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What is man, if Jesus is both man and God?

Updated on August 3, 2012

There are various theories and claims by Christians to justify the divinity of Jesus Christ. There are conflicting views even among Christians as to who Jesus really was. This is because some Christians believe in the trinity while others don’t share same view. It is also known that even among those Christians that may not actually accept the concept of the trinity but some of them still believe that Jesus is God while some claim Jesus is the son of God and not God, himself. Some religions think it is disrespect for people to claim God has a son while others still claim we are all sons and daughters of God.

Those that share the above mentioned beliefs used the same bible to justify their claims because just as their views conflict so is it that the bible conflicts on the personality of Jesus in that Jesus said different things about himself. However, let us assume that Jesus is a God that came in the form of a man. That is he was/is both God and man. Then among the various Christian sects, it is the Gnostics and few other Christians that have come close to explaining how such can be possible in that they claim that man can and has the ability to awaken the divine spark and by so doing awaken the Christos and a mortal man can become a God or a son of God depending on how one wants to put it.

If it is possible for man to become a God and a man at same time, then what is man? That is, how can we define man? There are definitions of man but most of the definitions used simple terms like “man is a male or a husband among others.” However, the definition of man which I found suitable in this context is that defined by a man called, Maurice Polydore Marie Bernard, simply called Maeterlinck. He was said to be a Belgian initiate and he said, “What is man but a god afraid” which can be put this way “man is nothing but a god afraid.”

Therefore, Jesus Christ may be right to claim that he was the son of God or God and there is nothing wrong with it because we are all sons of God or God. After all when the Jews tried to condemn Jesus for his claims, he said to them, “Is it not written; ye are gods?” which means he knew that men are gods but the difference between him and the men of his time was that he knew it while they didn’t know it and that made his claim strange to them. Therefore, just like Jesus Christ, a man that knows the secret can be both a man and a god.

It is amazing why the claims of Jesus seem to raise much dust when many men in human history had made similar claims. Some of them claimed to be sons of heaven, son of God, and God himself. The list is many and even those that did not personally make claims were made Gods after they died because of what they did. Therefore, it is wrong for us to think Jesus is the only person or the first person to make such claims because many men had made similar claims. It was said one of such men that claimed to be God raised someone that was dead for over 30 days and the people of his time was against him for working against the natural laws. It was same man that jumped from a cliff to prove he was a God. May be the difference between these men and Jesus maybe that Jesus was said to resurrect, a claim which not even the Jews accept because only the followers of Jesus claimed to had witnessed it. However, some people still appear and are seen after they died even in the current age, even though they may be call ghosts, so it depends on what resurrection met to his followers. St. Germain a man some people claimed never really saw death and as such remains immortal can quickly come to mind in this situation.

Therefore, there is nothing wrong or mysterious with the claims Jesus made because it is what any man that is sane and willing can actually achieve even though it may not be an easy task as claimed by the arcane school that alleged they still have the keys to such mysteries. It means that a man can be a man and a God. There are many of such men even in our time although many of them choose to live silently among men while few are still making the claims but they won’t be heard because such claim is unreasonable or strange to an ordinary man or it may even be a sin for man to claim to be a God even when it is written, “ye are gods,” and “beloved now are we called the sons of God.”

The funny truth is that most people claim to be the sons and daughters of God even when they have no powers to confirm it so what makes them different from the ordinary man, if the sons and daughters of God are without powers while the powers rest in the hands of the said evil parties? We can name the evil parties because they are those we oppose as we don’t agree with their belief or the source of their powers.

Whatever, the point is that man has the ability to awaken the giant that sleeps within himself just as Paul realized when he woke up to the truth. It is a mystery and as such it is something made for a few even though it is the right of all men. However, in recent years some religious movements like the Grail movement, Rosicrucian, Eckist among few others seem to teach that one can develop such personal and direct relationship with God even though they are not looked well upon by most Christians.


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