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Who is Self in Self Interest?

Updated on June 10, 2015

Girl Looking in Mirror

Who is Self in Self Interest?

I am an animist. I believe all things are one God. As such self-interest takes on a new meaning. For an animist, we cannot have self-interest without raising the whole.

Too often a person will suppose they have led a successful life because they are self-sufficient and all of their basic needs are met and they have extra to spend on their selfish desires, while the community crumbles for lack of resources and leadership. So they move to a different community where there are other selfish successful people, only they didn’t get the memo. Those people define self as their color skin. They will only let you in so far and they, unlike you, seek the benefit of their own color.

Black people can never look to the general public of other colors to do for us what we need to do for ourselves. And after we’ve done for ourselves, then we need to expand our definition of self until it includes the entire human race and not just a color, but it is expedient that we look after ourselves first if not foremost. We cannot afford to buy into philosophies of immature perpetual selfishness.

On the other hand if white people already have everything going for them and just about any of them can have a decent life because their ancestors own resources and set in motion a system of affirmative action called America for European immigrants, how come they haven’t evolved to the point of seeing All as One? What is it that’s holding them back as a homogenous group?

Plenty of white people hold the value of seeing All as One and are not selfish. It is the top 2% who own the media who promote the ideas that make white people seem homogenous in their lack of drive to help other colors be like they are. The truth is these top 2%ers don’t like white people either and as soon as they get rid of everyone else they will also destroy the remnant. These 2%ers are rotten people whose heart is smaller than the Grinch who stole Christmas. They fool white people into thinking they see them as one of the boys, but the boys are only the 2%ers and the system that they built to own the world. Once they own the world they will set up the kingdom of Hell on Earth.

Don’t be fooled because you are currently one of the in-crowd who receives benefits and privileges because this is a plan that was enacted eons ago and has seen the rise and fall of many civilizations. They burn everything down eventually, but the plan of a different kingdom always prevails, at least so far.

That kingdom believes in free will above all else for sentient beings and it is a possibility that we could all choose to simply self-destruct. But then our DNA has seeded this planet and in another several billion years evolution will start the process all over again with renewed and recycled resources. That my friends is the way of the worlds.

Therefore choose wisely before you fall into an us vs. them mentality promoted by the media and even secretly through secret societies and orders and religious organizations. They worship a different God. Their God is a separatist and sees itself as separate from the whole of the Oness of All. Isn’t that an oxymoron? The Oneness of All respects their freedom of choice and allows them to continue in their delusion no matter how destructive it is.

This is a weeding out process to see who are the sheep and who are the goats on a cosmic, spiritual level. The goats get burnt eventually and the sheep inherit the Earth in the end.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that there is a scheme that can mistreat even one soul and come out ultimately successful. Yes you are privileged now and unconcerned about the rest of the world. I got mines let them get theirs you say. So now we know who the real kings are. They are the ones who served the most.

While Europeans were still borderline barbarians the Moors took over their land and brought about a golden age called the renaissance. These Moors allowed the Europeans to develop unbridled and as soon as Europeans had superior technology, they murdered the Moors who gave them the kingdom and pronounced themselves as kings.

Even so today in the same tradition, Europeans put military spending and advancement ahead of everything else because they know that superior technology rules the world regardless of how qualified the soul is to be king.

God is not present in everything done in the USA government. God is All for All are One. Yes we call America a melting pot, but what kind of melting pot is it? It’s a melting pot that only allows foreigners in when they can contribute to the strength of the country in giving them more of the things this government values – science, technology, and money. They have no use for soul.

Unfortunately soulful people have gone to the other extreme of lack where they know how to be fair, just and benevolent, but they do not prepare for war out of pacifist doctrines that are probably fabrications planted by the 2%ers in the religions of the world since the beginning of time to suppress those they see as separate from themselves and therefore a threat to their objectives.

Both parties need to repent.


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