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When God is in it

Updated on September 7, 2016

Above All Things

It's Not Over

I've always been religious. Not overly religious, but I've always believed in God and felt there was a higher power. While growing up, my grandparents attended church every Sunday, so when I would stay the weekends with them, I would always be sure to pack my "Sunday clothes", knowing where I would be come Sunday morning. My parents were not regular church-goers, and I didn't actually belong to a church, but I knew God.
Once I moved out on my own, attending church became less of a priority. Soon I found myself married, having children and trying to get through the day to day of life. Although it was a high priority of mine to have my children baptized, so I joined a church in my neighborhood, where all my kids were baptized as infants. We would try to get in a few Sunday visits throughout the year, but were in no means actively involved. We did pray before meals and the kids and I had our nightly "Now I lay me down to sleep" prayer.
As time went on and the children got older, the few Sunday visits dwindled down to near none. Looking back, that is something I will always deeply regret.
Several months ago my 8 year old grandson was diagnosed with brain cancer. It was, of course, devastating. He was diagnosed on a Saturday, and due to brain swelling, could not have surgery until the coming Wednesday.
The doctor met with us that dreadful Saturday afternoon, explaining to us that due to the location of the tumor on my grandson's brain, he was not hopeful that he could even touch it, much less remove it. The doctor showed us the MRI, where the tumor was attached to his brain stem. We were told removing it could perhaps do more damage than good. He hoped to at least be able to get enough out for a biopsy.
I've never prayed so much in my life as I did those days. I begged God to remove the cancer from his tiny body and give it to me, I've lived my life, he is just beginning his. This just wasn't fair. I made deals, knowing it was wrong, but grasping for something to hold on to, pleading with God to spare my grandson and I would do anything. Anything.
My daughter took my grandson to a church she had attended a few times on the Monday before his surgery. There, the pastor prayed over him. Asking God to remove the evil illness from him and restore his health.
On the way home from church, my grandson told my daughter, "Mommy, I feel Jesus in my veins, it's making me hot because he's hugging me so tight."
When my daughter told me this, I knew my first born grandchild was going to be okay.
Wednesday morning came and the waiting room at the hospital was overflowing with anxiously waiting friends and family. The surgery was set to last from four to five hours, and it did just that. Five hours after he was wheeled away, the doctor called us to the back for an update.
"I'm amazed", said the head neurosurgeon of the only children's hospital in the area, "the tumor somehow shifted off of the brain stem, as it was previously shown on the MRI, and I was able to remove 100 percent of it"
Relief, joy, happiness, thankfulness, all of those things and so much more filled my body. But the main thing I felt was God's love and grace.
Jesus was indeed in his little body, he was moving that tumor right off of his brain stem!
God is now the single most important thing in my life. I've joined a new church, which I absolutely love. And although my grandson has a long hard road ahead of him that includes weeks of daily radiation treatments and months of chemotherapy, my faith in the Lord is strong that he will come out of this healed.
There really isn't another explanation other than a miracle. God is good.


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