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What joy and sorrow constitute?

Updated on July 15, 2014

The origin of Joy and sorrow!

Joy or sorrow is the reaction of mind to certain events. As it is, the events are meaningless unless the mind stamps it a joy or sorrow. Without the association of the mind, nobody would be aware of either joy or sorrow. Hence, the yogis and sages of ancient yore were aiming at the annihilation of the mind. Tranquility can be achieved only when the mind is dispensed with.

Most of us know that the mind is a bundle of thoughts. As a piece of cloth is nothing but the warp and woof of the threads and the threads are nothing but cotton, the cloth is essentially cotton. When we remove the thread one by one and when all the threads are removed, there won’t be anything to call as a cloth! Likewise, when one is able to cancel or remove each thought when they arise, they too can achieve a ‘mindless’ state. Every one all over the world sleeps during night and in deep sleep every one enjoys a subtle peace! When they wake up, they reveal that they had invigorating sleep. It is evident from the above that in deep sleep state, the mind is absent. If the mind is active, then it would create the fantasy of dreams. We dream because of the activity of the mind when we rest and try to sleep. There are two states of sleep, the one with dream and the other, a dreamless one. Every individual aspire only for a dreamless sleep.

Many theories have been put forth regarding the occurrence of dream. The main reason for dream is sleep. Unless one rests in sleep, how can he dream? Hence every body can understand that for all feelings and emotions, mind is the root cause. Thoughts itself are of two categories. It is either elevating or depressing one. We term the first as joy and the other one as sorrow. Hence Joy and sorrow are mere thoughts and there is a way to move beyond them. Joy and sorrow are alternating in every one’s life be him an emperor or a rustic. A learned man as well as fool undergoes both joy and sorrow. The absence of joy is sorrow; the absence of sorrow is joy. It is like a coin which has two sides. When you accept the coin, you are accepting both joy and sorrow. There is no one sided coin in the world. It is the duality we observe in the external world. Day and night, joy and sorrow, heat and cold, health and disease, summer and winter… like this the list goes on. The world has been created out of duality. The positive and negative when joined together create energy. When you connect a bulb, to the positive and negative terminal of the socket, the bulb glows, when the switch is ‘ON”. The flow of electricity is the cause. The universe appears to us since there is a fixed base and a moving one.

We have highways all over the world. What will happen, if the road moves along with the vehicle? We can not negotiate or move. Because, the road is fixed, vehicles move on it. The sky or space is fixed. In it every thing moves like the clouds, the planets etc. Aero planes and rockets fly through the sky since the sky or space is static. Likewise, our conscious Self is the base for the drama of life. The SELF is immobile; it never undergoes any variation like birth and death, growth or decay. The Self is always existing and eternal. It is like the pure white screen of the picture hall on which cinema is projected. Where there is no screen or base, none can watch any show. It is evident that because of the Self, we witness the cosmos and creation. Every thing arose from the Self and they are part of the self. Even the mind element emanated from the pure Self. When the mind is one with the Self, there is no creation and when the mind comes out from the Self, there is manifestation of cosmos and all beings!

Hence know that joy and sorrow are nothing but thoughts. Once we transcend the mind, we will never feel any sorrow or joy but remain in tranquility.


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