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Which bank won't become 'bankrupt'?

Updated on July 25, 2014

Reliable Bank!

We are watching the collapse of many major banks in many countries. There are many reasons for the above. But, there is one bank which will never become bankrupt! It is the Divine Bank. While we transact in currencies in the banks of the world, in the divine bank, the only currency which is acceptable is good deeds. Based on the accumulation of good deeds, a man can withdraw the merits in any of his birth. The account will never become defunct. We may be born in any part of the world. But we can always withdraw from the divine bank from anywhere in the world as long as there is the deposit of good deeds. Many rational persons in the world may laugh at this but the divine bank will never fail at any time! This is what Sathya Saibaba has told a gathering.

We miserably rely on worldly wealth. We might have earned it after working for many years. The very idea the bank in which we deposit the amount becoming bankrupt will send shivers in our spine. But in the Divine Bank, your deposit would remain absolutely safe forever. Also, we can withdraw overdraft based on our past deeds. We notice that all banks use computers with internet for all transactions which are stores in the servers of bank headquarters. But the good deeds of every individual are recorded instantaneously in the conscious which acts as a ‘read only memory’. When the individual passes away from this earth, these inscriptions are carried over invisibly. Many may wonder how this can happen. Even now we use many methods to store memory in CDs or DVDs or thumb drive etc and remove them from the system once copied. These can be used any where there is a computer in the CD drive or DVD drive. Thumb drive can be inserted in any of the ports of computer or laptop and we can retrieve these files or documents. When this is the case in earth, why it is not possible in the conscious Self?

Yes, each and every thought of yours are recorded. The feelings that evoke due to the thoughts are also recorded. Your entire thought pattern is mapped in the conscious. Hence, never think that you can escape from ill feelings, jealousy or lust or greed. They are like the seeds planted in the earth. At the appropriate time, it will germinate and sprout. Many among us may be aware that anger arises suddenly in us without any rime or reason. It is safely buried in the sub-conscious. When an occasion arises, it raises its ugly head. Never assume that you have subdued your anger or lust. It is a false assumption. These are all rooted in human conscious for many generations! Our life on earth is never an isolated one. It is a continuous process. If I point out that man has evolved from minerals, plants, fishes, birds, animals and other species, would you believe? But people accept the words of great scientists when they say the origin of man is from ancient monkey species! But the scriptures clearly point out the evolution cycle of man. Yes, from ameba to human beings, the human being has traversed through millions of births before ascending to precious human birth! But, having a human form does not guarantee human virtues! Since man has evolved from the lowest one cell organisms, he had accumulated over these millions of births, many unwanted animal behavior. Hence, we observe certain peculiar characteristics in many people. Many people are cunning in nature, usurping other’s things or properties. Many people exhibit very mean qualities.

These qualities are engraved in the DNA of every individual. In fact, the DNA of any individual will reveal all the different births he had undergone from the beginning of creation! Many people commit many sins in secret. They feel that none has noticed their deeds. They are not aware that their own conscious takes note of the nefarious behavior and plan and record it at once. Whether we commit good acts or bad acts, whether we think well or bad about others, all these are instantaneously recorded in the conscious. Hence rely on the Divine Bank and deposit good deeds forever, so that it will comes to your rescue when you are in peril or danger.


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