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What is Chi Power?

Updated on July 21, 2020
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Scylla is a psychic who is working on learning the differences between clairaudience and clairvoyance, etc.

What is Chi Power?

Chi power is what athletes use to keep their energy flowing, as chi is life force, also known as The Force if you will, or chi power. Martial arts teaches many of us how to use it in a consciously put together way. If you breathe, exhaling three times, you are rendered able to lift something heavy. Chi is but one energy frequency, that helps your body's life force circulate. Without chi, you could very well shut off the life force circulation process, and your body functions would shut down one by one.

How to Use Chi In Martial Arts


How to Use Your Chi

Cultivate your chi for the sake of many potential health benefits, chi is like the Force and is plenty real. Why would someone get skeptical about using Chi? Chi is why people can break bricks. Chi means that you gather enough energy to break the bricks. The energy that you get from this is sent through your arm to your hand. I have to learn this stuff but I'm assuming how it works by thinking up a hypothesis for it. Chi power is real, make no mistake about it. Chi works, chi is real.

What Does Chi Do?

Chi is something that can help you lift heavy shopping bags or suitcases. Life-force is what powers your body besides your heartbeat, and your brain. It is an unseen element more often than not. Chi is the life force that powers your body, being something that helps you breathe. Sports helps get psychic garbage out of your energy field, in fact, much of athletic activity is useful for this, you can heal yourself with the adrenalin rush you get from running. Sports and exercise are good things to help you cultivate your chi.

Why Sports Are Good For You?

Being able to sustain athletic activity was something that I had to work on in my youth since I was doing a lot of sports from 2nd grade to senior year. After high school, I joined my junior college's track team until they realized they didn't have a budget for it, and canceled the team. Running helps me get the gunk out of my energy field. In fact, much of athletic activity is useful for this, you can heal yourself with the adrenalin rush you get from running. Sports and exercise are really good things to help you cultivate your chi.

Knowledge is Power

Chi is easy to generate using the laogong point, also known as Pericardium 8 which is located in the center of each palm, and is something I use when I feel my energy dip on public transportation

What was missing in my initial uses of this point, is that you brush chi into the centerline of the body to generate natural energy that can keep you awake. Chi is a powerful force that needs to be harnessed carefully if it lets anybody push men bigger than yourself. Chi training helped me stay stable in college, although it was a time in my life when I was tired often.

Other Means of Cultivating Chi

Certain exercises such as tai chi can often help manage mental health with successful results. It helps users breathe, center their energy and ground, all essential skills psychics need to learn because Tai chi and Qigong are all about managing energy, which rises and falls throughout the day. The thing is, normal people are types who do things like drink coffee, although it should be said that coffee use does not help most people. Energy can be gathered from the earth, the clouds, the sky, trees, nature, and the four elements such as the ones pagans use anyway, that are called earth, air, fire, and water.

Other Methods of Raising Energy or Calming it Down

Qigong can work wonders on the body in general, if only because it is a gentle way to deal with energy. Qigong helps you center Chi, which requires regulation in your body. Bipolar people could be helped with Qigong a lot because it helps us stabilize our energy.

Chi is cultivated in many ways, in order to preserve bodily functions. Qi helps your heartbeat and helps you breathe, so that means it must be tied into the autonomic nervous system somehow. This body system as found on the Wikipedia page helps regulate bodily functions such as heartbeat, respiration rate, pupil dilation, respiratory rate, the need, and bodily function of urination, not to mention sexual arousal. The autonomic nervous system is routed through the brainstem, towards the spinal column, and through the internal organs. It is controlled by the hypothalamus, a brain structure that integrates other bodily functions. Chi is what powers this entire bodily system.

The Chi Force - What Good Is It?

It is a mysterious Force this Chi or life energy or whatever you want to call it, be it ki, etc. The thing is, chi makes the world go around. Chi is something that can power Reiki and other forms of energy healing that I want to study. There will be many certificates to earn, and all this energy is in fact real, not some delusion psychics have. Some may say that is all imagination, the psychic isn't real, and that I'm delusional when in fact, that is not the case. The psychic sure is real! I have learned this through trial by fire. I have had to do battle with my own internal skepticism many times. Qigong is all about power, gathering it, using it to your own benefit, and gaining wellness from it. It stabilizes internal energy if you use it instead of caffeine with great results.

Qigong is a series of gentle exercises meant to guide energy through your body. In my own personal experience with it, Qigong is all about being careful with your bodies' energy, as well as gentle with yourself. Chi is all about cultivation, like gardening. You have to conserve your energy sometimes when around draining people. Some of those types of people need to not be in your life. This is healthier than being around codependent individuals who need too much from you.

Where is Qigong Headed?

Qigong changed my life since I became less vulnerable to exhaustion. Qigong got me to where I am now. Qigong is a useful tool since I respond very well to subtle energy. The thing about energy flow is that Chi is all about energy moving around in your body. Some may even call this energy Kundalini unless that is a different sort of energy, although I'm under the impression that the energy goes by many different names. But the question is, do we feel it the same way when we use it?

Qigong is an ancient practice from China. I'm interested in becoming a Qigong teacher, and traditional Chinese medicine practitioner. Acupuncture has long interested me. I am wondering how subtle energy works, with regard to energetic anatomy. I've read books on the subject, trying to educate myself, and will be reading much more in the years to come.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and does not substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, and/or dietary advice from a licensed health professional. Drugs, supplements, and natural remedies may have dangerous side effects. If pregnant or nursing, consult with a qualified provider on an individual basis. Seek immediate help if you are experiencing a medical emergency.

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