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What is Fate? Does it Really Exists?

Updated on March 3, 2014

What is Fate?

  • The supposed force, principle, or power that predetermines events.
  • The inevitable events predestined by this force.
  • A final result or consequence; an outcome.
  • Unfavorable destiny; doom.

Do you believe in any one of these? You would likely agree with not all, but at least some section or phrases of it. Fate is the collection of the seemingly already-decided actions and their outcomes which affect our life. This philosophical concept is admired and believed by innumerable people around the globe. They, without any doubt, assume the incidents of their life, whether good or bad, to be the result of their fate. It is the fate that decides what they would become or be eventually, as per their opinion. But my opinion is entirely opposite, which is the base of this hub.

Before I elaborate my topic further, I want you to have a look at the story given below. Else, you may proceed to the topic straightaway. But the story would certainly help you to understand my opinion a bit.

Alexander was one of the greatest emperors.
Alexander was one of the greatest emperors.

The Story of Alexander and the Sage

Once upon a time, Alexander the Great, the famous Roman emperor, visited a sage when he was quite young, just before the beginning of his conquering journey. He went to sage and asked him that would he be able to conquer the known world, as he was very anxious to know his 'fate'. The sage however, a bit hesitantly, remarked with a sigh that the lines on his palm clearly stated that he would suffer a massive defeat whenever he stepped his foot on the battlefield. Following his utterly regretful statement, he continued that he has no chance of conquering even one region. Alexander, surely not expecting this, was shaken for some time. Quickly recovering his senses, he questioned the sage that which line should have existed in his palm, which would state that he would become the emperor of the world. Pondering for some while, the sage answered back by drawing the line on his palm with his finger. Without wasting a second, he took out his knife in a flash and cut his palm following the line the sage said. He asked that now he will surely be the Emperor of the world. And we know that he conquered all the countries he wanted!

Does fate exist?

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Does Fate Really Exist?

Some would say yes. Other would say no. But few of them would agree with my conjecture. I, without any doubt, believe that fate is nonexistent. This may be quite perplexing for you, and you may say that is untrue. But by the end of this hub, your opinion may change.

The man in mirror governs your life
The man in mirror governs your life

If Fate is Nonexistent, Then Who Dictates Our Life Incidences and Consequences?

I assume you might be pondering on the above question. The answer is simple. He is someone who you know more than anyone else. To make it simple, I lay it down in this way. Go and stand in front of a mirror in your house. The person you see in the mirror bears the sole responsibility for all your life's incidences and consequences. Got it?

Yes, the person I am talking about it none other than you. You yourself dictate the course of all the actions in your life. Surprised? Confused? Perplexed? Maybe. But this is the true reality. Consciously or unconsciously, you decide what will happen in your life.

You possess all the power to govern your future and 'fate'
You possess all the power to govern your future and 'fate'
Be it money, house, car or anything else, the universe delivers what you aspire
Be it money, house, car or anything else, the universe delivers what you aspire

How Does This Work?

For understanding this complicated topic, Imagine the Universe to be a genie, the one like the genie in Aladdin. He does whatever his master commands him to do. He says, "Your wish is my command." Here you are being referred as Aladdin. Whenever you wish to get something, whether the thing is an object like a car, a house, a person like the person you love or money, the universe accepts it as his command at delivers it you. But now you would be thinking that why don't we get somethings that we desire.

Why Don't We Get Some of the Things We Desire?

To achieve what you wan to get, you should not entertain any doubt about it in your mind. If you are doubtful about it, you won't get it. You have to be determined to get what you want. This is a necessary step in achieving your goal. The other thing that affects this process of receiving is your attitude. You ought to follow positive approach in this system. If you see a lovely car and say, "I don't have enough money to buy it.", the universe will say, "Your wish is my command." It will then mound the circumstances of your life in such a way that you never get enough money to buy it. So negative approach will always prove disastrous for you.

If you say that you cannot afford this lovely car, you would never be able to afford it.
If you say that you cannot afford this lovely car, you would never be able to afford it.

How to Get What We Wish?

To get what you wish, you need or wish, you need to follow the following steps:

1) Ask What You Want

The first step is, of course, asking or 'commanding' the universe to get what you want. But you should only ask the thing that makes you feel good internally. This would make your move more effective.

2) Believe

As said earlier, you have to believe that you will get what you aspire. There should be no doubt in it. You should be totally determined towards your goal, otherwise you would not get it, unless somebody else's will is strong enough to get you what you desire. Yes this is absolutely true. This law, called the Law of Attraction, is so powerful that you can control and influence anyone's life once you master its art. This is the reason why an exceptional head of a small company possesses the power to convert it to a big multinational company. He is determined to take the company to high ranks. Obviously he would want his men to work harder to get to that rank. His determination influences the aims and circumstances of his men, who gradually feel the same heat. And the company excels. So believing helps you a lot.

A quicker way of achieving your goal is believing that you have already got what you desire and thank the universe for delivering it to you. This works effectively because you see the world with your eyes, but the universe does not. It sees your world through your brain. So if the brain believes that you have got what you want, the universe would get 'fooled' that you really possess it. So the circumstances would again change according to you instantly.

The most effective way to believe is Visualization. In this, a person imagines that his eyes are seeing that observing the thing he wants to get. As both his eyes and brain believe in this, the speed of this delivery system doubles. As a result, there is very little delay in asking and receiving.

Visualization is an effective technique to believe that you possess what you want
Visualization is an effective technique to believe that you possess what you want

3) Receive

Once you ask what you desire to the universe and believe that you will, or rather you have received what you want with determination and devoid of any doubt, you will surely receive it. This process gets delayed only if the person still contains a very little doubt about it in his heart. The more the doubt, the more the delay. Blind faith is usually deathly. But blind faith in the Law of Attraction is extremely profitable. So this make receiving the obvious third step.

The Conclusion

So I conclude by saying that yes, fate does not exist. It is us who govern our own future actions, incidents and consequences, whether consciously or unconsciously. We possess all the power to change our future and 'fate'. Whether or not you agree with me and hence my opinion, you should try the steps at least. You would see that your world has turned upside-down. And then you would believe that I have the power to change the future, not my fate.

Further Reading

To explore the power of your brain and the law of attraction, you can by one of these marvelous books by Rhonda Byrne.

Buy One From

After reading this hub, do you believe that fate exists?

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    • profile image


      2 years ago

      I disagree. Fate does exist. If you explain me these things maybe i wont believe in it. Few egs., my electricity went for a day, and we tried full day to do something. Electrician comes and touches just one wire and electricity comes back. 2) i have disease called itp. Neither did i want that, nor i wished for it. The cause of this disease is nothing or no one knows it. 3) i got kidney stone at the age of 21.. Only 5-8% of the young people get kidney stones at such young age and the cause is genes. But my parents or grand parents never had kidney stones. Accidents or unexpected events. I am not a believer in god, but i am a believer in fate. If someone explains me all these, i will become non believer in fate too.

    • Abhinav Narang profile imageAUTHOR

      Abhinav Narang 

      4 years ago from Amritsar, Punjab, India

      Yes, Rhonda Bryne's book is inspiring.

      Thanks for your comment, Ashley! I am glad you liked my work.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I have read Rhonda's book. It is very inspiring. And after reading this very well written hub, I too believe that fate does not exist. Thanks for writing this wonderful hub.


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