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Sun in Aries the Ram

Updated on June 3, 2015

Sun in Aries

The first sign of the zodiac is in Aries and for those who have this sign; it is also pretty much how they see themselves. In other words, Aries folks feel that they are first. Aries are the first in line to get things going and are the leaders of the pack. It is another question all together whether or not everything gets done. Aries prefer initiating rather than completing project. Do you have a kick start project? By all means, call an Aries. An Arian displays leadership in very impressive ways. This is why it won’t really come as a surprise if they can seem to go against odds that are insurmountable. When it comes to personal magnetism, they have this kind charisma. Arians won’t really try and stay away from newer grounds. Often, those born in this sign are called zodiac pioneers and it is their courageous trek into the mysterious unknowns that win the day. Aries is a bundle of dynamism and energy not unlike the Pied Piper which leads people along with its charisma and charm. In this new age, there is a dawning of every possibility. For an Aries, this is pure bliss.

The Ram

The ram is the symbol of Aries and for others as well as themselves, this is both bad and good news. Aries is impulsive and may be tempted to get their ideas rammed down the throats of others whether or not other people are interested in what they have to say. It is during times such as this when you wish the symbol of Aries was a more a creature that is much more subdued, more like sheep than rams, actually. With qualities such as these, the sheer force of the nature of Aries comes. This force is able to accomplish a lot. A lot of the drive of Aries is to win and compete and this comes from its cardinal qualities. When it comes to getting things going, cardinal signs are the ones to call. More than any cardinal sign; the Aries exemplifies this better than Capricorn, Libra or Cancer.

Fire is the Element of Aries

Aries is associated with the element of fire. Think burning desire, enthusiasm and action as well as the desires of playing the game. Physicality is something that Arians love and they really will not be found sitting on the side lines for very long. They will contribute much in the process and jump full force into the fray. Some decisions may have been hasty, when you look back at things but you really will not find Arians who regret every going out to try something out. This sign is about eager beavers who are full of guts.

An Original

Aries is an original in the world of conformity. You really don’t know what happens around the corner with this sign. A sign of vitality, Aries has strong physicality and the ram has an energizing, animated presence that people love to be around. Straight forwards, dynamic, adventurous, brilliant, pioneering and courageous, their dark sides also involve being impatient, insensitive, ruthless, selfish, dominating and willful.

Energy Directed

Non essentials are filtered out by the Aries mind. Their sight is clear and this is what helps them progress in life speedily. Once they fixate on goals, they will tend to start blasting forward with a focus and power that leaves other people sneezing in their dust. When it comes to having to tie loose ends, they are not so good at it and have been accused of not really using subtlety to ram into situations. Most often, they use outside voices when they speak and when it comes to what they want, there are very aggressive. Under their spiked heels or boots, most sensitive souls can become traction. Some may think of this sign as being a teacher, as they teach about direct confrontation, self defense and will. For some, this sign is too blunt. It actually all depends on the Aries person in question. On the other hand, if you are able to pair up for a spirit so amped up, you won’t forget to be pulled along by the dynamic force of life that comes only from Aries power.

Big Ambitions

Many times, achieving great things is something that Aries wants and an inner drive fuels them, to a point that they become forces to be reckoned with. Their bright abilities and minds are able to make them career trail blazers. The middle name of Aries is action, as this sign is cardinal fire. Sometimes, rushing too fast into action will result in Aries taking risks unnecessarily. The same holds true for them forging ahead without having planned the most important details. Some say that Aries in the sun learns the harder way for the most part as they tend to leap first and look later. Since this is an active sign, it is through experience that Aries learns best.

Larger Than Life

Aries have big personalities and just with their natural charismatic aura, can light up a room. If a group of people feels dull, an Aries person will move on quickly, particularly if they are the ones with stamina that will enable them to party on until the break of dawn. The warrior sign, the sun in Aries can rise to any battle’s challenge. The Aries alpha male rushes to aids of distressed damsels. Aries that are female often feel at home in a group of men, with one upmanship playfulness or in competitive activities. Aries people at times go as far to use hurtful words to scorch the ones they love in a heated moment. The quickly forget and forgive but usually deal with their brusque demeanor’s fallout. The dark side of Aries is to be physically threatening, a smart alec, a bully or extremely selfish.

Work Hard Play Hard

Aries play hard and work hard at the same time. Folks are very happy whether they engage in martial arts or are in a spirited game of soccer. In the love game, the ardor of the Ram is unquestionable even if Arians can be both romantic and playful with their mates. Ruler of the brain, face and head, Aries need to watch out for head aches and take the occasional, well-served deep breathe. The color of the Ram is the brightest red, which is a sure sign of the sign breathing fire that comes from inside.

Making Things Happen

For these folks, making things happen is what it is all about. Arians are also unafraid of going into brand new territory. For rams, the challenge that comes with taking on new terrain is equivalent to heaven on earth. Of course, they may seem arrogant when they are taking on world domination and will be quick to let you know that it is the only way of going. In their minds, they come first so there really is no arguing with them when they do go first, even when they don’t exactly announce it. It might be what it takes for blazing a new trail. On the argument subjects, it is the Ram who will help you save your breath and have the last world.

Rules by Mars

Mars rules Aries. Once you begin to understand the mythology of Rome, you will find that the god of war is Mars. Unafraid to do battle, Mars and Aries are in the same boat. Folks such as these are courageous, aggressive, bold and usually win. Aries do not lack vitality or energy and more than anything else; can stay in the game longer. For the most part, rams are well aware and independent of their own interest in given circumstances. At times, this view is myopic and may not be the view of everyone, but it does assist Aries in getting things to happen. Plus, their natures are competitive and ensure that they use vigor and zeal when playing the game. Their approach may at times be domineering and arrogant but it takes tons of focus to be leaders. The bad news is that when it comes to the final victory, Aries won’t be around, usually. These folks have bolted to the next project, more likely, before the first one gets done.

Hot Heads

In both genders, Aries get mad quickly. This is basically the foundation of their dark side. Physical challenges are something that male Arians thrive on. When it’s mixed with angry feelings, the nature of the warrior becomes switched on. Actors such as Russell Crowe and Sean Bean are known for brawls both off screen and on screen. They tend to get away with it and it adds to their mystique of being action heroes. When it comes to these actors, their public antics tend to be mild which is saying a lot in terms of their good behavior, since potentially, Aries can go very much into darker places. Aries rage does tend to flare up once in a while being cardinal fire signs. Often, there is no premeditation to this and it has to do more with impulse. This is why it is wise for Aries to have more than a few outlets to let go of their steam. This way, they don’t take it out on other people, particularly the ones they are close to. When an Arian does not have an outlet of creativity, for example, this is a lit fuse—so stay away as it can get dangerous! Work out that intensity by blowing off steam if you happen to be an Aries. It is a good idea to have a vigorous regimen of exercise regularly. Mars rules Aries and this planet is a warring one, which is a sure indication of the Aries combative tendencies. The pulse of Mars in this sign is vitalized, raw and more often than not, very prepared to do any sort of battle. Since the planet Mars is also the cosmic representative of great physical stamina, force and motivation, the remedies for the traits of Aries is to always keep seeking a challenge. You might ask, what is the possibly worst case scenario? With its fiery nature, Aries folks can hurt others or themselves without really thinking twice about it, and that makes them dangerous to provoke, to say the least.

First in the Zodiac

Aries is the zodiac’s first sign in astrology and means the ‘ram,’ literally. In terms of celestial longitude, it spans the first thirty degrees. Under the zodiac tropical, the sun travels through this sign between the twenty-first of March and the nineteenth of April for each and every year. The duration of time is precisely the first Farvardin Solar Hejri calendar month. Under the zodiac sidereal, currently the sun transits Aries from the fifteenth of April to approximately the fifteenth of May. Chrysomallus is the basis of the ram symbol, which is the ram that flies which the Golden Fleece provides. In the astrological tropical system, the sun goes into the Aries sign when the northern vernal equinox is reached. This happens around the twenty-first of March. Since it takes the earth about three hundred and a quarter days to revolve completely under the sun, the equinox precise time is not the same for each and every years. This will occur generally about six hours later for each of the years that pass with a day jump backwards on a leap year. Since the vernal 1900 year, the equinox date ranged from the twentieth of March at eight hours to the twenty first of April at nineteen hours. During these dates, individuals born depending on which astrological system they subscribe to may be called Ariens or Arians. As of the year two thousand and two, the sun has resided in the Aries constellation from the eighteenth f April to the thirteenth of May as it makes ecliptic movements. The sun is considered to be the Aries sign in tropical astrology from the twenty first of March to the twentieth of April. It is from the fifteenth of April to the fifteenth of May in sidereal astrology.


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      Dora Isaac Weithers 2 years ago from The Caribbean

      Have never read such an in depth presentation on this or any other sign. Very interesting!

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      We , as a human race need a lot of Rams and history has so proved this fact. Nice work my friend.whonu