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Vivid Stories about Repentance Part 1.

Updated on April 1, 2011

Dagger Lefevre

As the song goes "Amazing Grace how sweet the sound/that saved a wretch like me." It applies certainly to Dagger Lefevre, a Hell's Angel in Quebec, who ran an organization of such sin, corruption,and human degradation that is difficult for any decent person to hear about and not want to be sick.

But Dagger came to repentance--eventually--in a very unique way.

Dagger, (his nickname of course) was inducted into Hell's Angels at the age of 14 when he discovered there was money to be made running for the biker organzation, in areas where only little boys could go--places where little boys are not suspected, but a biker, in leather, beard, greasy hair and tattoos, most certainly would be.

Dagger found himself bringing drugs to people as diverse as policemen, construction workers,politicians and many others. He also provided information and occasionally sold small weapons like knives to gangs, and ammunition for firearms. In other words, he did it all, and by the time he was twenty Dagger was running his regional Hell's Angels group, getting there by employing every devious machination at hand from torture, all the way up to murder, and numerous unspeakable acts in between.

But all bad things must come to an end, so to speak, and Dagger's world was ready to crumble. In a moment which he likens, since his repentence, to that of St. Paul's on the road to Damascus, the biker was on his way to clean out a church's Sunday collection (a church he had been told took in over 10,ooo dollars on a good Sunday) when he was struck by the sun glinting off of the cross on the roof, and this led to Dagger's crack-up when he was thrown from his Harley and landed on his back staring up into what he described as "a vision of Jesus Christ, clothed in raiment of purest white, and eyes of darkest blue...this Jesus convicted me on the spot of my sins and I have never been the same since..."

The biker had broken enough bones in his fall to spend several months in the hospital, during which he had visits from the Rev. who's church coffers he was planning on robbing. The Rev. Peters read Dagger the entire bible, first page to last and his eyes were open and he accepted the Lord into his heart.

Dagger is today Rev. Lefevre of Montreal's tiny Holy Light church where he brings his personal story of salvation to his congregation and is a light to those who need to know that repentence, even in the darkest souls, is a gift that everyone can claim.


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    • Chesterton Wilde profile image

      Chesterton Wilde 7 years ago from Quebec

      dr.k :I agree. The Lord is the source for all our human ills.

      J.Johnson: I changed much in the real names and so on to protect identities.

    • profile image

      J. Johnson 7 years ago

      Fantastic story of repentance. Can you verify the truth of this event? I cannot find the guys church in Montreal.

    • profile image

      dr.k 7 years ago

      Great story; only the Lord can change men and women

      seek him while he may be found.