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What was Noah's Flood Supposed to Solve?

Updated on August 21, 2017
Noah's Ark before the Flood, by American artist, Edward Hicks (1780-1849).
Noah's Ark before the Flood, by American artist, Edward Hicks (1780-1849). | Source

Did Noah's Flood solve anything? According to Genesis, God seemed to think it did. Otherwise, He would not have promised never again to use the Flood. God must have been satisfied with the result.

Let us assume, for a moment, that if God had the power to create the flood waters and then make them disappear, He also had the power to clean up afterwards. All of the supposed problems with the Flood story are trivial when compared with the power to create a universe. Some view this as a cop-out and I can understand their sentiment. We're all used to the continuity of physical reality. Science is based on it. But when you're talking about the limitless power of God, placing any limits on that power is illogical.

It may well prove to be that the Flood story was merely a metaphor for something we would have a hard time understanding. A water flood may well have been the closest analogy to what really happened.

There are many things in the Bible that should be read symbolically or metaphorically. For this, though, let us assume for the moment that the Flood was a real event and that its scope was worldwide.

So, the burning question is: What was wicked enough to warrant a worldwide flood?

Genesis 6 talks about wickedness, violence and a corruption of flesh. What do these mean?

First atomic bomb used in warfare. Nagasaki, Japan, August 9, 1945. Not enough violence for Noah's Flood.
First atomic bomb used in warfare. Nagasaki, Japan, August 9, 1945. Not enough violence for Noah's Flood. | Source


If violence was the reason for the Flood, then the worldwide inundation was a lousy solution. How much violence has humanity suffered in the last several thousand years? Was it simply a matter of more violence happening before the Flood? That would not make sense as a reason for the Flood. All humanity would need to do is increase the level of violence to pre-Flood values to warrant another worldwide inundation, if that was the real reason.

But remember: God said there would never again be another such flood.

Has there been even one year on planet Earth without one bloody battle or some other form of brutality, some place in this world? Rome — first as a republic, then as an empire — was built on wars of aggression, sometimes euphemistically called "defense." Attila the Hun, Genghis Khan, Hitler, Stalin and numerous others perpetrated great quantities of violence on countless others. Apparently none of these warranted a worldwide flood.

Victims of the holocaust upon liberation in 1945. Malnourished prisoners at the Mauthausen camp, Austria. Not enough wickedness for Noah's Flood.
Victims of the holocaust upon liberation in 1945. Malnourished prisoners at the Mauthausen camp, Austria. Not enough wickedness for Noah's Flood. | Source


A much broader term, this. Wickedness can mean many things. The word carries the connotation of "bad" or "evil." All of those who created great violence fall into this category, but others might qualify for this label, too.

Would bankers fit here? Perhaps if they gouged their customers with usurious rates, or used fraudulent methods, or irresponsibly risked deposits on flimsy prospects, they might prove to be wicked.

How many people have lied since the Flood? Wouldn't that be a form of wickedness? Would the degree of wickedness depend on the quantity of harm done? Perhaps.

What about the so-called "seven deadly sins" (sloth, gluttony, lust, envy, pride, greed and wrath)? There have been at least a few instances of these since the Flood, right?

None of these forms of wickedness would seem to qualify as the reason for Noah's Flood.

DNA in the process of mutation from a major mutagen in tobacco smoke. Not enough corruption of flesh for Noah's Flood.
DNA in the process of mutation from a major mutagen in tobacco smoke. Not enough corruption of flesh for Noah's Flood. | Source

Corruption of Flesh

At first glance, this term seems more specific, but what does it really mean? How can flesh (the body) be corrupted? Could this refer to tattoos and body-piercing? Somehow I do not think so. Disease? Certainly, the Flood did not cure disease.

Could this mean mutation? Or genetic experimentation? How could pre-Flood humanity perform genetic manipulation? Even if they had developed such techniques (which we are only now developing with our advanced science), this could not have been the reason for the Flood. Why? Because we are committing such alterations, now. Do we hear the roar from the waters of the deep?

A painting by John Martin entitled, "The Deluge" (1834). The awesome terror of Noah's Flood.
A painting by John Martin entitled, "The Deluge" (1834). The awesome terror of Noah's Flood. | Source


We have several things which prove not to have been the reason for the Flood. Where do we go from here? Is it possible to discover the real reason for God's apparent wrath?

Because of God's promise never again to use the Flood, we have to conclude that the wickedness Man did before the Flood is something Man could never again do after the Flood. That seems simple enough, but there remain a myriad of unknown possibilities. How do we narrow them down?

God's Purpose

Don't let the Bible's talk of God's wrath, hatred and vengeance fool you. These are human labels. Everything God has done was done out of love for His children. For those who have suffered or have seen suffering, this may be hard to believe. When a child is born with birth defects, it seems to some that God is cruel and wicked. Nothing could be further from the truth.

In order to discover what God was attempting to solve with the Flood, we need to understand God's purpose. Likely that purpose involved His children.

Da Vinci's "Vitruvian Man." Who were the sons of God of Noah's Flood story?
Da Vinci's "Vitruvian Man." Who were the sons of God of Noah's Flood story? | Source

Sons of God

First, we need to define some terms. What and who are God's children? Genesis 1:26 tells us that Man was created in God's image. And there stands another enigma! What is the image of God? If God exists, He would seem to be non-physical or spiritual in nature. Anything physical would be vulnerable — subject to being destroyed. God is immortal. He is also a source of creation.

If Man (each of us) was created in God's image, then we are inherently non-physical, spiritual and immortal sources of creation. Hmm-m-m. Baby gods? It certainly looks that way. Psalm 82:6 and John 10:34 echo this idea. "Ye are gods." And the teacher from Nazareth told his followers that they could create the same miracles he had created, and even greater ones. For those of whom he had healed, he remarked that it was their own faith which had performed the miracles.

The creation of Adam by God, long before Noah's Flood.
The creation of Adam by God, long before Noah's Flood. | Source

Genesis 2:7, however, talks of Man being created again. Twice? This time, Man was created from the dust of the ground. God's image is certainly not one of dust. "Dust" refers to physical matter or chemicals. This refers to Homo sapiens.

The Hebrews have always been a patriarchal people. Men and women are the "sons of God." These "children of God" are immortal spirit wrapped in Homo sapiens flesh.

But if we are really children of God, why do we feel so mortal — so powerless? Genesis 3 explains this. God told Adam that if he were to eat of the Forbidden Fruit, on that day he would surely die. Yet, did he literally, physically die? Apparently not. Genesis 5 tells us that Adam lived for another 800 years, at least! It seems that Genesis 3 is talking about a non-physical death — a spiritual death.

It seems that the children of God are dead asleep in their Homo sapiens cocoons.

Could the relevant purpose of God be that of reawakening His sleeping children?

Sculpture of Padre Pio in Muchargasse, Lienz. St. Padre Pio believed in Christian meditation. "Through the study of books one seeks God; by meditation one finds him."
Sculpture of Padre Pio in Muchargasse, Lienz. St. Padre Pio believed in Christian meditation. "Through the study of books one seeks God; by meditation one finds him." | Source

How to Awaken Sleeping Gods

How does one awaken sleeping gods? Likely, the trap in which they find themselves is of their own decision and creation.

The only way to free such trapped gods is to get them to free themselves. If those gods think they are their egos or their bodies, then the problem becomes much more difficult.

Sleeping gods, by themselves, would find it impossible to gain freedom. Finding a way out of such a trap takes planning, study, understanding and wisdom.

These are complex undertakings. And these gods are sleeping, remember?

What is the most complex thing you can do in your dreams? Can you balance a checkbook in your dreams? Try performing advanced mathematics in your dreams. No luck? Gaining freedom from the poison of the Forbidden Fruit is many magnitudes more complex, because the trap is complex. We have so many attachments to our bodies, to our identities, to our beliefs, values and desires. Each of these can form a distraction from that goal.

New Yorkers meditating in Madison Square Park.
New Yorkers meditating in Madison Square Park. | Source

Dreams are haphazard. The landscape is ever-changing. Planning and learning are next to impossible. That is why Homo sapiens bodies are so important. With these, we can develop writing, literature, philosophy and attempt to understand the nature of things. With civilization, we can have the luxury of time to investigate these mysteries. With the continuity of physical reality (outside of dreams), such planning and development is permanent enough to establish real progress.

So, the purpose of God would seem to include the creation of Homo sapiens toward the reawakening of His children. It would seem to include humanity's development of intelligent speech and civilization.

Artist's rendering of planetoid crashing into primordial Earth. Could a potential end-of-life event have been the reason behind Noah's Flood?
Artist's rendering of planetoid crashing into primordial Earth. Could a potential end-of-life event have been the reason behind Noah's Flood? | Source

Threats to God's Purpose

What could threaten God's purpose to reawaken His children? All-out nuclear war? Yes, that might do it. In fact, any extinction level event, like a fifty-kilometer-wide asteroid crashing into Earth might qualify. A deadly disease might also qualify.

In fact, anything that would permanently destroy civilization would qualify as wicked in terms of God's purpose to reawaken His children.

In Genesis 6, we learn of a group of people called the "daughters of men." Were these the threat to God's purpose?

We've already learned that the "sons of God" were His immortal children wrapped in Homo sapiens flesh. If the "sons" were Homo sapiens, then the "daughters" must have been a different species!

Who were the "daughters of men?"


Secrets of Noah's Flood Finally Revealed

The Bible's Hidden Wisdom: God's Reason for Noah's Flood (Volume 1)
The Bible's Hidden Wisdom: God's Reason for Noah's Flood (Volume 1)

This book is from years of my own research into a biblical timeline compatible with those of mainstream science. I wasn't surprised that God's holy book would match his own creation (reality), but there were many surprises, including discovering through science the target of Noah's Flood -- a species which went extinct at that time.


Genesis Timeline

Knowing when the Flood happened might help pinpoint the culprit. We cannot very well go by Archbishop Ussher's timeline, published in 1650. Science has trashed that idea.

The universe and humanity are far, far older than 6,000 years. According to Ussher's timeline, the Flood occurred 2348 BC. Fat chance, that. Three years after this date, Egypt's sixth dynasty started. Thirteen years after this date, Sargon the Great conquered Sumer. If Noah and his family were the only ones on Earth after the Flood, from where did all these other people come? No, the Flood did not happen when Ussher said it did.

Science tells us that Man is at least 200,000 years old. Science also tells us that the cosmos is 13.7 billion years old. Is there a way to interpret Genesis that gives us a timeline compatible with those of science? Yes, there is, and a new book, in development, details the research behind this new Genesis timeline — a new book entitled, The Bible's Hidden Wisdom, God's Reason for Noah's Flood.

According to this new timeline, humanity (Adam) started 10,434,130 BC. Anthropologists have a lot of work ahead of them, to dig up the bones that prove this new human age.

The timeline also reveals that Noah's Flood occurred 27,970 BC. And there stands our biggest clue. The culprit behind the Flood died thirty thousand years ago.

A skeleton of Homo neanderthalensis on display at the American Museum of Natural History. Was this the target of Noah's Flood?
A skeleton of Homo neanderthalensis on display at the American Museum of Natural History. Was this the target of Noah's Flood? | Source

By the consensus of science (and there are a controversial few who disagree), Homo neanderthalensis ceased to exist 28,000 BC.

Bingo! Neanderthal man looked enough like humans to be called "man." Scientists have, for several years, debated the possibility that Homo sapiens and Neanderthals mated and produced viable offspring. Scientists have also debated whether or not Neanderthals could speak. The current idea seems to be that Neanderthals could form speech, but not with the clarity of their cousins — us.

If Neanderthal, and their hybrid (half-human) offspring, were incapable of forming intelligent speech and civilization, this could be the threat to the reawakening of God's children. If Neanderthals were more bent on selfishness and violence, then the future freedom of God's children would seem to have been at risk.

And the sons of God found the daughters of men to be fair and took them as their wives.

God's Love

These mortal bodies are only of secondary importance. They are a means to an end. Only the immortal spirit within has everlasting value. When a human dies or suffers, it remains a tragedy, but not for the reasons most humans associate with the word. Yet, we still need to exercise generosity and compassion.

God's love is unconditional and springs from a limitless source. How can this be claimed? The answer to this is not easy, but greater insight can be found in two other articles, "Reincarnation, Karma and Biblical Interpretation," and "Anatomy of a Miracle."

Noah's Flood allowed God's children the opportunity to reawaken. It made possible a Miracle on Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles in 1977.

As immortals, we have been working on our escape for millions of years. Now is the time to make our "prison break" and thus honor the purpose of that Flood so long ago.

Genesis Bible Commentary: Overview

For a broader look at this subject and the research behind it, please see my article, "Genesis Bible Commentary: Overview." This details the discoveries which led a new Genesis timeline and what may well be the real date of Noah's Flood.

© 2010 Rod Martin Jr


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    • lone77star profile imageAUTHOR

      Rod Martin Jr 

      6 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

      Thanks, Moe. That was one interpretation by biblical scholars, but it doesn't fit what Jesus told us about angels and their not taking wives.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      The sons of God are the angels and the daughters of men were women.

    • lone77star profile imageAUTHOR

      Rod Martin Jr 

      6 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

      Thank you, Nelson. I love you, too. Are you judging before getting an answer? And is that wise?

      Yes, Adam and Eve were also gods. You say "biblically, that view is incorrect," and yet you do not back up your assertion. I back up mine in the section "Sons of God" (paragraphs 1-2).

      Redefining "gods?" Not at all. Gods are non-physical, immortal and spiritual sources of creation. Created in the image and likeness of God the Father, this is the real and original "form" of man. I'm taking the definition directly from the Bible.

      How did knowledge of good and evil kill us spiritually? How indeed! If you know the truth of this, then you are set free -- instantly! That's the quest. The closest I've come is detailed in my series on Genesis Bible Commentary, and in my upcoming book, The Bible's Hidden Wisdom, but I'll cover some of it here.

      Good-evil is a dichotomy. This is part of the Tree of Knowledge. And what is "knowledge?" One use of the word in the Bible is to "lay" with, as in "he knew her." When you lay with "good-evil" the dichotomy, you become one with it. But I suspect that the Tree of Knowledge is more than merely one dichotomy. Like the Kabbalah's Tree of Life, there are many nodes to this tree -- good-evil, right-wrong, generous-selfish, wisdom-stupidity, compassion-indifference, confidence-doubt and others.

      We might also ask, "What is fruit?" The fruit of the Tree is what they "ate." But if the Garden was not a physical place, then the fruit would not be physical, either. "Fruit" also means "end product" or "result of one's labors." The fruit of all of these dichotomies is a physical viewpoint, rather than a spiritual viewpoint -- the all too vulnerable viewpoint of ego. And this is what "killed" us spiritually.

      When Jesus said that those who try to save themselves will surely die, he was talking about those who protect their egos, like the Pharisees who were so keen on protecting their reputations.

      Ego is the source of all evil. Ego pollutes religion, science, government, families and every other institution and individual of humanity.

      Gods immortal? Yes, but with a catch. That immortality does not help if the spirit cannot see or act except through physical instrumentality. The physical instrumentality of choice is the flesh -- living tissue.

      One of the great unspoken, but strongly implied prohibitions in the Bible is against any dependence upon the physical as superior to God. When one of the kings of Israel asked a neighboring country for help in his defense, one of the prophets condemned the king saying that he had not asked God for that help.

      Why was there a Tree of Life? Because we needed a guide to bring us back to the Garden. And that's why the writers of the Bible included the Tree of Life -- the template -- embedded in 2 chapters of Genesis. Can you find it? It's there. It takes humility and hard work to find it. Do you have that.

      And the good news is, humility is the antidote to ego. If you're humble, you can find answers to your salvation in the Bible. There is more there than most people know. And Christ's sacrifice was a most important key.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Here is the problem with your whole premise. If we are "sleeping Gods" then , according to your assertion, Adam and Eve were also God's. Yet bibically, that view is incorrect. Are you re-defining the meaning of God(s)? Also, if we are indeed gods then how did knowledge of good and evil kills us spiritually? Arent' we gods? And why was there a tree of life. Aren't gods immortal? You are making empty assertions without backing them up. What is more, your mental gymnastics to explain absurd aspects of the bible mythos is lacking.

    • lone77star profile imageAUTHOR

      Rod Martin Jr 

      7 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

      Hi, @graceomalley. Thanks for the comments and the hub link. I don't doubt there is some truth in the point you make. I also think that bad diet can contribute to certain body problems because of the modified body chemistry (pH level, etc.).

      On Neanderthals, perhaps. I suppose some male Neanderthals could've gotten it on with human females, but I somehow think this would have been very rare, if it happened at all. Also, Genesis is a male-centric story. Symbolically, "female" is the negative component, while "male" is the positive.

      And Genesis talks of the offspring becoming "men of renown," perhaps because they could clobber the competition with their superior muscles. The key idea, I think, is that salvation of the immortal spirit would have proved impossible if Neanderthals had fully mixed with Homo sapiens. Fully mixed -> no civilization -> no discussions -> no philosophy -> no quest for spiritual awakening.

      We can thank God for the Flood!

    • graceomalley profile image


      7 years ago

      Re: bad backs & knees. I took a class from a woman who studied cultures where back pain is virtually unknown, even in elderly people who worked all their lives as manual laborers. In Western industrialized culture, 80% have back pain. Her conclusion: it's not the human body that is the problem, it's the way you use it. Cultures without back pain sit, stand and walk differently. I wrote a hub about this here:

      I'm really intriqued by your theory about Neanderthals. If I understand you correctly, homo sapiens males were getting interested in Neanderthal women, and produced children with them. These children would have been stronger than homo sapiens, since Neanderthals had larger muscles, and the hybrids would inherit at least some strength.

      Interesting, I look forward to your book.

    • lone77star profile imageAUTHOR

      Rod Martin Jr 

      8 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

      Baileybear, thanks for stopping by, but I was hoping you would have read the entire Hub (or read it more carefully).

      So, you think your body is important? If you read more carefully, you will see that "God's image" is one of a "non-physical" and immortal source of creation. Bad backs, bad knees, etc. are all very physical... and temporary... and definitely not the "image" of God. Your argument is thus non-sequitur.

      And you missed the point my article made about the reason for the Flood. The fact that there was so much violence and wickedness after the Flood only means that these "ordinary" forms of "wickedness" were not the reason for the Flood. That's the point I was making. Simple logic, my dear Baileybear. The real wickedness behind the Flood was Man messing with the gene pool which would have threatened the founding of civilization.

      Yes, the Flood story has many problems, but none of them can't be solved. All of them have a possible solution, but not if we take the story literally. Was it a real event? We don't know. Was it really a worldwide inundation? We cannot say. But if any scientists were looking at the geological record for 2348 BC, they were looking at the wrong "horizon." The Flood, if it really involved all of that water, would have occurred 27,970 BC.

      God's love is eternal. All of your hurt won't change that. Auschwitz didn't change that. My partial blindness and circulatory problems don't change that. When someone injures someone in one life, and then is injured in the following life, this is God "hating" them. Does God really feel hate? Certainly not. This is merely coded language for "karma" -- the product of one's own prior actions, to reap what one has sown.

      If you take full responsibility for what you have sown, and give up your own indignant ego with utter humility, you can heal your body with your own faith. It's a tall order. I've only performed a handful of miracles this lifetime, myself. How many lifetimes have I struggled to get to this point? Yet I have so far left to go. And yet, the kingdom of heaven -- the Garden of Eden -- is within.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Yes, there's so much that isn't logical eg if we are created in God's image, it's not a particularly great design eg bad backs, bad knees, eyes that need correction lenses etc. There was more evil after this supposed flood, so it didn't work. Have read some interesting dissections of how Noah's Ark is a crock (from other hubbers).


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