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Whatever Happened To The So Called Christian Prophets Who Predicted Doom In The Month of September 2015?

Updated on November 20, 2015

Whatever Happened To The So Called Christian Prophets Who Predicted Doom In The Month of September 2015?

I have salivated to write this particular blog because of the danger and damage that the so called Christian prophets do to the Body-of-Christ; bear in mind, that I believe in Biblical prophecies, as they pertained and are inspired by/through Christ Jesus… because said prophecies are 100% accurate. However, all throughout the early part of this year 2015 of our Lord, we have seen and heard ad nauseam the various self appointed Christian prophets on Social Media claiming that the Lord gave them some prophetic insight of the pending doom that was supposed to come upon the earth in the month of September. When, apparently, these prophecies did not come to light, like roaches, most of these false Christian prophets scrambled back into obscurity… probably awaiting for another demonic opportune time to seek out momentary fame, borne out of vanity, to pervert the Word of the Living God through His Christ.

It is bad enough that we have a President Obama, who, from his influential seat of power, has done malignant, spiritual damage to many of the Biblical tenets (championing same sex marriage and the chronic murdering of babies through Abortion) of Christ Jesus - but now, we also have so called Christians prophets blatantly lying and saying that the Lord spoke to them via prophecies about some Apocalyptic danger that was supposed to befall we earthlings. Moreover, even if these Christian prophets misinterpreted what the Lord said to them, they do not have the Divine courtesy - out of humbleness - to say that they were wrong. This is of import because there are those who are not Christians who will see and say that these Christians are no different than the demonic palm and tarot card readers.

Make no mistake, these lying Christian prophets prophesy, not out of Christ given inspiration, but out of sheer vanity, akin to the fame whores in Hollywood. These so called Christian prophets are into prophesying for face time that could be had on the social media sites - some even disregard their previous false prophesies and go on to make more bogus prophesies, as though nothing happened in the pass concerning the September prophesies that did not come to fruition. One of the basic tenets of the Christian Faith is that Christ Jesus’ prophesies are all accurate and if you come across a Christian prophet that predicted happenings and 99% of these came through - that prophet is not hearing from Christ Jesus! We Christians must know and remember that even Pharaoh’s magicians mimicked the miracles that were done by God through Aaron’s rod.

In (Matthew 7:16), we are warned that we are going to know the Lord’s children by their fruits, and, so, when one sees predicted prophesies not coming through… one must conclude that these prophets are not of Christ Jesus. Incidentally, when you see so called prophets using anything or leaning on sources outside of the Bible like Nostradamus or the Koran or the Mayan calendar, run far away from these specious prophets - the Bible needs no help! To many of these Christian vainglorious prophets, who prophesy for fame or worldly gains, remember that in the Book of Isaiah what the Lord said and did to the false prophets… and do not think that the Grace that came through Christ Jesus will prevent the curses that happened to the false prophets of old will not happen to them. The respective books of Micah, Jeremiah, and Isaiah, among others, have ample warnings from the Lord chastising and warning the false prophets about their dire fates for lying and tickling the ears of the people then and now in the year 2015 and beyond.


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