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What things would you change if you were President?

Updated on October 10, 2012

What would you change if you were President or Prime Minister? Would you try and sort unemployment, healthcare, the retirement age, the economy, the banks? Or all of the above, plus more?

Some of us feel that we could make a better job than the politicians, but perhaps the changes that we would make wouldn't be popular with other people or we may not realise the effect that they would have on other services. We might even have to admit that it's not as easy when you have so many priorities competing for limited or reduced resources.

Of course to a degree all of us can influence government policy, by writing to our Congressman or Member of Parliament, showing our support by signing an e-petition or even by taking part in peaceful demonstrations.

What would you change if you were God?

We are not alone when we wonder why He allows famine, drought, natural disasters and children to suffer, to name but a few things. But then we don't have the big picture and perhaps we never will understand it this side of eternity. But that doesn't mean we should stop praying and providing practical help for people affected by such tragedy.

In the last book of the Old Testament God said, “I am the Lord, and I do not change.” Now that should give us comfort, particularly when everything else seems to change so quickly in our modern world. We can expect God to be both consistent and constant. And while some may regard God's way of living as old-fashioned or out of line with modern morals, “in a world of shifting values, there are standards that remain”. Christians believe that living by God's rules is the best way to live life to the full. They certainly don't feel that they are missing out.

Often the most difficult thing to change is ourselves, but with God's help, even that is possible.


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