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Where do the dead go.?Heaven but there is no Sex.

Updated on February 24, 2013
skgrao profile image

A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Laxmana Gone.

His name was Laxmana,he died 8 days ago,where is he now.
His name was Laxmana,he died 8 days ago,where is he now.

Where has he gone.?

His name was H.R.Laxman Rao a Textile Technologist retired and was looking after his ansisters temple of Sri.Rama,Shree.Sita,Sri.Laxmana and Sri Rama's most beloved Hanuman,the deathless person even now living some where in the caves of Himalaya's where ordinary humans cannot go.He has given Darshan to a devote but he did not recognize him as Hanuman was dressed and seen like a person who was of low caste.There are records on this preserved at Gondavali a small town in the Distric of Satara,Maharastra State,India.

Dear friend Laxmana would be doing pooja or getting it done by a pundit or purohit a person dressed like the one you saw on Tv in White House when President Obama celebrated the Hindu Festival Deepavali by lighting a candle and there was a pandit standing with 3 white stripes on his fore head covering his chest with a yellow robe and the under ware was a white sheet which is wrapped around the waist,head shaven with a pig tail as you see with Steven Seagal hair dressed but with more hairs.That person in that type of hair do and dress is called as Pundit or Purohit.A Pundit is a scholar in Veda of a type that he can learn to just chant Sanskrit sholkas for poojas of all gods.The purohit would have learnt by heart to recite only slokhas and may not know all the slokhas and would read from books.

So my friend who died was just a God keeper and was having pure trust and belief in Sri.Rama.

It is 9th day and One more day for our Late Laxmana's Soul to reach the authorities above to get orders for his new form on a animal or human,male or female and of course the country.The Soul of our Laxmana is still traversing here and there refusing to go as he has his family and his God Sri.Rama which he can't leave.

He has no mind to go,I mean his soul but on 10th day he will be forcibly taken by reciting Sanskrit ritual slokas and his soul will obey and travel in a split second and also is reborn else where or he will be asked to stay in to fill a vacancy.

How a vacancy in Heaven.?

Yes the God will have to permit some angel's request to go to earth and enjoy the earth with the pleasures that are not in Heaven.Like Piza or Idly or Sex.

Those faithful angels have such option to leave Heaven and be born on Earth and plenty of angels in various departments in Heaven do request God that they be born on earth to enjoy the Piza or Scotch or anthing else that they want to do and there place in Heaven fall vacant.Our Laxmana may fill up some vacancy and stay there to enjoy the Heaven where there is cashless purchase of anything and freedom from want and greed as every body in Heaven is a billionier there is no envey at all.That's why every one wants to go to Heaven.They who want to go to Heaven must have served God on Earth.

Our Laxmana has served God so he can stay in Heaven as long as he wants to taste Heaven.He was not knowing that there is no Whisky or Beer or cigarette in Heaven.He also was crying and saying he is going to die.He perhaps knows now what it is to die and where he is going.Only he will not remember when he is born again as to where h was.

Tomorrow is the last day for his soul to see his place his people but poor Laxmana can't talk to anyone he shouts his wife's name but she wont hear.He try's to touch her but can't feel her.

The day that is the 10th day is the prayer to go and stop wondering here over his place.He will go the reciting of Sanskrit Slokas will take him to the place he has to go.All his relatives pray also with a Photo kept on a table covered with table cloth,he sees all and he goes away tomorrow.After the prayers there will be feast that will be his and all will be fed.

Today is the 10th day.In the morning all his relatives and few friends would have participated in the rituals so that his soul would reach it's designated place peacefully.After the rituals there would have been a feast that our late Laxmana was fond of prepared by expert South Indian Cooks.The function usually being held in a place of sanctity and the place being ideal for such functions/ceremonies.

All his family would have returned home now and his place where he was sitting with a table and in its drawer where he would have his diary and a magnifying glass a dot pen his tablets for diabetics and BP all removed.His sleeping place made vacant,the TV also shifted so as to look different and make the change to wipe out his memory except a Photo on the wall.His best friends of course were not present.


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    • skgrao profile image

      S K G Rao. 8 years ago from Bangalore City - INDIA.

      If you even think of sex in heaven you are born as a Dog.

      But Mr.Vinod you see the angels there is nothing below the belly.

    • profile image

      Vinod 8 years ago

      Who said there is no sex in heaven? Well as somebody said are you suggesting that people who are notorious for sex including female go to hell, you might get sex in hell but not in heaven !?


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