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What's Taking You So Long Lord?

Updated on February 21, 2013

What’s taking You so long Lord for the answer to that prayer?

How long do I have to wait Lord it’s already been a year

It seems Your always out Lord or putting me on hold

Don’t You know I’m just as busy if You really must be told

From early in the morning till late at night I toil

So come on Lord, give me a break, you know I’m truly loyal

This answer that I’m seeking Lord is simple, is it not?

It’s not as if I’m asking for the world and all it’s lot!

You see Lord, I’m impatient and I know that’s not too good

And I’m really growing weary from doing what I should

So I’d like an answer sent to me as quickly as You can

Or at least a little sign that You’re working on the plan

Lord, it’s not as if I bug You day and night or every week

It’s just that I would like to know instead of having to seek

You see Lord I’m aware that You are a very busy God

And there’s much to oversee, no time to even plod

But Lord I’m kind of getting tired and beginning to despair

The answers taken this long please, can’t wait another year!

So Lord I’m here and ready to listen to what You say

My ears are clean, my mind relaxed and willing to obey

Hmhmmmhmmmm, it seems I can’t quite hear You, are You wanting to get through?

Oh hold on, there’s something urgent that I need to go and do

So wait on Lord one moment while I see to this one thing

I’ll get back to You I promise after I answer this phone ring

Ok Lord, here I am, did I miss out on Your Word

Although I can’t imagine me doing anything that absurd

So what’s it going to be Lord? Do you think today’s the day

When You give me all the answers then be on my merry way?

But wait ,what was that Lord? Your not that very clear

Is it that Your really worried that I’m not willing to hear?

No, no of course not God, I’m behind You a hundred percent

You don’t need to worry cause I’m in no need to repent

What’s that You say repentance is exactly what I need

And if I don’t surrender, I will fall if I don’t heed

Oh that’s a tit bit drastic God, I’m sure I’m not that proud!

Maybe You’ve mixed me up with someone else out in the crowd.

Ok Lord there’s a moment spare so tell me what I need

You say I better learn this fast, I’m not quite up to speed

That You sent Your Son to die for me and I haven’t heard it right

That it was to take away my sin and give to me His Light

That He shed His Blood to cleanse me and to let me have a chance

To see Him in His glory and to help His Kingdom advance

That it wasn’t for my selfishness or pride to keep on living

But to die with Him to all this world and start to live in giving

That I’ve had a form of Godliness but deep within no power

That I’ve given out from my own flesh and it has all turned sour.

Oh Lord I don’t know what to say, it seems I’ve been so wrong

I’ve been so hindered by myself for far too very long;

This is all new to me Lord, why haven’t You told me before

You have You say but I’ve replied ‘It’s just a tedious chore’

Well this is a shock to my system; I thought I was doing ok

And now I find I’m way off mark and not even in the Way

Your asking me what’s taking so long to bow my knee

Well there’s really only one answer that I’m in the way of me.

Your telling me Salvation is awaiting at the door

And that all I have to do is let go of the law

To let go of my life and to give it back to You

For You’re the One that made me, the One that I belong to

Your saying that the time has come to truly listen well

To hear Your Word within my heart and allow it there to dwell

That there’s nothing that I say or do that can give me what You can

That I can no longer rely on the works and actions of man

So I guess I better answer cause I feel the time has come

Where I’ve truly counted the cost and looked into the whole sum

And it is in this answer that I give that You’ll give back an answer to me

Perhaps it will be the answer that I’ve waited so long to see

And if that truly is the case than I’ll know the key at last

And that key will be able to wipe away the selfishness of my past

So Lord I gladly say to You from this day and forever

I surrender all I am including the thoughts that I’m clever

And I gladly come before Your Throne and stand as one of Yours.

For it’s true that the answer is Jesus and Him alone is my way and course

And now I can look to tomorrow cause Your there and will always be

I’m so glad I took the time to pray to find out what You had for me

So here we are again Lord

Just You and me alone

What was that You said Lord


I’m not going to answer the phone.

©J.M.Smith 1998


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