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Who Is Dancing Before the Cross?

Updated on March 9, 2022

I will tell you, listen to his story

This is Doug,

He is dancing after a 6 day revival we did in Corpus Christi, Texas in May 2008.

Doug lost his whole family over 2 years ago. They all died in a tragic car accident of which he was a part of, but he did not die and he wondered why,

When He was told it was part of God's plan, He got angry at God.

In fact he stayed angry at God, for some time and drank his life into oblivion for several months. Then one time after one of his drinking binges he came to a place of resignation before God. He sort of surrendered, with caution and boundaries, He kept up the surrender, giving a little more to God with each session of pra;yer, he listened and finally answered and said Yes.

His Yes meant He would agree to go out on the open road with nothing more than a bicycle and a few clothes. He would go wherever God sent Him and He would talk about God and His Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit to whomever God sent him to. That was 4500 miles ago when He began his journey in Kentucky and has sent him to every major city and minor town on his travels sort of west but with beelines south.

I met Doug about 6 months ago during the Christmas Holidays as he settled in for a 2 week stint in Houston Tx. He came to our Church Services that we hold under a Bridge every night of the week. "Church Under the Bridge is well known among the homeless of Houston as a place to get a meal, a hug and an encouraging word. We hold the Word of God in the highest esteem and we speak about Jesus all the time. Speaking about Jesus becomes powerful when the works of our Lord , are practiced all the time. Feeding the hungry, clothing the naked,(literally sometimes), breaking the prisoners free, (the prisons of our minds) and sometimes keeping the prisoners from going back to jail by writing the lawyers and judges letters to tell of their progress.

But to get back to Doug, he had been talking and walking or riding with Jesus for sometime before we met but after we met and He saw the love of Christ poured out to those whom seemed invisible to the rest of the world

His message began to take clarity, He renamed his ministry from,

Riding for Christ" to "Riding with Christ" and he began to pursue with a healed heart the message that God indeeds provides all things to those He loves. He gives strength to the weary and raises up the weak. (So that is why He is dancing) Wouldn't you dance if God gave you strength?

He stops at every convienence store along his bike ride which now has a trailer behind it ( you can see the bike barely to the left in the dancing picture) and his homemade sign which says "Riding with Christ"

He shares the simple message of the Gospel and His testimony with any who ask. God supplies all his needs including a new tire that he got on the final day of the Revival in Corpus.

He is now staying near the beach in Aransas Pass waiting on the next Revival which will be happening June 11 thru June 15th. Until then he hangs out at camp, talks with people and handles a few details of the Revival.

He has made a few friends and they all hold bible discussions which are open to all those who want to attend.

What a work the God of all creation has done in Doug in these past few months. Keep him in your prayers and ask about him sometime.


Dancing Doug

Doug Dancing on stage before the cross at Revival in C.C.
Doug Dancing on stage before the cross at Revival in C.C.

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