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When the Sun Is In Virgo

Updated on June 16, 2015

Sun in Virgo

Perfection in themselves and everything around them is what the personality of the sun sign in Virgo seek. This sign tends to be demanding due to the fact that they do see each and every detail as if they were peeping through a microscope. This gives them excellent eyes for details, even if they do miss the sunshine for the trees once in a while. These folks are good with their hands, down to earth and practical. They love cleanliness and are fastidious. In every area of their life, they tend to be conservative. They tend to appear emotionally cold on the surface but this is because they have a habit of getting their natural feelings suppressed in the name of control. Virgo folks are dignified and charming. They are methodical, logical and inquisitive. When it comes to problem analysis, they are excellent no matter how much complication there tends to be. They are usually self restrained and modest and are more than willing to give service. Out of chaos, these people have the gift and the tendency to create order and selflessly give themselves when other people are in need.

Depending on the year, the sun is in Virgo from about the twenty-third of August to the twenty-second of September. It is not usual to find the stereotypical, exacting, nitpicky neat freak in Virgos of the modern day. Even if the Virgo sign evolves with the time, there remain some unmistakable trains. People that are from the sign Virgo are generally hard-working, respectable and those who have a love of know-how and knowledge.


Ruled by Mercury, Virgo does not sit still very long, as portrayed in the mythology of ancient Rome. This god was a bundle of energy and swift footed, both mentally and physically. Pretty much, when summing up the make-up and composition of Virgos, this is pretty much it. The brain of the Virgo born is usually on over drive and this is partly the reason why these folks get a lot of things done, more than most of the people or groups of people you know. In addition, these folks use their acuity mentally to the maximum advantage and are able to communicate their ideas to most folks. All these great qualities can cause them to be prone to over-thinking and skepticism, however. But who can blame them? Their perfectionist qualities can sometimes lead to frustration and some times, this can also get in the way of thinking clearly. Whether friends or projects, you can be sure of one thing and that is the fact that Virgo will definitely study these things to breaking point.

The Workaholic

Not everyone born under this sign is a workaholic. On the other hand, when sun Virgos are not really doing a project of some sort, there is a generally discontented feeling. This is true even when they have a life filled with work. They are somewhat nervous creatures who are restless. They have a strong sense of being afraid of underperforming. Virgos love doing things well. Some are thorough and exacting and generally, a Virgo that has convinced themselves to do a job less than perfectly will not feel complete.

The Virgin

The virgin is the symbol of Virgo. Often, it is considered a personality which is like a lady in waiting, naïve and shy. Though celibacy is something that Virgos are not exactly into, throughout their lives they often keep their personal identities completely intact. The symbol of Virgo is sometimes the woman carrying a wisdom sheaf that represents the wheat harvest during late summer, which is the time of year for Virgo.

Sexual organs are thought to be depicted in the Virgo glyph with a tail wrapping inwards, closing itself to outsiders. In contrast to the Scorpio symbol, the Virgo tail points upwards in an arrow and outwards. The planet Mercury rules Virgo.

Through a natural love and a pure spirit, the Virgin symbol of lives through each Virgo. This keeps people born under this sign self-contained and self-sufficient on the outside. To their surroundings, Virgos are sensitive and are easily embarrassed. Generally, when faced with new things, they are reticent. On the other hand, they can take on a storm once they are truly comfortable. Sun sign Virgos are not comfortable in the lime light. As long as they feel appreciated and useful, they are just fine when they live in the background. There is a strong sense of responsibility that this sun sign has. It is also true that even when they convince themselves to be irresponsible about certain things, they feel worried about it.

Being the sign of the Virgin, there are a few virgin-like qualities of Virgo in the sense that they like humanity and modesty. Repressed is a word some use for describing folks born under this sign. Of course, this sun sign would definitely argue that this is a quality which is noble, as opposed to undesirable. More than anything like, Virgo born folks love indulging their logical, practical side and pore over projects to the utmost maximum degree. It is an understatement to say that Virgos also truly love fact finding. They are a whiz at solving detailed problems as no detail will go overlooked with these folks. In the way they make an assessment, this is always in keeping with the sign’s mutable quality.

Select Friends

When selecting partners and friends, Virgos are very selective. Due to this, they can be thought of by others as aloof or distant. At heart an intellectual, it may seem as if they are not connected to their feelings. On the other hand, they do figure out their feelings using their brains. Under this sign, people put their relationships in circles that are concentric, with their family and intimate relationships in the inner most circles. Next come closer friends and in the outermost circles, are their acquaintances. If you happen to be involved with people of this sign, prepare that eventually, you will have your faults brought up. While these may feel like criticism, you should know that they are also as critical of themselves. They may lack self confidence and may have a hard time with trusting others.

Health Conscious

With the sun in Virgo, folks can be overly conscious of their health. Most will select careers in the fields of health or medicine to stay abreast of the most current information. Everything in their life is compartmentalized. It is an important part of the journey of their life to balance their body and mind. Many Virgo sun sign students may overly focus on what they are studying that they even forget to eat. Since they focus so much on themselves, they can be a bit of a hypochondriac. They tend to worry a lot and be a bit nervous. They need to relax, take time and let go as they can sometimes seem compulsive to others.

The Finer Details

The creativity of Virgo sun signs tend towards the finely detailed and intellectual. They thus make excellent craftsmen, designers, writers, engineers and architects. They are good at editing, math and make a great secretary. As artists, they love working with art miniatures. Generally, they are good with money. They carefully watch every penny and do not really spend without reason.

Delegating activities is not easy for this sign. Of course, in other respects, they are excellent in business. As a matter of fact they may even tackle jobs that can be overwhelming to other people. They prefer staying busy and are very productive. Their abilities for problem solving are quite amazing. As a matter of fact, doing this gets their intellectual needs stimulated.

Cool, Practical and Intellectual

A lot of the time, Virgos have a combination of being practical and intellectual at the same time and thus are mistaken for being cool. The fact of the matter is that Virgos have a tendency to be shy and self effacing. They will tend to brush off compliments you give them critically and sometimes, too quickly. Don’t let these things get you fooled, however, as Virgos really need your appreciation and respect. When you add a ton of projects that are worthwhile and keep them working, Virgos can be the kindest, sweetest people you will meet for miles around.

Fussy and Private

Many Virgos are fussy and private about what they do for work and their personal space for work. When other people look at their work and see that it is unfinished, they get nervous. They also tend to feel quite protective of the way they get things done. Despite lacking in confidence, Virgos can be arrogant or even mightily proud when it comes to their hobbies, routines or work. Many Virgos feel that personally, their way of doing things is the best, and they are usually right. In the little things that they do, they do take a lot of pride. In a big sense, people born under this sign can be somewhat critical of themselves and rather self effacing. Often, solar Virgos get their curiosities mistakenly identified as true passion. Although knowledgeable, Virgos do not always do a hands-on experience. Often, their willingness to explore is often kept at a level that is intellectual. For their willingness to lend a hand, their research skills and loyalty, Virgos are often valued and well-respected. They are generally helpful, kind souls who do everything they possibly can to get things to work out.

Letting Go

When the sun is in Virgo, these folks are stuck in the material, practical world and might learn a few things about themselves if they have enough courage. Once in a while they might try letting go and placing their lives on automated pilot, as this will do great things for their spirits. There is a tendency this sign has to be too hard on themselves. They worry about how they are performing at work, about their health, emails that need to be attended to, all the stuff on their bucket list, daily stuff they need to tick off and all their incomplete projects from the year before. For Virgo sun signs, one of the best advices is to find stuff that is interesting to them, no matter how large of small and to master this.

Earth Sign

There is a distinct note of Virgos being connected to the body, as they are earth signs. Generally, Virgo sun signs are very aware of their physical body and they are attracted to pure, natural things. Generally, they are not afraid to explore what are not, as they are curious in a big way. At the same time, on some level, they do have a strong desire to remain pure. Virgos that find a true calling can be connoisseurs, easily. They have enormous powers of observation and have intense attention to detail. This gives them the abilities to learn the ins and outs of every subject. Research is something that they love to do, aside from detail work or analytic work. They love picking apart things even if they are not as adept in putting things back together. More often than not, they do not have an easy time getting a grip on the bigger picture.

Famous Virgo Sun Signs

  • Charlie Sheen
  • Keanu Reeves
  • DH Lawrence
  • Stephen King
  • Richard Gere
  • Gloria Estefan
  • Cameron Diaz
  • Billy Ray Cyprus

The Zodiac’s 6th Sign

In the entire zodiac, Virgo is number six. This exacting rank is exactly how this sign likes it. For being so critical and picky, those born under this sign are forever begin teased. It is for the reason of helping others that Virgos give so much attention to detail. More than any other sun sign, Virgos are born for service. They get extreme joy from being able to serve. For most jobs, they are tailored made due to the fact that they are efficient, methodical and industrious. In these folks, there is a considerable sense of duty that ensures that it is for the greater good that they do their work.


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