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Who Really Is Jesus of Nazareth

Updated on September 18, 2020
Ernest Festus profile image

A Methodist from Ghana who has been searching the scriptures to discover scriptural truth.

A Portrait of Jesus of Nazareth
A Portrait of Jesus of Nazareth

A Brief Background

From the time of human existence till today, many people have lived and are gone. Some made huge impacts and others couldn't. Some brought some form of revolution, others brought revivals, inventions, among others. We have great men and women in the history of the world who have done great things (both good and bad) and some have achieved the unimaginable, hence some of these people are worshipped as gods and some became religious leaders.

About 2000 years ago, there came a certain man in Israel (Nazareth) named Jesus. Though the people of his time were eagerly awaiting his coming, they didn't expect Jesus to be the one. Maybe because they presumed that he would be a divine being and not a mere mortal like Jesus, or probably due to his family background at the time. Now this Jesus claimed to be the Son of God whom the people were expecting. And he proved it to the them by how he walked the earth. His earthly father (Joseph) was known to be a carpenter. His mother's name was Mary.

The name Jesus has its root from a Hebrew name YEHOSHUA which is translated as JOSHUA or JEHOSHUA which means "Jehovah is Salvation." Jesus is also from the Greek word "lesous" which has the same interpretation as the Hebrew word. Jesus claimed to be the Christ, which is from the Greek word CHRISTOS, meaning "Anointed," or "Messiah."

Because of who Jesus said he was, and because of the unbelief of the people of his time—the Pharisees, Sadducees, Scribes and the Chief Priests—they found him guilty of calling himself King of the Jews. He was crucified on a cross as a result and died at the age of 33. But he rose again from the dead after three days (as the scriptures foretold it) and is now sitted at the right hand of God the Father.

Now let's look at what the Bible really says about this man called Jesus.

1. Jesus Is The Image Of The Invisible God

When Jesus Christ came into the world, he told his disciples that he was the son of God. He didn't say he was God. It was after the promise of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit which Jesus promised that He will come and teach them all things, came and indeed revealed the whole truth. Jesus only claimed to be the son of God, yet he was nailed to a cross. Can you imagine what would have happened if he says he is God? So Jesus was not just the son of God, he is fully God in human form.

The Holy Spirit revealed the truth to the Apostle Paul in Colossians 1:15 that Jesus Christ is the image of the invisible God, the first born of all creation. In the book of Genesis, we often hear God say "let us..." Have you ever thought of who he was referring to? Today, I am here to announce to you that even before creation, Jesus Christ existed. He was there at the time of creation.

The same Apostle Paul had a similar revelation in Philippians 2:6-7: "... though he was in the form of God, did not count equality with God a thing to be grasped, but emptied himself, taking the form of a servant, being born in the likeness of men." That is the Lord Jesus. He is God in human nature.

2. He is the Lamb of God

As said earlier, Jesus' coming was a prophecy. The prophetic books of the Bible makes it clear that the Messiah will come to save the world by dying on the cross. Jesus is called the Lamb of God because he was the ultimate sacrifice of atonement for sins. In the Old Testament, the blood of sheeps, bulls and goats were spilt to atone for the wrongs and sins of the people. But these sacrifices were not perfect. Jesus came as the perfect sacrifice. And whenever believers remember the name of Jesus, we have confidence within our hearts that he was the Lamb of God who took the sins of the world. The blood of the Lamb is also able to conquer and defeat the devil.

Scripture references:

[John 1:29; Isaiah 53:7; Hebrews 10:4; Revelation 5:6, 12:11)

3. He is The Word of God

In my article, "The Underlying Power of God's Word," I made reference to Jesus as the word of God. In John 1:1, the Bible says that "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." In the verse 14 of the same chapter, it reads: " And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, full of grace and truth..." This is directly referring to Jesus. The Word of God here refers to the Greek word Logos. In the beginning, we didn't see God. What we 'see' is His Word. He created everything except man by His Word (Hebrews 11:3). And the Gospel according to St John tells us that that Word which created all things was Jesus Christ.

4. He is the Light of the World

Do you know that scientists do not have a succinct and accurate definition for light, even up to today? Everything in science has been defined so well with the exception of light. Some defined light as "The energy which enables us to see.' Others defined it as "The energy which travels in a straight line..." These are not definitions; they are only characteristics of light. I call these definitions hilarious. Light has got no accurate definition.

This is because it is light that defines things. Things don't define light. In order to see something clearly, light has to shine on it. And the Bible says that God is light (1John 1:5). In other words, when you want to define light accurately, refer to God. Because he created light (Genesis 1:3). In other words, when you allow God into your life, you will begin to see correctly and accurately, because He is the very light you need.

Jesus also said, "I am the light of the world..." (John 8:12). Jesus who is God in human form is the light of the world. Put differently, He is the true definition of light. He says that everyone who follows Him shall not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life. "Look unto Jesus, and your morn shall rise, and all your day will be bright," says a hymnist.

God (Jesus Christ) is the true definition of light. Never forget this.

5. He is the Way, the Truth and the Life

In the world, we have so many religious leaders. Each with their own form of doctrines. I don't want to sound subjective, but I would like point out a hard truth here. No religious leader in history ever claimed to be the way, the truth and the life. None of them made this outstanding statement before. Only Jesus did. In John 18:37-38, Jesus and Pontius Pilate had a conversation on Jesus' claim as the King of the Jews. The conversation ended up with the question: "What is truth?"

Jesus Christ boldly told His disciples that he is the truth personified, the only way to the Father (God) and the giver of eternal life (John 14:6).

If there's any other religious leader who claimed to be these, kindly indicate the name in the comments section down below.

Read also "Is He What He Claims To Be" for more on truth.

Jesus is the Saviour of the World
Jesus is the Saviour of the World

6. Jesus Christ is the Saviour of the World

This connotes the ultimate meaning of the name Jesus Christ. The main reason why Jesus who is God, condescended in the form of man was to save the world from sin (Matthew 1:21).

In Acts 4:12 we read: "And there is salvation in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved." This is a clear and straightforward statement. We can't be saved by calling on any other name apart from the name of Jesus. Jesus is our salvation.

This is who Jesus Christ of Nazareth is.

© 2020 Ernest Festus Awudey


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