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What We Perceive Through the Senses Is Not the Reality!

Updated on December 10, 2017


Sensory perceptions are never true!

We falsely believe our sensual perceptions about the external world. We consider others as separate from our selves. We rely on the experiences we undergo due to false perception about the world. What we consider as ‘pleasure’ is really ‘pain’ in pseudo mask. What we feel as ‘sufferings and grief’ are really ‘eye openers’ about the reality of the false perceptions of the senses. The eyes can only see, the ears can only hear, the nose can only smell, the tongue is only for taste and the skin is really capable of feeling the touch sensation. Hence these five senses are really blind so far in perceiving the entire gamut of creation. Even these five senses have limitations. They have their own limits. Though the eye is capable of viewing the distant star on the far off sky, it is not the real image of star. The stars are millions of times larger than the known planets. Since they are located in far off distances, we falsely believe that the star is a small entity. Next is the light. Though light travels with high speed and we have a measuring scale known as the ‘light years’, the light from many distant stars of galaxies have not reached the earth so far. If perchance we receive such light, it is not a true view. What we receive today is what it was millions of years ago! Hence in reality the present virtual view may definitely differ from what we see today. The children are taught in science classes a phenomenon known as ‘refraction error”. Also there is ‘mirage’ effect in deserts. Hence we cannot fully rely upon our vision!

Law of vibrations!

Senses are not perfect and they have limited powers!

Similarly, I can put forth many examples to prove that other senses are unreliable in varying circumstances. Yet scientists and rationalists argue about the reality of sensual perceptions. There is a nice example; the atheist asserts, “God is nowhere”! The theist states “God is now here”. If we really examine the above two assertions, there is only a minor displacement. In the first statement, the word ‘nowhere’ is split conveniently by the theist as “now here”. See the meaning of this split alters the entire assertion. Only a space is introduced between ‘w’ and ‘h’Both are correct as per their understandings. The atheist first state “God is” and then deny his existence. The theist is more vocal and he expresses the truth that “God is now here” This is how philosophy asserts great truths. There is a proverb which states that ‘All that glitters is not gold”. There are imitation metals which look exactly like gold. Gold plating over other metals makes it shine like gold but the shining will lose its sheen in six months or so. It looks like gold but it is not really gold. This reminds me of the story of seven blind persons trying to perceive a huge elephant by their touch. Each one touches one part of the elephant and asserts that the elephant is like a pillar, a wall, a broom, a pipe, and a huge fan. Obviously, each has touched the legs, stomach, tail, or other individual parts. They conclude that the elephant is only that part. This is how the scientists and rationalists assert about the universe and creation. Their views do not represent the whole but only a minute part. How they could assert that everything is natural and none is behind the creation? In a furniture show room we see many types of furniture. Since the carpenter who is not seen in the show room does not mean that the furniture exists on their own? Somewhere in the workshop, carpenters cut the huge wooden blocks, cut to required sizes, saw it smooth, make the required grooves for joints, assemble them either as a chair or table or stool or almirah! Then they are painted with varnish or wax polish. It is taken to the show room for sale. The carpenter need not be present at the show room. It is the sales personnel who take care of sales. What the rationalist and scientist demand is clear proof! God or creation cannot be subjected to any tests demanded by the above category of persons. It is an intuitive experience by the seekers. Pearls never float on shallow water. They lie in deep depths of ocean floor. One has to risk his life to gather the pearls. There is a procedure, method by which the trained drivers reach the bottom, holding their breath and collect the pearls! Similarly, butter will never float on milk, though butter is imminent in the milk. There is a process by which butter is separated!

Distant stars!

God cannot be seen through our physical eye!

In a like fashion, god will not be visible to our physical vision. The eye is meant for looking at what is external to it. The inner soul or self cannot be cognized by the physical eye. For diving deep into one self, meditation is a means. In meditation, the senses, the mind and intellect are transcended. One is not aware of one’s body even! Meditation is beyond the mind. When one truly transcends the mind, one is entering into the stage of meditation! It can never be proved to the scientist or rationalist. It is a subjective experience. If the scientist wants that experience, he himself has to undertake the process of real meditation. If he is sincere, he will realize his self in the process. It cannot be equaled to instant mix or fast food. One has to toil in the realm of spiritual path. Faith and patience are two most essential requisites to reach the Self. Hence never believe the objective world perceived by the senses. It is like the magician’s trick. The magician conjures the mind of audience in believing his feats. In a similar way, the creation came out of ‘nothing’ like the empty hat of the magician! The foundation underneath the ground is not visible to our eye. But the foundation bears the superstructure. God bears the creation but he is not seen anywhere in the external world. But God is Truth and the creation is an illusion of the mind!

Thoughts of Dalai Lama!


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    • profile imageAUTHOR


      14 months ago from Chennai in Tamilnadu, India.

      Dear Jay C OBrien, I appreciate your insight!

    • Jay C OBrien profile image

      Jay C OBrien 

      14 months ago from Houston, TX USA

      What we perceive through the senses is the material world. The material world is good, but is of limited magnitude.

      The Edgar Cayce readings emphasize the spiritual nature of humankind. However, because of the demands of life we frequently overlook the truest part of ourselves, which is our connection to spirit. Although we possess physical bodies and mental attitudes, ultimately our deepest connection is to our spiritual source.

      One of the most frequently mentioned concepts in the Edgar Cayce material is that Spirit is the Life, Mind is the Builder, and the Physical is the Result. In other words, spirit is the source of all life. The mind focuses that energy into creative (positive) or destructive (negative) avenues of expression. The impact of our choices will eventually find expression in the physical, affecting ourselves and our relationships with one another.



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