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When the Sun is in Aquarius

Updated on August 18, 2015

Sun in Aquarius

Once the sun moves from January twenty to February eighteen into airy Aquarius, this signals a mid winter much needed break from the most dreary and coldest season of the year in some parts of the world. What is in store for you if you or someone you know has been born with the sun in Aquarius? Well, one thing is for sure and that your life is about to become more socially oriented than ever.

The Water Bearer

The Water Bearer is the symbol for Aquarius. This is the symbol for spiritual food to the world, giving life eternally and symbolically as well. The vessel’s water leaves room for a new, fresh start and washes away the past. The Aquarius sign is growth oriented and looks forward. Mainly, they are concerned with individual freedom and equality. Aquarians seek to get their knowledge dispensed and its vision of individuality and equality to all. The Aquarius glyph depicts the water from the vessel of the water bearer as a symbol of spiritual energy that is open ended. Free of social conditions, Aquarius in theory is open to changes. They can also be extremely stubborn, however. They have strong idealism but in their opinions can be very fixed. Generally, this sign is intellectual, witty and clever. They value frankness and progress. This sign is tolerant, observant and curious. No matter how standoffish and aloof they are, they are still well liked. In all Aquarians, there is something of a reformer as they will try to get you to see more clearly and encourage you to be frank, forthright and open. With this sign the motto mainly is no to do what everyone else is doing but instead to do something unique, go off the beaten track, follow your vision and push the edges of convention. Whether you yourself have a sun sign in Aquarius or know someone who is, here are a few other qualities you might be interested in.

Reconnect with the World

The moment the sun moves into the social, mentally sign of Aquarius, it is time to reconnect socially with the rest of the world. After the sun’s sojourn into the anti-socially inclined Capricorn, it is now time to share bright ideas and make new friends.


More intellectual rather than filled with emotion, once you come across an Aquarian; it is time to put your sentimental nature to the side. Instead, focus on embracing your independence and originality. It is also time to get yourself ready for conversations that are stimulating to any person that listens. Aquarians of the higher minds match their offbeat pace to the beat of their own quirky drummer. Thus, when Aquarius is the sun sign, this is a perfect period for going after your craziest dreams.


If you or someone you know had been born from the 17th to the 23rd of January that is the cusp of Capricorn and Aquarius. Those born from the 15th to the 21st of February were born on the Aquarius Pisces cusp. All it means if you were born on these days of the cusp is that you were conceived as the two zodiac signs were in transition. This means that from each sign, you can retain some qualities.


Sun in Aquarius is eccentric, free spirited and brilliant. If you don’t immediately recognize what sun sign a person belongs to, the answer is probably that their sun is in Aquarius. Gifted with analytical minds, Aquarius is intellectual. Under this sun sign, many geniuses are born. Others think they may be somewhat strange as they tend to consistently be ahead of their time. Due to the fact that this sun sign prefers to focus on the future, they might have a hard time remaining in the now. They need to be an individual and have freedom even when they are hitched.

Outside the Box

Any attempts to put Aquarius into a box are not going to succeed. They truly value their personal freedoms and need space. They will be happy to return the favor and will treat every person as equals no matter what walk of life that person is from. The hallmarks of this sign are fairness and equality. It is better if you are different or quirky, as this attracts them to you like a bee to honey.


In every Aquarius born there is a bit of the reformer. They will try to see through superficial veils and get to see the real you. They encourage you to be forthright and open and not to follow the crowd. Instead, to be true to yourself is the motto they prefer that everyone keeps. This sign is associated with these themes as a general rule of thumb.

Well Liked

Standoffish and a bit aloof, nonetheless this sign tends to be liked as a general rule. They are observant and curious as well as tolerant in the widest sense. Bias and prejudice tend to offend typical Aquarians. Generally, Aquarians are intellectual, witty and extremely clever. They value being frank and progress. Ti is hard to throw this sign for loops as they tend to be way ahead of the game compared to anyone else.

Off Beat Tracks

It is safe to say that one Aquarius characteristic is that they are simply not willing to follow the well trodden path. Rather, off beat tracks are more their thing. With progress and advancement o their brains, they tend to be irreverent to outdated and old thinking methods as well as the way things are done. When it comes to social conditional, many Aquarius sun signs have to objective of freeing themselves of social and personal conditioning. In theory, they are open to changes. Of course, this sign can also be stubborn with a capital S. They have strong idealisms although in their opinions, they can get extremely fixed.


This sign makes great designers, innovators and inventors. If they are into art, their self expression will definitely push the convention envelope. They love technological gadgets and might get into forms of programming, video game design or computer graphics. This sign also makes great social workers, teachers, journalists, broadcasters and writers. Some members of this sign also excel as holistic healers and therapists.


The Aquarius born has a natural charisma and tends to become group leaders no matter where they are. They are original, independent and smart. They also have a slight streak of rebellion that makes them have a lot of appeal to others. Also, to other people, this sun sign seems to value friends more than loved ones. While this is not exactly true, it is not immediately apparent. To potential partners, this is something that is very confusing. When you fall in love with the Aquarius sun sign, make sure you throw out the book of rules. Living with this sign can be exciting, exasperating and truly a challenge. There are dual sides to this personality as they are exuberant, eccentric, outgoing, quiet, patient and shy. Their real personality depths remain to be exposed.


They tend to feel claustrophobic when they are stressed out. It might not be very easy for them to explain to their friends or spouse why they need so much alone time. Spouses can become confused or upset due to the fact that they will tune out, clam up or not really talk about what is really bothering them. At times, this can be hard for their family to understand and the fact that they don’t even make attempts to explain anything aggravates things even more. They need variety of the mental kind although on other levels, they will usually remain extremely faithful.


The Sun in Aquarius folks are friendly, charming and social. They have a personality that is extremely outgoing and this causes them to be undeniably popular wherever they go. They want the world’s problems to be solved or create a better life for humankind in general. The main problem that they all tend to have is that they have a tendency to live in a world of concepts and ideas rather than in the real world. This unemotional, detached method of viewing life makes communicating not too easy for them time and time again. When it comes to connecting with other people in an emotional away, this is something they really need to learn.

Their Problems

They really don’t talk about their problems easily and tend to keep to themselves more than anything else. Once they let a person within their tiny circle, however, they will do all they can for that person. They make close friends are loyal and are faithful. They also keep their loved ones close. As a matter of fact, they may end up being emotionally disappointed more than you would expect due to the fact that they have a tendency to expect from others more than what is within reason.


Being a friend above everything else is the best partner in marriage or in life for the Aquarius born. For sun signs that are Aquarius, they need a lot of time as they do not like smothering. As a matter of fact space with a capital S is their requirement. Even when you think they are in the present, their minds may be somewhere else thinking about what is happening and what everything means. Rather than enjoying the moment’s emotions. Aquarius is somewhere in the future. For this reason, they may be perceived as detached or impersonal.


Widely known as one of the zodiac’s most eccentric signs, those born in with the sun in Aquarius follow the cutting edges of inspiration. In other words, this sign is pure genius as it pushes out to the less trodden paths and then goes beyond the limits. This leads to achievement in a big way on the one hand. On the other hand, it can also lead to their feeling as if they are not connected to other people. This is where the reputations of being an absent minded professor or a loner come into play.

Different Frequency

Aquarians seem self sufficient with their vast mindscape and the fact that they seem to be tuned into a different frequency. They are happy spending time by themselves. What is paradoxical is that this sign is also drawn to entire communities and groups. They can help people act towards a goal as they are tuned into a gathering’s undercurrents. Often, before it is the trend to do so, they are usually at a causes’ forefront.

Faraway Looks

Those born under this sun sign have futuristic, brilliant thoughts which may explain the frequent faraway looks in their eyes. Their minds seem to be roaming around the exterior edges of possibilities with many making impossibilities a reality. This is particularly true in the fact that many are pioneers in the realm of technology and science. Their wholly original, quirky take on life gives them an edge that they can absolutely benefit from by venturing into the Arts.


Aquarius sun signs are the zodiac rebels due to the way they commit to their own visions. They tend to be anchored uncompromisingly into their one life and grant others the same autonomy. This can make them seem friendly and detached at the same time and with an inherent sense that everyone really ought to be doing the same thing.


To sustain a romance, Aquarius needs rapport of an intellectual kind. Ideally, mates ought to inhabit parallel universes with many loving feelings and thoughts transmitted from the other end of the bed. If you are okay with mental or physical distance, you might be surprised how much the love grows between the both of you.


People born with Aquarius as their sun sign include Bob Marley, Peter Gabriel, Guiseppe Verdi, Frederick Douglass, Toni Morrison, Evangeline Adams, Lewis Carroll, Geena Davis, Matt Dillon, Jamie Walters, Abraham Lincoln, Alice Walker, Carson McCullers, Vanessa Redgrave, John Travolta, James Dean, Christian Bale, Elijah Wood, Paul Newman, Galileo Galilei, Rosa Parks and John Trudell.


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    • Jean Bakula profile image

      Jean Bakula 

      3 years ago from New Jersey

      The way I learned it, nobody's Sun is ever on a cusp. If you look the date up in an ephemeris, the Sun is in a specific sign every day. I never heard of "transitional" in describing where a person's Sun Sign is. They may have Mercury or Venus in the sign next to the Sun, giving them traits of the other sign, but the Sun is never on the cusp. Nobody ever has two sun signs.

      I've worked hard on HP to help people get rid of the misconception of "cusps", telling them they have nothing to do with Sun signs, only with the division of houses. Otherwise a nice summary of Aquarians!


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