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What is the satiation point for desires?

Updated on November 14, 2012

Sublime moments!

Can we satisfy all our desires?

What is the satiation point for desires? This brings to my mind that any number of zeros can be added after one and there is no end point. This number is known as infinite. Hence no amount of satiation brings a halt to desires! It is like a ‘mirage’ in the desert. You will be always chasing the mirage but you won’t get near it since it is pure ‘illusion’ due to reflection of light on the desert sands and the air above!

There is a second example given in the scriptures. In ancient days in India, fire worship was predominant. Ritwiks who perform those rituals used to pour pots of ghee in the fire. The fire will rise more ferociously after absorbing the ghee. The fire tongues raise hankering for more and more! This is exactly the case with desires. As we goes on feeding the desires, the desires too raise its tongue clamoring for more and more. Then what is the real solution?

“Do not feed the desires!. This is the only viable solution. If you want the fire to extinguish, do not feed with ghee or other combustible materials. Likewise, do not feed the senses and the mind. Starve it of its sensual food! This is the only wise way to quench the desires. We have seen that waves always rise and fall on the ocean surface. What is the reason? It is the action of wind on the surface of water. Likewise the desires cause waves in the calm surface of our conscious. Hence pull out those desires from the mind. Is it possible? Some may ask. Yes, practice detachment from the fading worldly pleasures and riches. For instance, one desires for wealth. He will utilize all his time and energy to earn the wealth and safeguard it. When you depart from this world, can you carry a small penny out of your hoarded wealth? Neither we have brought anything, nor do we carry anything.

Hence, follow the teachings of wise people. All man of wisdom exhorts mankind to practice contentment, detachment and selflessness. It is for our own good, for our own peaceful living, they advocate the above. They are not going to benefit a little by such sermons. They knew intuitively, all the loads of desires we carry on our head will ultimately lead only to grief. Hence please understand that all these are like passing clouds or momentary show on earth. Every moment, our earth changes its position in the cosmos. It revolve around an axis and orbits around the Sun. The speed is unimaginable. But do we perceive the motion of the earth? No. This is a miracle of sort. Scientists attribute ‘gravity’ as the reason. Hence, nothing is stationary in this world. Hence hold on to the unchanging base which is your own Self which simply IS and do not undergo any change or variation whatsoever!


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    • Awful Poet profile image

      Awful Poet 

      5 years ago from The Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC) (m-M)_0 = 18.41, or 48 kpc (~157,000

      Any Time.

    • profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Chennai in Tamilnadu, India.

      Thank you Awful Poet for the encouraging comment!

    • Awful Poet profile image

      Awful Poet 

      5 years ago from The Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC) (m-M)_0 = 18.41, or 48 kpc (~157,000

      Strikingly Important Read, Thank You.


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