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The Birth and Evolution of Our Global Society. Accepting Diversity and Embracing Change

Updated on March 24, 2018

When Life and Logic Collide

We all appear to be living in our own little fantasy worlds and things are seldom as they seem.

We are easily controlled by anyone with a self serving interest.

This is a broad overview of the birth and evolution of our current global society.

This article is in reference to a little known, and little understood, phenomenon called "The Stockholm Syndrome".

I am not writing this article to discuss this syndrome in itself, but rather its implication and impact on our society, on a global scale.

The best explanation of this phenomenon can be found right here on hub pages in a hub by VendettaVixen. It is invaluable reading, beyond estimation, to understand in greater depth just how this syndrome works and why.

The only thing that needs to be known about the Stockholm Syndrome {that is relevant to this article} is the fact that it is a powerful affirmation to the phenomenon of "indoctrination" at its worst.


My concern is its implication on a more massive scale and how it has impacted so negatively on this "global society" that we are all part of, whether we like it or not.

This article is NOT for the faint of heart, or those who are blindly entrenched in their lives of fear and guilt.

It is intended to, or more so, to reach a more mature, more educated, logical and realistic audience that can view these implications with logical discernment and are capable of their own thoughts and their own concern for their children's futures, and generations to come.

This is a wonderful and beautiful planet on which we all live and these are exciting times in our history, with the technology explosion, our exploration of time and space, and how we, as individuals, fit into it all.

So, read with an open mind and explore the possibilities.

We can no longer afford to live in a bubble, with our heads in the sand and/or elsewhere.

In the beginning-

from the standpoint of religion and the evolution of both the body and the mind.

The story of Adam and Eve? It is tale that is highly unlikely and impossible, in a realistic world of logic and probability.

More likely this planet was "seeded" by DNA from other more advanced worlds in our Cosmos.

We cannot discount the probability of life beginning on this planet as a direct result of beings advanced beyond our limited intelligence.

Nor can we dismiss the probability of "spiritual" beings that exist concomitantly, in the Cosmos, with the physical worlds of existence. And yet, some people still profess to believe in a singular Creator that craves only adoration.

It is indisputable that we had a distinct beginning, but logic must be implored in understanding that beginning.

It is logistically improbable that our entire current civilizations began with only 2 humans in the forms of Adam and Eve.

We can argue the proof of our conception based on rote from old texts, but they are entirely without logic, or without any factual scientific basis.

What we do know today is that it is proven, beyond doubt, that mankind is easily manipulated into believing what ever their self professed "superiors" want them to believe.

We call it by different names, but the end results are all the same, i.e.:

1. Stockholm Syndrome:

Sympathy/Empathy of captors toward their abductors.

2. Brainwashing:

by cult leaders' ability to "create" followers who are desperate to belong to something greater than themselves and without any direction based on logic.

3. Indoctrination:

the most powerful of all mind control techniques. Bombarding children from their birth to their age of reasoning and beyond; forcing them into believing the dogmas of whatever "faith" they have the misfortune of being born into..

The only difference between these three methods of mind control is the scale in which it is done.

The damages are all the same and require "deprogramming" to reverse them.

Size does not matter.

Just because any group (no matter their number of followers) has the legal right to force their ideas onto the minds of their children, does not make their "teachings" valid, real, or even logical.

The more elaborate these teachings are, and the longer they are in existence, the greater the impact on the "followers", or the "victims", of that sympathy, empathy, brainwashing and/or indoctrination.

By the sheer proliferate diversity of "religions" in existence around the world, the greater the "proof" of this false truth.

Great empires are built on this deception of humanity by those who have learned the art of manipulation, and had that deep desire to hold control over the lives of others while hoarding great wealth.

The Vatican and its ramifications on global society is a perfect example of this desire to control. And somehow, doing so in the name of a God gives it some validity in the minds of their inductees.

Large religions, smaller cults, and single captors are all in the same business of "control" over others.

"Control" takes many forms and is used everyday by those "above" us to manipulate the behaviors they desire, or want portrayed:

  • Corporate America's control over economy, 'jobs'?, finances, price fixing, etc...
  • Governments' manipulate behaviors by laws, taxes, mandates, negative campaigning, lying, bribery, etc...
  • Religious groups (every last one of them) manipulate behaviors in respect to 'morality' and 'conformity' by threats of eternal damnation if their rules are not followed.
  • Parents maintain control over their children by implementing various consequences for misbehaving.

These all range from 1 person controlling another to one country controlling other nations by fear, intimidation's, threats, and economic sanctions for non conformity.

There are those who believe that this 'control' over the masses is necessary to maintain order in any society.

There are those who believe just the opposite: Treat others with respect, honesty, and dignity, and we will produce a race of beings that are empathetic toward others and peaceful in demeanor, who desire to spread love in lieu of hatred.

True Democracy is the only hope for reaching a societal level that is non-hostile and without self serving despots controlling others as we see in most every country around the world (including the U.S.).

There must be new laws that reign in the destructive behaviors we see all around us today in every aspect of our lives.

Greed and self serving are the driving forces of society today and are the true enemies of the people.

Religions must be replaced with spiritual reverence for peace, harmony, love, brotherhood, and compassion for one another, by all individuals who respect each other - and the fragile environment we all live in and share.

Humane population control is soon to be a major priority, and must be dealt with in ways other than war mongering, genocide, or more frightening - killing off billions of people with genetically modified foods.

I will sum it all up with my comments to an article in which the author disputes, and rejects the idea that this world would be better off without organized religions in it at all:

Sometimes an in-your-face approach is best to at least light a spark of doubt in the minds of the brainwashed society.

I do think that most people doubt and question, but their religions teach them that to do so is also a sin. What a major mind trap that is. A virtual 'catch 22' between logic and fear. Brainwashing is a powerful tool for control over others.

The greatest message i try to send is: be true to yourself. Life is too short to live it in unfounded fears and guilt that religion has endowed humanity with for thousands of years.

It truly is time for us to come into our own realities, live life with optimism, kindness toward others, and without fear or guilt where none should be.

by: d.william 1/2/13

Obsessions with cell phones? Mind control?

Religions must butt out of government business

Religion is in the guilt and control business

© 2013 d.william


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