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What is the meaning of surrendering to God?

Updated on May 7, 2013

A deep penetrating look!

Trust his wisdom!

In the worldly life, we might have encountered several situations wherein we need to surrender to the will of people above us, the powerful one who wield authority over us. Even in family situation, if we are weak in heart, we have to surrender our individual will for the sake of common good of the family. But these surrenders emanate out of fear. But, surrendering to God has quite a different meaning. We need wisdom to surrender to God! If one chooses to surrender to God, we may consider that he is fortunate. In this context, we have to elaborate our understanding about our life on earth. Surrender really means accepting the will of God.

Human life on earth is decided by the past accumulated effects of several earlier births. Whatever action we undertake on our own volition invariably binds us with the results. There is another way of doing a work. It is for the sake of duty. As a house holder, we have a duty towards our family, parents and other relatives. But, what we normally do is, 'we undertake all tasks with an eye on the results. But, the Bagawat Gita clearly tells us to undertake the work without aiming for the result thereof. If we adopt this way, our performance gets refined. Our focus will be only on the work and not on the result. This is the best way to perform any task in this world. On the other hand, if our aim is only on the result, we tend to commit mistakes or the performance will be sloven. We must understand that the creation and cosmos is the will of God. All the beings in this world from insects, reptiles, birds, fishes, animals and man are the effect of the will of God. Except human beings, all other species behave as per their instincts which do not change even after millions of years. But man has been blessed with discrimination and a thinking mind.

God has created man to share his love with him. Only man can perceive the love of almighty. Other species do not have the capacity to discern the love of God. But, God has given man a kind of free will to choose a particular path. If he chooses a path and march on it, he will have to meet the result of the choice. On the other hand, man has the capacity to surrender to the will of God, instead of making choices. This requires absolute faith on God's wisdom. In a way, we should fully believe in the will of God and blindly rely upon him leaving everything to his care. Then God assumes full responsibility for the affairs of the man who leaves his judgement and surrenders to God unconditionally. First, we must understand that man has no control over the outer world or the happenings outside him. Even his mind do not obey him. A wise man will not break his head over a situation on which he has no control. He will be rather attending to the tasks in hand. In this situation, man accepts the existence of a 'supreme will' and he never worries about the problems that confront him.

Man needs to understand that problems are of two types. There are certain problems which can be tackled in the normal course. There are certain problems which are beyond the tackling capacity of individual. They are like bereavement of close kin, and deep rooted health problems like cancer or any such problems. We have to deal those situations philosophically. We should understand that none lives for ever in this world. Death is certain for each at the fixed time. Secondly diseases which can not be cured have to be endured by taking such medicines which will arrest further deterioration of health. One who rely on God completely leaves the problem in the hands of God and accepts the will of God as a best way. He prays to God, "Lord! you have taken over the problem, resolve it in anyway as you deem fit. Thus, he never fear or recollect 'how this is going to end'. Once a problem has been made over to the Lord, we must completely rely upon his Wisdom! We should not suggest God to deal it in a particular way. Then it is not surrender and we do not rely upon his wisdom. This shows that we do not trust him fully. NO. We should blindly believe in his wisdom and remain at peace.


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