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An ode to the colour "White"

Updated on July 3, 2015

Serene White

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After facing the sweltering heat in Pune, joining my husband in Toronto, Canada was a complete change in lifestyle and more so in terms of clothing. He said I had arrived in summer, but 15.c was just like winter at home to me. But the best was yet to come. As the winter approached I was told by my sweet friends, "Always think the worst is yet to come, and enjoy the snow."
So we took a trip to the Canadian Rocky Mountains. It was trip of long treks in the snowy peaks, canoeing over the quiet waters of the numerous lakes and just taking in the beauty of nature sitting at the bedroom window. We returned home and as the snow melted I thought of my wonderful trip to the Canadian Rockies and the majestic beauty of those snowy white peaks. I loved the way the palette of nature was painted white every morning when I drew the curtain to those towering peaks.

I have always loved the color White...

White the maker of all colors, the creator stands alone, unwanted and ignored many a times.
How many of us appreciate the serene beauty of white, the power with
which all colors combine to form a mighty color, white. The strength of
this color to split into a rainbow of colors by just passing through a
tiny drop of rain.

White is the sunlight, the cause of our existence, which gives warmth
for survival. White represents peace, harmony and the innocence of
humans. White is pure. White are the clouds that fly past on a sunny
day. White is the pearl that lies hidden in the oyster, deep down in the
ocean bed. It is the sap of the rubber plant from where we mould our
necessities. White is the bread that satisfies hunger. It is the egg of
the hen that carries life within itself. White is the cotton that
clothes our race.

Yes, white were those snow peaked mountains radiating a challenge, and
those tiny streams crawling down them to become rivers to reach millions
of thirsty lips.

White is this paper on which I pen down my thoughts and a medium which
carries knowledge far and wide.It is everywhere, yet always a background
which highlights the beauty of every lifeless thing. It cannot be
defined by anyone, yet the color is a statement in itself.

So next time you see the color white, which you will every minute, just close your
eyes and succumb to your imagination, and the beauty of nature,which is
enhanced simply by the color white.



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