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What is ego versus egolessness?

Updated on December 17, 2009

What is an ego versus egolessness?

Using ACIM (Course In Miracles) terminology which is not unlike the practice of Shambhala we have these guidelines to look at:

Ego is a sense of being separate from others and separate from your good, and separate from God.

Ego can be with true or false perception

Ego can be trained to true perception by choosing a discipline of inner self study.

Ego feels it must always be right at the cost of making another wrong, where ego derives a sense of complacency by a judgmental attitude and projection of guilt unto others.

Ego can be vicious or impatient.
Impatience according to ACIM is a great raging vat of angry energy doled out in minute quantities over a lifetime and if not rooted out of an ego by it’s own self work can result in criminal activities against humanity. In addition it is worthwhile to note ACIM’s injunction anger is never justified against another.

Ego is the antithesis of Ontology premises. It does not see the oneness of all, nor value the god within man concept, of basic goodness of all.

Ego is judgmental. It does not live and let live, nor does ego know the value of forgiving and forgetting or of extending itself to others by the practice of considering there is no right nor wrong path to take as all paths eventually end up at the starting place.

Ego would rather be right than be happy. It thinks being right is happiness.

Ego lacks compassion for others because it feels separate from others.

Ego can be vicious because it believes in using force to demonstrate it’s own superiority.
Egolessness is what we can aspire to study when we transition to the other side, as well we study ego, our own selves, while we live a life in physical and this helps our progress on the other side the sooner we do observe our ego behaviors which can be seen to be habitual thought patterns of negativity which cause suffering to ourselves and others.

Ego is a lack of generosity and is suspiciousness of other’s motives.
Egolessness is to observe the oneness of humanity, the equality of all individuals and is the expression of, and inheritance of all to become with the free expressions of egolessness which is to be with delight in what is, and not necessarily in what will be.

On the other side, in nonphysicality living, ego’s may play games of force and competition, as they do on earth, however, there are higher levels of being to attain and reach where these games are no longer necessary, and a soul will gravitate to it’s own station, a free soul will be on a plane of the likeminded where using force is no longer an option, nor necessary.

The ego that does use force is propelled into areas where others are desiring force be used on them and these games can be played as long as necessary until they tire of them and proceed to the next level.

On the higher planes, these are self creators who have dropped their egos and unite with the same; they bond together as one to make new worlds, each playing the role of their choice. They do not feel separate from God, their good, or each other.

Of Fear And Love concerning the Ego

The ego is with the need to survive and uses manipulation of others, or trods on others to achieve it’s ends. It frequently perceives others as out to get it. It becomes offensive or defensive in it’s behavior and expression, and this is false perception creating more false impressions and ultimately repels the good natured from approaching a barbed wire individual.

The instinct is to survive, if you have a body.
The ego that does not study it’s behavior, for instance, an addict of some substance, or the despot, or the one who is continually tossed into jail throughout a lifetime, are extreme examples of an ego that is trying to survive, but does not have a pathway to it’s higher self, until it is shown a better way through an example of someone it knows, or chooses a path and sticks with it by committing it’s time to study of self.

The ego will find it wants to survive, even if breaking the law, it can find a way to justify itself, that it was right, as the ego is very clever and capable of scheming and twisting any truth into non-truth, if it believes it is special, and the ego usually does believe it is somehow different, or special. This has to do with survival instincts and coming to terms with physical mortality.

Fear is what is in the ego, while it finds a way to say it is fearless due to it’s cleverness.

Living with fear becomes a habit to the ego. It creates it’s own fearful reality, without knowing that it is doing that. It can experience moments of love, but it does not know how to be consistent in feeling love because it thinks it is separate from god, and from love itself. The ego will frequently take a different view. It will also talk itself into feeling unworthy of goodness, of love, of a joyful path. Humbleness is a threat to the ego's survival and it seeks to make itself feel important by proclaiming it has the virtue of humbleness while others do not.

The ego tries to make others feel guilt; this way, it can feel itself righteous. The ego therefore projects guilt onto others as a habit.
Projecting guilt causes war between nations, and divorces between couples. It is frequently an admonishment of my way or the highway thinking.

Egolessness is feeling humbleness within the presence of god, of goodness and the delight of an opening heart to all beings, of nature and human and plant; something greater than itself it is at all times aware of corresponding with.

The meek will inherit the earth because God oversees their needs and they have given up their ego’s need for righteousness and survival on earth plane.
Egolessness means Meek.
The meek do not suffer, nor have desires, that cannot be subjugated to God's will, nor are they choosing of their own miracle to obtain; they are directed by god or HS, (Holy Spirit, or Higher Self, if you wish) or spirit, (to mean spirit filled) where their responsibility to life is concerned. They only retrieve (retrieve to mean offer salvation, sooth or direct) as directed by HS to do so. Retrievals are done as a way to expand knowledge of the innermost recesses of the consciousness of humanity and responsibility towards all others who are one with it.
Retrievals are done unto those who temporarily have less, by those who temporarily have more.

The meek play their role, whether small or large seeing linear time as an illusion, a temporary station where they serve the forces of light adding unto the light their own.

Four Stages of the Sacred Path

Here are four stages of the sacred path of the warrior according to Chogyam Trungpa, from the founder of the Naropa Institute:
See if you can recognize yourself in any of these descriptions

See chapter 15, Overcoming habitual Patterns of behavior,
in order to understand the ego.

Realize, by circumstance, and intentions to incarnate here for life experience in the body, we are all on different pages of life experience, yet we are all to stand eventually in the light of love and equality by advancing away from habitual patterns of ego behavior, through realizing our dependence on one another, as in Ontology conceptualization and release of selfish concerns.

To be able to extend love, is to gain enlightenment and speeds up your personal evolution considerably.

It is the job of all, to extend peace on earth, thereby making heaven and earth One. Egolessness allows this to happen smoothly without struggle.

Because you care for yourself, you begin to care for others..these are some of the Shambhala teachings:
quote: pg.113
When u walk into the greater world of reality, the cosmic world, you will find the way to rule your world.

At the same time there will be a deep sense of aloneness. It is possible that this world could become a palace or kingdom to you, but as it’s king or queen, you will be a monarch with a broken heart. It is not a bad thing to be, by any means. In fact, it is the way to be a decent human being-and beyond that a glorious human being who can assist others.

This kind of aloneness is painful, but at the same time it is beautiful and real. Out of such painful sadness, a longing and a willingness to work with others will come naturally.
You realize you are unique. You see there is something good about being you as feel dedication and devotion to the lineage of warriors, brave people, whoever they have been, who have made this same journey. You begin to care for all others who have yet to take this path. You can combine survival and celebration.

Brief description of the four stages of the Shambhala Warrior:

The Warrior of Meek

Meekness is the first dignity. It does not mean being feeble; it is resting in a state of simplicity, being uncomplicated, and at the same time approachable. Whether others are hostile or friendly, the warrior of meek extends a sense of kindness to himself and mercy to others. The warrior of meek is well disciplined. His mind is never bloated by poisonous arrogance. Modesty does not mean thinking of yourself as tiny or small. Modesty here means feeling true and genuine. Therefore the warrior here feels self contained, with no need for external reference points to confirm him/her. Part of modesty is an underlying brilliance, being self contained by shining out.
The warrior of meek is compared to a tiger in the jungle, moving slowly but heedfully through the jungle, but not searching for prey; he is not stalking in the jungle, hoping to pounce on other animals; the tiger walks slowly with mindfulness. Because the tiger likes his body and his bounciness and sense of rhythm, he is relaxed.

The warrior of Perky

The principle of perky is symbolized by a snow lion who enjoys the freshness of the highland mountains. The snow lion is vibrant, energetic and also youthful. There is a sense of goodness and cheerfulness. For him, discipline is not a demand, but a pleasure.

The warrior of Outrageousness

Outrageousness does not mean being unreasonable or wild. Outrageousness here means possessing the strength and power of warriorship; it is based on the achievement of fearlessness, which means going completely beyond fear.

In order to go beyond fear, it is necessary to overcome hope; when you hope for something in your life and it does not happen; you are disappointed or upset. If it does happen you are elated or excited. You are constantly riding a roller coaster.
Because the warrior here has never encountered a doubt about himself at all, this warrior has nothing to hope for and nothing to fear, and fearlessness has been achieved.
(these are partial descriptions; please read the entire book or you may not relate well to these descriptions.)

The Warrior of Inscrutable

Inscrutability is represented by the dragon. The dragon is energetic, powerful and unwavering. These qualities of the dragon do not stand alone, without the meekness, the perkiness of the lion and the outrageousness of the garuda.

The state of inscrutability is based on fearlessness. This is unlike the conventional concept of inscrutability, which is considered deviousness or like a blank wall.
From that fearlessness you develop gentleness and sympathy, which allows you to be noncommittal, but with a sense of humor. A sense of humor makes a dragon playful. Because of this playfulness and humor there is no room for depression. The state of Inscrutable is therefore joyous and methodical.
The state of inscrutability is conviction that doesn’t need confirmation. There is a sense of genuineness, that you are not deceiving yourself or others.
Inscrutability is a state of wholesomeness within which there is no gap or hesitation. It is a feeling of hardcore solidity, yet at the same time you are always sharpening your intelligence.
Question and answer occur simultaneously, therefore inscrutability is continuous. It is also unyielding. It never gives in; you do not change your mind, you blend your mind to expand it’s limitations. If the course of a procedure is threatened, the mind of inscrutability responds with deadly accuracy, not because of aggression, but because of it’s basic confidence.
Inscrutability is brilliant and fearless. With exertion and delight you can lift yourself up, in order to achieve authentic presence and ultimately the state of being of the universal monarch. By opening yourself and fearlessly giving to others, you can help to create a powerful world of warriors who would never run from the battle zone in fear.

The way of exercising inscrutability is that you don’t spell out the truth. You imply the truth with wakeful delight in your accomplishment. What is wrong with spelling out the truth?
When you spell out the truth it loses it’s essence and becomes either “my truth” or “your” truth. When you spell out the truth you are spending your capital while no one gets any profit.
It becomes undignified, a giveaway. By implying the truth, the truth doesn’t become anyone’s property.

When the dragon wants a rainstorm he causes thunder and lightening. Truth is generated from it’s environment. In that way it becomes a powerful reality. From this point of view studying the imprint of truth is more important than the truth itself.

The vision of inscrutability is to create an orderly and powerful world full of gentle energy. The warrior of this nature is not in a rush. He/she does not jump to conclusions. Both positive and negative are discovered. The warrior never becomes a slave to his own deed.
An environment is created which contains fearlessness, warmth and genuineness.

Fearfulness and cowardice bring depression. Not having a sense of delight brings no room to be inscrutable.


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    • LaughingRain profile image

      Alysia McAlister 8 years ago from Arizona

      hi mike, I guess as soon as I get 14 cats spayed and neutered or move out of town

    • Mike Dennis profile image

      Mike Dennis 8 years ago

      Excellent Hub. You are such a wise woman with so much to share and impart. When you putting all of this in a book?

    • Teresa Laurente profile image

      Maria Teresa Rodriguez - Laurente 8 years ago from San Antonio, Texas, U.S.A.

      I love this reflection. Simply wow. Thank you for sharing and thank you for following as well.

    • LaughingRain profile image

      Alysia McAlister 8 years ago from Arizona

      Hi DL. well, consider this from "Ultimate Journey." Bob is talking to Inspec (IntelligentSpecies shortcut)

      "The graduate from the human experience is very well respected elsewhere in the universe of non/physical beings." Robert A. Monroe

    • AptTec55 profile image

      AptTec55 8 years ago

      Very good! I really enjoyed this, thinking about stepson and how much trouble he's been into...he is also narcissistic too, so is his dad to an extreme! But when I give him books to help him evolve, he says not a bible thump-er...huh?! So some people unless open will never see the truth in your reason I like the Buddhist religion, all true and no sidetracking with innuendos etc. But this was very good and ALL true. Now if I can just control this beast of an ego I have...I keep trying to stifle it and control it, but so much time has been spent feeding it the wrong hard to take it back out of your memory cells in the brain...oh the physical linear is so hard to traverse when one is truly spiritual.

      But I am eternally Grateful..forever and always. Love, Rick


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