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What is The Real Truth?

Updated on February 2, 2009

What is the Real Truth?

I love this question, depending on how far you want to go you will find so many interesting reponses. I have been seeking the answer to this question with full dedication and determination to find "the answer". I have friends and associates of every denomination and some atheist associates as well. Some days we sit and talk for hours about what is reality and what is the truth, using various scriptures and scientific theory to support our arguments.

I am not going to claim that I hold the absolute truth for everyone, but I will share consistencies among all the teaching that I have investigated. The first idea that we all agree on is that is we personally exist. This may seem so simple an idea, that you may be asking yourself, why did this guy feel he needs to mention that we exist. Well, one of my friends actually asked me the question "how do we know that we exist". I myself was so baffled that I would ever get asked that question I was really taken aback. I know I exist, if there is anything in this entire universe I know for an absolute fact is that I exist. Even if I had an imaginary friend, that I could not prove existed, I know that I exist.

The next fact that all the teachings agree upon is that there is some beginning. For the human beings we call it birth, this idea of birth also applies to the "universe", "cosmic manifestation" or any other idea or thing, that either a scientist, philosopher, atheist, a religious person. No one can challenge that for a person, place of thing, to exist it must have a beginning or a source. I love to read all the different creation myths from around the world. I find them all fascinating. I am so impressed by how creation came into being, according to the different cultures and time periods.

In this physical plane of existence, it is a challenge to say how the physical plane of existence came in to being. The theories that the scientist come up with keep changing and new discoveries are made so frequent that attempting that I never know when the new theory will come out. Last time I checked there is a multiple big bang theory. I like to play with my scientist friends so I ask them what was before the big bang? They were not there, they do not know. They must hypothesize and speculate. For example, if I asked what was one zillion years before earth was formed, who could answer that question and sincerely tell me that they know for a fact? The real truth is everything in the material plane has a beginning, however human being may not ever find the answers for all the questions that they desire to know.

The next fact is that there is "now" and in "real" life there is only "now" that is our time and it connects all of the living entities in the physical plane of existence. Every great teacher that I have read or studies has hit on this point. A person cannot live in the past. A person cannot live in the future. A person can only live in the present. There is no argument that any philosopher or scientist has given that will change this fact.

In the world of humanity, people take a birth and then they grow older then they die. Those are the absolute facts that reside on the physical plane of existence. Just like a story book, beginning, middle and end in the the physical world. Now, what happens after the physical body has cease to function, I do not know. I am still functioning :). Seriously. I do not get too emotional with what people believe, because I know for a fact that my time here is going to physically end. I know that we are all part of this grand existence and that we are all unique and precious beings. No one can tell me who I am as I cannot tell another who they are as a living being.

We all need food, water, air, shelter, and peace of being to exist. The rest is based on the ego of the person and how they identify their own personal needs. I find this consistent trough out humanity.

Once Death comes and it will come to us all. There is now a major change because the existence of a living entity has been altered so drastically, that the body is no longer responsive and it no longer is permitted to reside in this existence among those of us here and now, in the state that it was last.

So the question then becomes is Death the absolute truth. On the physical plane of existence yes. I remember reading an ancient story about a king Ugrasena who had 4 quadrillion guards, or some number that was really enormous, and even he could not stop his physical Death.

There is not one person on this planet that I have met that has not acknowledge that this physical body is temporary and it will perish. Awe, please do not think I am a gloom and doom man. There is always Faith and Hope. That is where the real fun begins in my eyes.

The people who do not have faith and hope for a "life" after this world should just do what they want and call it quits. Think about it for a while, if there was no life after this one and a person believe this to the core of their being, then what does it matter, just go do what you want to do and or die trying.

On there hand, if there is life after this one then their is much more to talk about, because the apparent real truth changes from being physical and physical Death is no longer the "real truth".

That would mean that the real truth is that we are not only this body. It would have to meant that ther is more than just the body. Our greatest ancient teachers have all come to this conclusion.

The final conclusion is we exist in this physical plane. There is only one time period and that is "now" in this existence. We all take birth, we grow older and then we physically die. Knowing that we are more than just this physical body is what really stems Faith and Hope and the great dream of eternal life.

I wish you all well in this life and in future lives. May you find eternal peace and happiness.

The Physical Mind

Oh how I love to dream :)
Oh how I love to dream :)
Seeing the world is fun
Seeing the world is fun
Not having to do anything for a while is great
Not having to do anything for a while is great


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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Hello Monia,Thank you for letting me know that you have enjoeyd reading my blog. I am so glad it has helped you. Your friend was born under the Harvest Moon and her birth totem is the Brown Bear. Of course it doesn't stop there because we all have 9 power totems that walk with us on our journey here on Mother Earth. And then there are the Messengers who come and go to teach us important lessons. I don't know of any specific patterns for Native dresses. Will you be knittin, crocheting, or sewing the dress? You know you can always use yarns that are colored in the typical colors we see in Native American designs with any pattern. Perhaps something made from turquoise, red, and yellow? Or use the colors of the Medicine Wheel which are Red, Yellow, White, and Black. Let me know if I can help you further.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      hello,I just wished to write to say how much I've eoyjned reading your site. I am part cherokee on my mother's side and my sister is half blackfoot on her father's side. we are half sisters actually as you can see. but anyways I love anything and everything to do with the Native American culture. I also have a friend who is always looking for new info on this as well and I am having a problem with finding information about her birth totem. Her birthday is September 13 If you could help me I'd be grateful as I say she loves Native American stuff as I do. Also I noticed you do crafts. I do too and am looking for a crochet pattern for a native american girl dress to do for a project I'm working on. If you may have any ideas or could help in any way I'd be grateful. Sorry if I've rambled I take medication due to a serious ailment which has left me bedbound. Thanks again for any and all help!!!!

    • Darrell Roberts profile imageAUTHOR

      Darrell Roberts 

      8 years ago from North Carolina

      AKA Winston

      Well said. Without absolute proof, the matter of what is the truth is subjective.


    • profile image

      AKA Winston 

      8 years ago

      As you seem to have discovered, truth is subjective. In order to discuss truth rationally, we must define it. As we cannot draw a picture of truth, it must also be a concept. Truth, then, is whatever concept you accept as true.

      In other words, truth is meaningless, belief and opinion wrapped in a shiny new name.

    • qwark profile image


      9 years ago

      Hello Darrell: I like your attitude. You are thinking and questioning. That is the attitude of an evolving, intelligent human animal. You exhibit no bigotry or shallow thought. Your mind seems to be "open." There is no "man" existing or who has existed who knows all "truth." Keep searching. I wish you well.


    • Darrell Roberts profile imageAUTHOR

      Darrell Roberts 

      9 years ago from North Carolina

      Thank you Nyree for you kind words.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Love the costume. Great Page i enjoyed reading it.


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