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How to know who was Melchizedek.

Updated on November 7, 2012

There are various theories of Melchizedek king of Salem who met Abraham in Genesis Chapter 14: 18 from the latter’s return from the slaughter of Kings.

Firstly, some schools of thought (Mostly the Jews) claim that he is Sham, the son of Noah and as such Abraham had to respect him and paid tithe to him. This view may be because Melchizedek was called a priest of most high God and some people claim that only the Jews had relationship to such God and so it would be unimaginable to think that someone from another tribe, outside the Jewish tribe, would be called a priest of most high God.

Secondly, some schools of thought (Mostly Christians) claim that Melchizedek was Jesus Christ who, as alleged, is the expected Messiah. Those that held this claim use some bible verse which they interpreted and claimed predicted the coming of Jesus Christ. Some of them used Psalms 110:4 which said, “The Lord hath sworn, and will not repent. Thou art a priest for ever after the order of Melchizedek.” They also use other verses in the New Testament like Hebrews Chapter 7 to support their claims especially for the fact that Melchizedek was called King of Salem meaning “King of peace” while the name, Melchizedek, itself is said to mean “King of righteousness.”

I wrote the book “The formula for reincarnation (the rebirth equation)”( and it is known that virtually if not all Christians do not belief in reincarnation as they believe that after death judgment follows and one can either go to heaven or hell. They do not belief in reincarnation even though it is written, “before Abraham, I was.” Then it is difficult to understand why they think Jesus is an incarnate of Melchizedek when they do not belief in reincarnation. May be they believe only Jesus can reincarnate or they only used such belief to support their claim.

Thirdly, the fact still remains that all the above claims are based on assumptions or expectations. That is none of the above schools of thoughts are certain about the true identity of Melchizedek. Moreover it is written in the New Testament that he had no gynecology. Then one can rightly ask; how someone with an unknown identity could stand among kings to receive Abraham? That is not only Abraham but also the kings should know the identity of the man they stood with except if they already knew him as a mysterious figure of which it was not mentioned in the Old Testament.

It is obvious that there are many debates on Melchizedek and who he was and we may not know the actually truth about him but it is possible for us to start our search somewhere. Once again, Psalms 110:4 wrote “…after the order of Melchizedek” while Hebrews 7:11 said “…what further need was there that another priest should arise after the order of Melchizedek, and not be called after the order of Aaron?” The above bible quotes seem to suggest that even though Melchizedek was no more but there exist an order and priesthood of Melchizedek which is different from the Leviticus priesthood of the Jews. That is among the points the writer of the book of Hebrew made but it seems many Christians do not really bother about such an order and its connection to early Christians. Therefore, if such order once existed and still exists it may be easier to trace Melchizedek or whatever his connection is to such order.

The order and priesthood of Melchizedek can be found in Christian sects like latter day saints, and Catholic. It is also known that some arcane school claim to have such an order. Therefore, the authentic order can only be traced to those that are the oldest known Melchizedek priesthood; a priesthood that can be said existed even before the birth of Jesus. It is also likely that such priesthood was not in Israel because if it was, then there may be no need of establishing the Leviticus priesthood and it can be said that Jesus was the first Jew to become such a priest of the Melchizedek order and as such he introduced it to the Jews.

There are a lot of things to disagree because we are in search of an answer but let us recall that Paul was a Jew that converted and became a follower of Jesus Christ. The Jews, at that time, mostly believed that Miracles and signs could only be done by a prophet or someone that had a link with God. That was why they were divided in the case of Jesus as, it was said, he performed miracles which at that time not even the priests could perform so it was as if a prophet came out from somewhere which they did not know how. Paul had no powers before he was converted despite that he loved and worshiped the Jewish God. Then how did he suddenly start to perform miracles? Is it simply by accepting Jesus as Christ and personal savior that one will have the powers to perform signs and wonders? If the answer is yes, then why is it that many people that claim to have received or accepted Jesus can not perform such miracles and healing? Is it true that the days of miracles are over like some Christian sects claim, especially those that can not perform miracles or heal?

Paul wrote in Hebrews 7:26 “For such an high priest became us…” which means it can be said that Paul claim to be a high priest of the order of Melchizedek. It is unfortunate that most Christians do not know about the Melchizedek order and powers in it as is alleged by those that belong to the order of Melchizedek. Another problem would be the possibility of tracing the original Melchizedek order and its mysteries, the same mystery that made John to exclaim “Beloved now are we the sons of God.” This is because a lot of things have been falsified and we may not really know the authentic order however “By their fruit ye shall know them.” But if we want to really know who Melchizedek was or how the name came to be, then we have to start our search by finding that order of Melchizedek which had existed from beginning of world because “no body knows the beginning of mystery” and same order may have no end. That is the order and priesthood of Melchizedek.


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