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What Is Clairvoyance?

Updated on July 6, 2020
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Scylla is a psychic who is working on learning the differences between clairaudience and clairvoyance, etc.

Clairvoyance Causes Me Stress

A clairvoyant experience

Clairvoyance means, "clear" and "seeing." It but one of the many ESP channels available to earth humans and I'm attempting to write this article for people who do not understand what this concept is about. I once saw a friend of mine step in front of a car while she was at least 50 miles away from me. This vision startled me since I was having a very average day taking myself out. I went to school in a city at least 2 hours from my hometown by train; I was just taking a local train somewhere. I called her up in shock saying, what were you thinking? I described the car as blue-green, and now I'm wondering if I will have visions of other people attempting suicide in the future.

What I saw was this person casually stepping in front of a car, as if there was nothing weird about what she was doing. I saw the car almost kill her, but she snapped out of it. I was angry at her for pulling something this irresponsible, although little did I know then that irresponsibility is a thing with this girl. It was frustrating to watch from a distance.

It was even more frustrating to have to call her up wondering what was going on? I was confused because of one moment in time, seeing something in my head, which was happening miles away. Some of my books in the present help me sort stuff out. On my many trips, at times frustrating journeys, we'd go to used bookshops so I could find books on why I had a vision of her like that. Having the resources I have now makes me very glad I'm no longer in high school, helpless, ignorant, and a slave to my emotions.

It is very important that a psychic with my skill, who needs medication for my OCD and my schizoaffective, keeps why they need their medication in the first place at the forefront of their minds. It is hard to sort out the noise in my head but medication with this helps a lot. Why? Only because the noise is something I have trouble understanding why it is there. I'm writing these articles to help the pagan and metaphysical communities that train psychics a better understanding of why I need medication.

I'm working on training myself with my resources, that I need to get more of, so it'd be nice to find a job for myself soon. I'm trying to learn to trust myself. Sometimes I have visions of what is going on inside my own body or someone else's. I once saw my own partial intestinal obstruction, followed by what was going on in the bodies of the whole line. Clairvoyance simply means you see things, with your mind's eye. This is why it is sometimes known as the Second Sight.

But anyway, I'm just learning to live with all this psychic stuff. In my family, it wasn't accepted, but both my parents are very talented themselves, only schizoaffective and OCD runs in the family. My parents are, unfortunately not taking medication on a regular basis. They stress themselves with this situation because they would rather drink. I'm often beside myself worrying about them, but I can't do anything about the fact they do not choose to be healthy. I worked very hard to get myself on SSI, to write my books. I'm poised now, to make money off of my books. I'm someone with many business ideas, and I'm working on my business ideas.

Clairvoyance can make you money in the United States, but it should be noted that in Europe, not so much. They do not rely on psychics as much there. It is even harder to get Reiki treatments in Europe. I'm just relieved I'm no longer in my 20s, dysfunctional, stressed, and yet arrogant at times, about my talents, and misusing them. I'm working on finding ways of living with my skill set, in a way that is calming since I'm also a highly sensitive person. I'm working on my mental illness triggers, trying to piece together what it is I want to do with my life still.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.


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