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When the Sun is in Scorpio

Updated on July 1, 2015

The Sun in Scorpio

In astrology, the sun is the symbol of your core essence. This is your sense of self and individuality. It is a description of what usually causes you to become motivated and the reasons why. In every person, the sun sign is a description of the prime point of focus within the structure of personality and is quite important. Developing and understanding these life aspects will assist you in expanding and developing your sense of authenticity towards your own self and the person you truly want to be. When you truly understand the house where to find your sun, you get to understand the personality more.

In the entire zodiac, sun in Scorpio represents one of the most intelligent, strongest signs of all. These folks have deep wells of strength which are able to produce either vindictive enemies or powerful allies. Usually, huge energy abundance is able to make ladies and gentlemen of this sign a true go getter and a powerful achiever. To put it simply, laziness is hardly in their vocabulary. In all arenas, jealousy is their worst fault. They also have inner power to turn this fault around and actually do something with regards to it.

The phoenix is the representation of Scorpio, which is the ancient symbolism for resurrection and earth from the ash of youth, the never dying fire which never dies but rises above continuing to evolve into other things. To Scorpios, arguments are not merely arguments or an opportunity to butt headgear. Instead, these have to do with the experience of listening and expressing so that both people on either side of the issue are able to come out better and rise above their previous circumstances. Frequently, the Scorpio energy is seen in athletic activities and need to be channeled properly to be given expression in the fullest possible manner.

Sexy Signs

In the zodiac, this sign is considered the sexiest and may even have bad reputations for being one of the sleaziest. All it is would be that they have strong passionate natures that need to regenerate. There is also pride in tremendous amounts that insist about not being judged by their covers. When it comes to hiding emotions, Scorpios are the master. This sign has tremendous power and strength and manage to seek power and rise above their personality to bless and heal others rather than for themselves. Through humility, compassion, purity and service, this sign reaches their goals. They have a need to transform and redeem their nature and to have happy marriages. Their curiosity is innate and makes them deeply problem into everything as they seek the meaning in the back of all surfaces. Concealed facts are dug out as this sign is one of the zodiac’s most intuitive. Scorpios which are highly evolved happen to be psychic with rich lives within that has passion when it comes to metaphysics.

Below the Surface

With strong reserves, a lot about the Scorpio born is hidden beneath the surfaces. Due to their quiet exterior, they command respect and many times are working to earn close ties’ respect. Usually, there is a lot of creativity with this sign and a great sarcastic ability with their deadly tongues, which does get them into troubling times. Also, for some the stinger does show dark sides of enmity, sadism and cruelty. More evolved Scorpio suns help transform their lives for betterment using their stingers. These folks are not afraid of anything and are truly courageous. Their endurance makes them go plowing ahead, overcoming any of their path’s obstacles.

Uncanny Abilities

Scorpions can uncannily get to any problem’s roots and have a raw perception that makes these people almost intuitive, bordering on the truly psychic. Their analytical, incisive and deep minds make them natural spies or detectives. Frequently, members of this sign both male and female are workaholic in nature and cram each day of work with productive hours. They are relentless, excellent workers that happen to be great with any situation that involves the 8th house: inheritance, trusts, psychology, mortuaries, the occult and counseling. When it comes to using other people’s funds to build their own fortunes, they are masters at this. To worthy causes and charities, these people can be generous to an extravagant degree.

Constant Change

Thus, for a Scorpio, constant change is the norm, as these folks are always involved in deaths, rebirths and renewing of the mind. There is no in between for Scorpios. Many times, life is a matter of death and life, white and black, angel vs devil and the like. They do not know what being indifferent means and tend to be either your enemy or your friend. There are no gray shades for the Scorpio sun. Once a Scorpio is able to trust you, you have forever won him or her.


In the zodiac, this sign is the sign of mystery, frequently dynamic and truly intriguing as well as majestic in the way they go about solving situations or problems. Also the death sign, Scorpio manifests itself in the struggles between the personality and the soul. Usually, the personality is the loser and the stinger of Scorpio may sting its own self to demise. The phoenix comes in at this point to help in the resurrection of this person to brand new highs, a new way of thinking, a new beginning.


Just like Virgos, Scorpios can be somewhat critical of everything. As a matter of fact they are extremely critical. Due to strong judgments, this can lead to difficulties with co-workers. Scorpions need to have more steadiness and stability with their partners. At times, they become outsider due to having great stubbornness. They have a tendency to become loner wolves rather than partners in relationships that are equal.

In a Relationship

Scorpios tend to have very intense, few relationships rather than a group of acquaintances. It might be that friends are alienated by his or her intense stinger. It can also be that so few other people have the capability of flying near the fire or close to intense topics the way this sun sign does. It might also be the fact that so few other people have the capability of changing or rising from its own ashes, or changing from bad to good or vice versa as the way the Scorpio is able to. Scorpio sun people are survivors more than anything else. The sign rules the organs of sex so typically, this sign is quite erotic. They do not use other but help them in transcending their own selves. When you come across a person born with the sun in Scorpio, you probably won’t forget.

The Scorpio Man

Scorpio men are private, passionate and intense. Whether it is the way he walks, his eyes or the way he dresses, every act he does is compelling. Even if you are not sure whether you like him or not, the sexual energy he radiates is too strong to be ignored. Many times, he has some highly developed talent that he passionately pursues. This is true whether or not he makes a living with this talent. He may put his energy into astrology, acting, writing, art and music. He might also be passionately putting all his energy into his family. He enjoys sports, particularly hunting, football or other violent ones. In a relationship, no other sign brings so much intensity or raw power. The way it is manifested is not always clear. Will he be jealous or furious in a relationship? Will it be expressed in unbridled, fiery passion? Take chances and get in a relationship with the passionate Scorpio man full of mystery. The Scorpio is every changing is very compatible with girls who are their opposite—the Taurus steady bull, for example. However, one argument will reveal that there will be neither person who will give in. As long as each on understands the other’s passion and intensity, Scorpios are great matches for other Scorpios. Other water signs such as Cancer or Pisces may prove too weak for the Scorpio’s intensity.

The Scorpio Woman

Just with steamy sexuality, a woman with a sun in Scorpio grabs attention instantly and turns head. She has a need for honesty, boldness and a presence that is unparalleled in entire astrological zodiac. She will cut you off when you lie to her, so never do that. She can be possessive or jealous and is a passionate lover. Unless she is angry, what she shows externally is not always what she feels within. She has explosive rage with a piercing look and sarcasm that can be very hurtful. Bordering on clairvoyance, her intuition can be very developed. She is fiercely protected and devoted as a mother, creating a comfortable, loving home for the kids.

Subtle and Sensitive

A subtle, sensitive signs, Scorpions are hurt easily and will not have an easy time trusting someone who has hurt them easily. At the same time, once they really trust someone, it is usually absolute and unflinching. Due to the fact that they are so sensitive, they know when something is amiss in any given situation. They sense quickly when other people are hiding truths and this causes them to hold things back as well. Often, they prefer sitting back and assessing other people before anything else, watching what others do, whom to trust and waiting before they form any type of alliance.

The Famous Scorpio Sting

As much as intensity is what these folks are known for, their sting is also famous. When you learn to deal with the toxic, negative parts of their nature, this is part of their entire package, so to speak. When it comes to this sign, there is a quality which is all or nothing and needs to be handled with care. When they feel uncomfortable or threatened, they might show a side of themselves that is much more destructive. It can cause a lot of regret or heartache. Since Scorpios deal with truth and power, they know what their words have a lot of impact. They also know that truthfulness and words can be used for harming as much as they can be utilized for healing. From this ability to detect the weakness in other people, a certain amount of power is felt by this sign. They need to keep in mind that this type of power needs to be wielded with care. When they honestly look at themselves, they can work through what really drives them and the reason for this. This nature of theirs which is unconscious and toxic may be a way they subconsciously use to defend themselves against possible hurt from other people. Being honest with themselves and learning about their own qualities will help people with a sun sign in Scorpio watch out for this quality in themselves and to be much more careful about the way they can possibly hurt other people. Becoming aware of their own qualities is also one way they can deal with other people comfortably. These signs require that their emotional natures need to be examined in order to evolve and grow. Scorpio sun born will need to discover what really motivates them and the reason behind this. Spending time alone and learning their different tendencies are actually highly recommended.

In Negotiations

The ability of penetrating straight to the heart of the matter is something that sun in Scorpions tends to do. In discussions and negotiations, they will not mince words. They have abilities of putting their fingers right on what the issue is or in a given moment, what needs to be said in order for change to come about. These abilities of calling spades spades indicate that in all kinds of conflict resolutions, strategic planning or analysis, these folks are experts. They can also be effective especially in activities requiring being able to identify an obstacle and then changing the course of the path of a situation. These folks can also be excellent psychotherapists, counselors and healers due to their being able to uncover the bare truths. These folks are able to make assessments of what is really happening and look at things in a realistic way.


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