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Healing and Crystals

Updated on June 14, 2013

Healing with Crystals

Who are the Crystal Fairies

If you have read any of my healing hubs, you probably have run across the term The Crystal Fairies. The best way to describe these beings would be to use their quotes, along with what I saw during several channeling sessions .I am both a channeler and medium. On my road to learning this my spirit guide had me learn by using a generator crystal. Before I go on, let me define what a channeler and medium is. Channeler is a conduit who receives direct information from their guides, through meditation, automatic writing or inspirational writing.. A medium gives spirit permission to enter their body, while a channeler does not. A channeler is semi-aware of everything and can stop a session if it is needed.

It was during my training, that my spirit guide, John introduced me to this group of entities who call themselves the Crystal Fairies. When I would see them, they often appear to me to look like lighting bugs, but with crystal bodies and different colors of hues. Eventually, I began to channel them with the use of inspirational writing. In describing the Crystal Fairies, the following information was channeled by the Crystal fairies through me.

Crystal Fairies Speak

Crystal Fairies Speak

“Let our colors shine on you this day and heal the pain that has been with you for so long. We are your friends and seek only to offer our healing touch.”

“Into our realms of old we breathed the liquid of the crystal. Our wings symbolized the freedom of the crystal castles, where we still remain. Flickering of rainbow colors can be seen through our bodies and wings. These colors offer different degrees of healing we are called the Crystal Fairies”.

”My name is an old one, not spoken now- a- days. I am not even sure if it can be sounded out, but it holds no importance for you. Many believed that the crystals generated back to the times of Atlantis. This concept has been passed down throughout many eons up to the present time. We are here, today, to tell you this information is not true. The crystal quartz and crystal fairies go further back into those times of old where mankind’s mind has now forgotten. We are of the antiquity, and hold the ancestor lineage of the crystal in regards to your continent”.

“Crystal Fairies are dress in beautiful hues of pinks, blues, purples, yellows and green forms, making us one big family. The Universal Source formed us through the prism of the quartz, which sparkle with the gift of healing as our soul path, in your world and the entire universe.”

“Through the ages we had chosen a few entities, [humans and non-humans] to learn our techniques. Now though, the Divine has expressed Its desire for us to share our knowledge with those who seek ways to heal with the crystals, stones and rocks. Through intentions of ones’ thoughts is how we use their power, which was given to you through the Almighty. This endowment transfers throughout each lifetime you have had, as well as future life times.”

“My sole purpose of sharing our healing techniques with you is to instruct those who wish to learn healing with crystals. This process takes place always within, before it radiates outward. The crystal will intensify all aspects contained within you, because it sees everything. The reason behind this is because of the sensitivity present within each crystal. This aids it in assessing your spirit. It is similar to a computer with all your programming recorded”.

“Let us first begin to have a better grasp of what a crystal is and how the Crystal Fairies have the same components. Many have heard of the term fairy dust, the gold dust that fairies use to help humans to elevate one’s consciousness. The crystals also have this and the Crystal fairy acts in the same way. We are one of the same, but we live inside the quartz.”

“Our purpose is to assist you in enriching your vibrations. In the effort of creating you a space to do this, we also help the owner of the crystal to clear away issues that have bogged them down throughout previous life-times, and in your present life. Within the crystal are many streams or veins whose purpose consists of running energy through the darkened voids within the person. The crystal and us both shine light into these darkened passages, to help heal. When you become one with the crystal and let the rivers and creeks of your crystal cleanse you, the world takes on newness. This is what is referring to us a change of vibration. This in general is our offering to your spiritual growth.”

The Crystal Fairies can Help You

Crystal Fairies can help you

This described these wonderful fairies. There are hubs that address their healing methods, if you wish for more information. They are currently working with me in understanding The Tarot through their vision of healing. I have started to place these in hubs for your convenience

The Crystal Fairies are not off limits to others. You can discover them and share their wisdom in your own life. The easiest method is to just ask them to reveal themselves to you, as you meditate on your crystal. If you decide to approach them, be open to a wonderful experience. They hum when they fly, and this often is very soothing to me. I love to just watch them fly around my home.

Be blessed

Renee Abbott


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