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How to Overcome a Bad Day

Updated on February 19, 2012

A bad day...! Huh! What I call a bad day is when suddenly everything starts going bad and it is even more annoying when there is not just one thing but a series of things that keep on going wrong and the day starts getting worse. We keep fighting but nothing gets better and finally we end up with a demoralized mind. This mostly happens when we have a planned day when nothing goes according to the plan. Is this your situation? I have some ways to get you on the safe side of it. But you have to promise me that you will not just read this hub and merely judge it but you will apply this consciously, experience it and then judge it.

Well, First of all, I want to tell you that I am a very common person like you but my ideas have helped many people. So, do not consider me as a philosopher but as a friend who has helped many and is going to help you at the end of this hub. . Don’t worry I am not going to talk about God, Angels, Devils or anything. Just keep reading.

Let’s start with a scientific theory; though this theory is a very vast topic I am just going to show you a glimpse of it. Well, I don’t know you will believe on this or not but there is something else alive in this world other than the living beings; I am talking about some scientific universal energies that are directing us. According to me, every person has a magnetic field around him and vibrations that are released by their thoughts. Everybody has vibrations of different frequencies and all the vibrations of the humankind causes the world to act.

If in a race, a person comes last and he curses his fate then his fate is not responsible for this but the vibrations of persons who have qualified to the first place and those who wanted him to win. So, nobody's fate is good or bad it is just the correct way of sending vibrations. Now, if you are thinking that nobody would have planned to lose the race then I will say it is not the thinking but the CORRECT WAY OF THINKING which is responsible.

Not going deep into the theory, I am just coming to the solution of problem. When something bad happens to us, just understand the point that you are now in a wrong field of vibrations and if you wish to change the rest of the day and time you have to come back to the right field of vibrations.

Now, how can you come back to the right field of vibrations? Whatever has went wrong, just divert your focus from that work or thing and direct it towards somewhere else. It can be anything that pleases you. Let me give you an example. I was working on a project since a long time and at a period of time I felt that the results are not going to be the way I thought and I am going to finish with nothing. It was really very depressing. The next thing what I did was the changing my focus. I just stopped doing the work for 2-3 days and in this period I saw comic movies, comedy shows on internet, I ate a lot of chocolates and many of my favorite things. I just forgot about my project, I wasn’t anxious any more. When I went back for the project I don’t know how but I had some new brilliant ideas with me that I never knew that I had them, since the beginning of the project. It was like a miracle. Not just a single case but I experience this often. When I change my thoughts, vibrations and focus, the problems don’t identify me as a person and this is how it works.

You can try this in you life also. Whether you fought with you partner or you PC has got some problems or anything small or big, just follow what you love with all your heart. Your favorite thing can be shopping or partying with friends or a long drive or anything you like, whatever that pleases you. But, the main thing you have to keep in you mind is that to make yourself smile from inside. The more concentrated way you will be happy and focused in joy the more fast you will get the right, easy way, and in this way the PROBLEMATIC SITUATIONS MAY NOT BE ABLE TO IDENTIFY YOU. Good luck!

I will go deep into this topic and I will share some other experiences accordingly to the response of you people to this hub. So please Comment! Thank you :)

Disclaimer: If you can’t do this correctly then do not blame me. You are the king of your own heart and mind, you have to direct them. Wake up the Inner ‘You”.


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