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When The Lord Calls Me

Updated on January 15, 2020
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Dani is a Christian, homemaker, and home chef who has survived an overdose, and is diagnosed with BPD, Bipolar, and Hypersomnia.

Christ Calling

This is not a bragging post, just a sharing of my experience. With that being said, I'll continue. I felt called this morning, almost literally, after receiving a phone call. I answered it urgently because my friend almost never needs me for anything in all of the years we've been friends, besides needing rides years ago.

The only reason we have finances, my spouse has the job she has that pays just enough and a little extra for savings, is all through him. I wear my silver cross necklace that has, "I can do all things." Philippians 4:13, this verse is with me everyday because Christ is the one who is in charge of my life and strengthens me. I only have everything I have because of him. My Bipolar has only gotten better because of him.

Anyways, I received this call this morning, and I felt compelled to just say yes. Have you ever felt that way when you know Christ is calling you to be one of his servants and obedient? That's how I felt. My friend called me asking for $537 for his mother's light payment, he had already put everything he had, but still needed more, and had to "swallow his pride" to contact me and my spouse to ask this of us. He said he would be able to repay me, but next Friday, a week and a half away. Everywhere has refused to help her and we aren't sure why. It's just the devil working, I believe.

I can do all things
I can do all things | Source

"I am chosen and redeemed. . . Life is worth living when you're with me."

— Enough, Koryn Hawthorne, Christian Singer

I Will Give My All For Christ, Why?

Christ has done so much for me, even before I was a follower, I just didn't see it. He saved my life after I overdosed, he blessed me with a loving spouse, he found my spouse a job when things were not looking up, he protects us when we've almost died from a killer, etc. Christ doesn't need to prove anything, but these are just proven points of how he's there for everything. I don't need to fear when I've got Christ. I only need to give my trust to Him.

$537 would hurt our bank account severely, especially for a week and a half. That's pretty much all we have right now. We have a couple hundred left to need, but this puts us significantly in a scary place, but once I feel that fear start to seep into my brain and body, I realize I need to just trust what God has in store for me. AMEN!

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

— Philippians 4:13

So What To Do?

I realize I can't fear what the Lord's plan is for me. I know he will take care of us financially. We were recently given a lot of leftovers, which was so nice, that we don't need to cook a lot of food at all, we can eat that for the time being. We already did our grocery shopping. Everything realistically is taken care of. Our bills aren't due until the 28th of January. We're fine. In Christ, I'm only in this because of him (alive).

So, I helped my friend out and his mother because Christ's love and calling. It's the right thing to do. When someone's in need and comes calling to you, you answer. It could be Christ on the other line.

© 2020 Dani Moore


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