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What is your greatest desire?

Updated on April 26, 2009

Dreams of Grandeur

This is my absolute favorite question. Since you never spcified scope or limitation, I will answer with my dream of grandeur. My greatest desire would be to have the supreme creator as a personal friend. I see no desire that is greater and here is your explaination. I recognize that I am a limited being in this world and I have dreams and goals like everyone else. I know that I do not have control over free willed beings so I have to spend time getting to know others develope bonds where we all could win. I have no issues with this reality because it is what it is, I did not creat it so I am subjected to the rules and laws that eveone else has to endure.

Now I do believe that there is the potential for a supreme creator of all the material realms and this being does have the poetential to be omniscient, omnipotent, and unbiquitous. I would love for this being to be my friend, that would work well, because I know how I treat my friends. I care that all living beings are happy, and I particularly care that my personal friends are happy. I would expect that the supreme creator should we be personal friends care that I am happy and I will care that He/She/It is always happy.

Right there and then perfection will come in my world. I would ask for the ability to become a great "angel" or "avatar" and travel the different worlds doinng what ever my freind wants, ecause I know we both will be happy. Since this being is the granter of life temporary and eternal, it really would make more sense that I care that they are actually happier than I am. The love and care I would have for this being would be without rival.

It would be so cool to see differnt realms and differnt tyes of life forms while on my mission. Knowing that my Supreme Friend will aways be there when I need woudl always give me comfort bbecause by definition omnipresent means "everywhere". Knowing that my Supreme friend is omnipotent would make me happy bbecause what I cannot achieve my Supreme Friend could help me achieve my own little goals and dreams out of love for me. Knowing that my Supreme Friend is Omniscient would really make me happy bbecause some time it is difficult to communicate ones true desires, and miscommunication causes unnecessary complications. My Supreme Friend would always know my heart and I would hold no secretes from this one being.

What else would be really cool would be I would have more capacity to help other living beings who want help. I would wtill respect the free will of other and who does not want my help I would not push my help, I would just let them be as they will.

This desire would also allow me to have the best of association. The Supreme Creator would have access to everything and share accordingly. Just like the great kings, queens, emperors, Pharaohs, opened the door for their favored ones, I would hope the Supreme Being would open the best of doors for me and my personal chosen ones.

The greatest of desire is to be close friends with the consciousnes of source of all creation.

I hope you have a wonderful day.



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