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Overcoming obstacles life throws at you

Updated on November 25, 2015

Not again!

So over the years I have learned that right when you want to get up and do something that will make your situation change seems like the world says, "NO!" Time and time again we have struggles but the best way to deal with them is to learn from them.

i know it can be hard at times but the fact about life is; it goes on.

Don't get suck on a problem and give up; giving up changes nothing at all. This crazy world we live in has ups and downs and will shake from time to time but don't let the circumstances change your attitude on life instead embrace them. Learn to walk and not trip and fall.

Having a thankful heart

Another key factor in being successful is being a person who is respectful and can say, "Thank you!" I have come across so many people that because of their ego they neglect to say "Thank you; good job." This seems like such an easy thing to change but so many people tend to forget when running a business, speaking with family, or even speaking to a fellow friend.

Being honest and humble are traits that have significantly diminished over the years and I hope and pray people will change but not expecting it. One of the best ways that we can truly change our world is to change our attitude and teach our kids right from wrong. When we fail to teach our kids how to act we are causing the problems in the world to continue. It is by our teaching that they will understand and know how to positively change the world when they are in charge of it.

So many parents don't worry so much about teaching their kids and spending time with them. I myself have a hard time putting the phone and computer away and spending time with my son. It is something that I have to constantly take in consideration. I am responsible for him and every action he does; it is my job to teach him right from wrong so in the future he does not have to endure hardship because of me. As a parent the first five years are the most important for your child. This is when their character is formed and can easily be changed and influenced.

One of the best things to teach your kids is manners. So many kids don't have manners but it is because they didn't have parents who enforced this early on. It is so much harder to do as they grow up. Making sure they get that structure and order is the best lesson you can teach your kids. Having a thankful heart will ensure that you keep your mind off of your problem and just be grateful for the things in life you do have. So the next time someone does something for you have a thankful heart and say, "Thank you!"

Cry out to God
Cry out to God

Ask for help

Don't Give up

One of the key factors of successful people all around the world is that they never gave up. They fail time and time again but never quit dreaming, working, and succeeding.

At times it can be such a struggle but through it all it is comforting know that the creator of the universe if with you, rooting for you, blessing you, and smiling down at you.

I have had a life full of struggles, doubt, pain, and fear but through out the years, I have learned to embrace the mistakes and bad decisions I once made and just learn from them. At times I would feel stuck. Like if I could no longer keep going. I felt like giving up but what didn't let me was knowing that the people around me would be saddened by me staying stuck in the hole I was in.

Finding solutions

Who do you run to when you have problems?

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Start small, move up the ladder

This generation of kids wants everything yesterday. Nobody has patience anymore. It's no longer just about instant gratification; it's about instant gratification that someone else works for on your behalf. You can almost never amount to anything in life or appreciate what it is to be a somebody unless you start off as a nobody .

So what if you start at the bottom of the food chain? Seeing things from the ground floor up lets you see what it takes to distinguish yourself from the cafones around you. Don't kid yourself into thinking you can be a success overnight (remember, it takes 10 years to be an overnight success).

Let me further illustrate this point by telling you about my nephew Vinnie. Vinnie is a fine boy but he has no understanding of the word "patience" or having a good work ethic. He tells me all the time: "Uncle, I want the big house with three garages (he actually says "tree garages," but I digress), I want the Mercedes, I want the expensive wines..." That's when I pull him by the ears and tell him: "Vinnie, outside of these trust-fund idiots, do you see who typically has these things, these fancy cars and large homes? It's fat old f*cks, not young turks. What makes you so special that you can skip steps?" He doesn't realize that there are ways to go from nobody to somebody and that it takes time.

Keep reading for the 9 ways to go from nobody to somebody go to:

Staying Strong

A lot of the times being strong is our only option. When we hit hard times it usually means God is preparing us for something greater and better. Weather you see it that way or not is up to you. So the next time that you feel like you are being attacked or persecuted be happy; Jesus was persecuted too.

Trust that God holds you in the palm of his hand. It doesn't matter if everything seems like it is coming down and not even letting you take a break, always trust that your creator will always be there for you to carry you through. Most times that is all you can do to change your attitude towards the difficulties of this life.

Don't let the negative thoughts in your mind overpower the word of God and what he says. The best way to know and keep that positive outlook in life is to read and listen to his word. Only then will you be able to keep that peace in the storm.


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    • Aysleth Zeledon profile image

      Aysleth Zeledon 2 years ago from Russellville, Arkansas

      Will defiantly check it out. Thanks for reading.

    • profile image

      Tyson Alexander 2 years ago

      awesome article :) feel free to check out mine.. similar message. cheers.

    • Aysleth Zeledon profile image

      Aysleth Zeledon 2 years ago from Russellville, Arkansas

      yes very true Denise. I truly believe to be successful at anything you have to never give up until you succeed at what you intend to do.

    • denise.w.anderson profile image

      Denise W Anderson 2 years ago from Bismarck, North Dakota

      I love that, "It takes 10 years to be an overnight success!" We don't realize that it is those that keep going in spite of all the obstacles that eventually reach the top of the mountains!