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What the Scientists Say About Crop Circles

Updated on August 10, 2012

There is a lot of controversy surrounding crop circles.

What are Crop Circles?

For you folks out there who have been living under a rock for the last 40 years, I will briefly explain what crop circles are. They are images that appear in farm fields, usually wheat, rapeseed, barley and rye. The pictures are formed when some of the stalks are flattened down in a pattern and they can only be truly seen and appreciated from above such as from an airplane. They get the name of crop circle because they are found in crops and the first known cases of them are of circular patterns. The images have gotten progressively more complex since the first discoveries of them in the 70's. Many people believe that they are made by alien beings not from earth.

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Crop Circle Facts

Crop circles became a part of popular media and culture in the 1970's. An average of about 250 appear every year, most prolifically in Southern England where they were made most famous initially. They are known to appear in places such as Japan, Canada, Indonesia and Europe. Many of the formations contain mathematical equations and formulas by way of their shape which cause many people to believe they are messages from extraterrestrials. The large majority, over 80% are to be found in England in the same vicinity as Stonehenge. Two men claim to have invented them as a lark while they were drinking at their local pub. Those two men are Dave Chorley and Doug Bower. Many of the formations continued to appear even after their retirement.

An Interesting Video

Cereologists and What They Stand For

A Cereologist is someone who studies crop circles. There is no actual course or school that teaches this skill; these are volunteers who take it upon themselves to spend time and money to prove their own theories. Many of the Cereologists follow the alien theory, though not all. Many of these crop circle experts use natural earthly phenomenon to explain the cause of the formations, such as ball lightning or plasma vortexes. They are not taken seriously by the scientific community because they hold no degrees and oftentimes their research is unsubstantiated and inconsistent. To be fair to them, note that these failures are not necessarily their own fault. The most famous of these researchers is Freddy Silva and can be found here where his organization provides an in-depth history of crop circles, not to mention many beautiful photos of them.

Possible Explanations For Crop Circles

There are many theories to explain crop circles but not one of them has been verified. This is what makes crop circles so intriguing - the who, what, where, when, why and how of them. As long as they stay mysterious we will continue to look at them and wonder. Here are some of the possible explanations for crop circles.

Aliens -this must be the most popular explanation of them all. Many people want to believe that extraterrestrial beings are sending us messages of peace, love and promises of technology beyond belief.

Weather - ball lightning, tornadoes, wind and plasma vortexes are just a few of the plausible ways that crop circles may be forming on farmlands across the world.

Energy Lines - ley lines are natural energy lines that run throughout the planet Earth. These may have some connection to why crop circles exist.

Animal Activity - one unlikely cause of formations is that animals are roaming around in the crops and flattening them in their enthusiasm.

Man made - it has already been widely proven that humans are responsible for many of the crop circles. The most famous of these are Doug Bower and Dave Chorley who demonstrated publicly how they achieved the effect. Their confession subsequently led to many believers to become non-believers.

Scientific Study of Crop Circles

I must confess that the title of this is deceiving because there are no valid scientific studies of crop circles. Perhaps the real scientists are afraid of appearing crazy or unprofessional if they go out there to do an actual study of the crop circles. I couldn't find any credible published studies, but I did find some interesting articles that were written by scientists on this subject. They all pretty much say the same thing, that crop formations are made by people, or some other explainable earthly reason. Not one of them will venture to say that alien involvement is possible. For example check out the IOP; for you folks not familiar that stands for Institute of Physics. Check out one of their articles for a sample of real scientific opinion here.

A Short Editorial

In my opinion crop circles are human made. I choose to be skeptical of the alien theory until there is good solid proof of their involvement. From what I have seen and read, the proof that has been put forth is not dependable or documented properly. The videos are all 'take my word for it' kind of proof and that smells too much like hoax in my books. There are too many people looking for attention and money that make it impossible for people who may have true experiences and stories to tell to be taken seriously; in other words, the bad apples are spoiling the whole bushel. This is truly unfortunate, as I would love nothing more than to know that we are not alone. It would be wonderful to know that there are folks out there who watch over us and can perhaps help improve on our technology; the implications of space travel and medicine come forefront to my mind. So take my advise all of you hoaxers out there and stop it! Let's leave room for real encounters to take place, studied properly and perhaps taken seriously.


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