.

Domestic violence escalates.

Drug abuse is on the rise.

Our lives fall apart.

Not only are we a burden to ourselves.

We can not maintain our lifestyle.

Our loved ones do not know who to turn to.

We are a laughing stock of the community.

Look at those fools, where or what did they think they would accomplish.

Life can be cruel and should you be reckless it will

swallow you whole.

The life we led while we have youth, health, dreams, shapes our reality when we no longer breathe.

Should mercy be on my side.

I am steadfast in my ways.


I have loving relationships with my loved ones and family, immaterial of status, when I can breathe

no more, life is in abundance.

My memory gives hope in times of solitude.

My kind ways, is an example of how those that remain after my demise should conduct themselves.

In the bigger picture, virtue is passed on to future

generations to come.

Happiness is clarity in reasoning, and sound sleep

even when in trails and distress, for your life and soul, is well nurtured.

Should I have accumulated wealth.

Passed down the values of hard work, saving

and appreciating life as asset and having a yearning to grow and excel, life shall be bliss

till currencies cease to exist.


In the event of my demise.

There shall be tears from my loved ones.

Will my soul perish?

Ashes shall remain of my corpse.

Echoes, stitches and gasps of rafter

memories and memoirs that was one manic, poetic, soul and glad I know him as a brother

my Gee.

God's Poet Nkosi

Nkosinathi Ncala


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