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What is God Calling You to Do?

Updated on November 7, 2011

God Will Lead Your Heart

Find Your Dream and Go For It!

What’s Nudging You? Do you ever get a nudge to do something but don’t act upon it? Do years later pass and you still get that nudge? It can be to go back to school, start a new business, have a child, etc. When this happens God is whispering to your heart reminders of what he sent you to this earth for. Like letters sent from heaven, God is giving you a message and it’s up to you to respond. Will you except that message and be open to his purposes for you?

Do you have the Passion? When you get this nudge to do something think it over a bit. Don’t just jump upon it without some careful thought. Not all our thoughts and dreams may be God sent. Is it something that would bring you great joy or satisfaction? If the thoughts of this dream bring you dread and stress then maybe it’s not your dream at all. It could be that it’s someone else’s dream or something you are not truly meant to do. Yet also be cautious because every new venture can strike fear in our hearts. The fear process is normal but if in the long run you can’t see the outcome being positive then it’s better to move pass this dream and focus on a new one. God’s got a different plan.

Can you Picture it? Another way to be sure that this dream is your calling is if you can picture yourself doing just that. Can you see yourself becoming that school teacher, getting promoted, happily married? If so then that can be a sign that God has this in your will for your life. Every day practice this visualization of achieving your goal.

Can you Believe in it? Do you believe you can do it? You need confidence in your dreams to see them take form. Feeling a lack of confidence? Ask God for a boost of self-esteem and take charge of your thoughts. Negative and depressive thinking can drain the energy of that dream.

Plan it Out and Act!!! Write your dream down and what you need to do to accomplish it. It could be a few days or months to a few years to get there but don’t stray. Keep this list in your view where you can see it like on your fridge or by your computer. Also, write down what you wish to gain from this dream. It could be to make an extra twenty to forty grand a year from that new degree. Seeing the outcome written down can be a great motivator in getting it done.

Tell Others! Don’t think you’ll accomplish this dream on your own. You need a good support system of family and friends to keep you going strong. They will ask you how it’s working it out. If you tell them “oh not so well”, they may ask why and then proceed to give you some help and encouragement.

Pray, Pray Pray! The most important part of determining if this is God's will for you is to pray about it. Ask God to help keep you on path and not to steer you off course if this is his will for your life. Feeling doubts and unsure about this path after starting it? Then pray that God will show you signs that you are on track. These signs he will show through other people or cirumstances. He will even speak to you through a daily devotional reading of the Bible. Trust in him and He won’t let you down!

All in all don’t give up! No dream or path you take in life is going to be easy. The course of achieving it will have its ups and downs but with God on your side you can get it done! Have faith and you can achieve all that you were sent here for and even more.


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    • Rishy Rich profile image

      Rishad I Habib 6 years ago from Bangladesh

      He is calling me to start an atheist movement ;)


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