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When the Lord decides to done a physical form........

Updated on March 31, 2015

Great Expectations!

How incarnations happen on earth!

Those who believe in the existence of super power or ‘god’, fail to understand the need for god to incarnate as a human being. In one of his discourses, Sathya Saibaba has clarified this point many a time. If God comes with his full glory and power, people will keep him in exhibition and charge fees from people who desire to see god. Hence god need to descend in ordinary human garb with limited power required for the occasion. Jesus was a clear example. He was sent by the Father in Heaven. Yet, in very humble circumstances he was born in a stable! Joseph, the husband of Mary who gave birth to Jesus, was a poor carpenter, unable to make both ends meet. During his entire sojourn on earth, Jesus treaded in remote paths among pebbles and rocks, in jungles and river beds. He has no place to rest. Wherever he moved, he laid himself there. He was conscious of his holy mission, which is to illumine the minds of ordinary people regarding God, human life, righteous conduct and Truth. He emphasized much on prayers to the Lord.

People were taught compassion and brotherliness. They were groomed for a greater destiny than eating, drinking and sleeping. He taught them about the holy kingdom of god and the ways to reach there. If he had merely taught these sermons, none would have followed him and believed him. It is those miracles like restoring eye sight to the blind, making the deaf and dumb to hear and speak, raising people from death bed, pardoning the sins of people who fully relied on him and feeding a gathering of 5000 people with five loaves of bread and five fishes. These things made him dear to many followers and they were eager to hear his preaching.

It is only when God dawn a human garb, people will come near, hear him and talk to him and touch his feet. No doubt, saints, sages and prophets too guide the ignorant people towards god but in a limited manner. When God wills to descend on earth, he is capable of creating an ocean full of water where there was not even a drop previously. An example was told by Saibaba. When there is a scuffle between two persons, a constable is enough to maintain peace between them. When there is a street fight with several people, a sub-inspector of police with few constables will reach there to control the situation. When there is a mob fury and law and order problem arises, a superintendent of Police is needed to bring the situation under control. When there is civil war, the highest law enforcing authority need to present there with a battalion of police officers to control the situation by resorting to lathi charge, tear gas shell and if the situation warrants, even shoot at site!

In a similar manner, God first depute sages, saints and prophets for guiding humanity towards the Divine. Initially, people will listen to those teachings and revere their words. But in course of time, people become lethargic and materialistic tendencies and they stop practicing the teachings. Naturally evil will spread in such a situation quickly. When morality declines among humans, God has perforce to descend as a human being to transform the mind set of people.

While he descends on earth, he chooses his mother and the family in which he has to born. He comes with full knowledge and wisdom. Though he possesses full power, he will use the power only when it is essential. Though he won’t force thing to happen, his life and actions will attract many pious people to his place and even ordinary people will start copying the behavior of such great Avatars! The Avatar will be unassuming in nature and he will behave as an ordinary human being but his actions will be perfect. His speech is Truth. He will Love all the people irrespective of their behavior and character. Sometimes, he will be stern to correct the behavior of people. When Jesus saw that the temple of God is used for unholy purposes, he drove away the traders and their materials out of the temple! Naturally such things infuriated the selfish and money minded traders. From ancient days, even Avatars faced stiff opposition from sections of society. During the time of Rama, several demons conspired to defeat him. During the period of Krishna, several ogres and demons were deputed by King Kamsa to kill little Krishna! Recently even Sathya Saibaba came under negative reviews by the media when he was hospitalized for 28 days and finally left the body!

When an incarnation descends on earth, the entire script is ready. He will follow the script and accompany the task for which came. Jesus suffered for the sins of people at that time and underwent tortures and crucifixion. He rose on the third day to prove that He was the Son sent by the Father in Heaven. Only when Jesus revived from the tomb, people started believing him. All incarnations of God perform the so called miracles to protect the poor ordinary citizens from troubles and perils. The case of Sathya Saibaba’s hospitalization is a similar one meant for saving humanity from many catastrophes. Hence we cannot understand the ways of Avatars with our ordinary intelligence.


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    • profile image

      saisarannaga 2 years ago

      Thank you manatita44 for the nice comments and encouragement.

    • manatita44 profile image

      manatita44 2 years ago from london

      carry on Bro. Useful and thought-provoking as usual, but a real blessing to some, I'm sure. Salaam!