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Who wrote the first 5 books of the Bible?

Updated on May 6, 2017
Moses with the Ten Commandments. Painting by Philippe de Champaigne
Moses with the Ten Commandments. Painting by Philippe de Champaigne | Source

Who was Moses

The man who wrote the first five books of the Bible was not the kind of person that most of us would pick to be our liaison to the God of the universe. And yet, in spite of his history, this is exactly what Moses would become.

He was a child born into slavery and sentenced to die at birth.

But Moses lived.

In a twist of fate that could have only been orchestrated by God, he was rescued and grew up in the household of the very man who wanted him dead. With his own mother as his nursemaid, he was privileged to learn not only the ways of the kings, but also the culture and history of his own people.

Under these unusual circumstances, Moses was caught between two worlds. He was a part of both but belonged to neither. I believe this made the conflict between the two cultures very personal to Moses and became the root of his growing anger issues. When he was 40 years old, the anger got the best of him and he killed a man in cold blood. Moses thought he got away with it and hid the body in the desert. The next day he learned that there had been a witness and once again, the Pharaoh wanted him dead. Moses fled for his life to the desert where he lived as a fugitive from the law for the next 40 years.

God had a plan

God did not forget Moses, so when Pharaoh passed away and his life was no longer in danger, God met him in the desert.

When He told Moses what his plan was for his life, Moses wasn't interested.

He was comfortable with his life in the wilderness and didn't want to leave. Moses argued with God until He was totally frustrated with him. But God didn't let him off the hook. He had a plan for him and in spite of his speech impediment, anger issues and rough history, Moses would become the man that God used to free his countrymen from slavery and write the first 5 books of the Bible.

You can read his story in the book of Exodus.

Have you ever seen God use you to do something amazing?

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Can God use Me

In spite everything he had done and all the things going against him, God used Moses to become one of the Great Hero's of his nation. He struggled with anger his whole life and yet he is the only man in the Bible that God calls his friend. Exodus 33:11 says: "Thus the LORD used to speak to Moses face to face, just as a man speaks to his friend."

As you read through the Bible you will see that God uses ordinary, everyday, messy people to do the awesome things that he has planned. I chose to focus on Moses' shortcomings because if we decide to follow Jesus, at some point God is going to ask us to do something that we are convinced someone else could do better. I hope that the story of Moses will encourage you to step out in faith and do those impossible things that God asks you to do. Then you can sit back in wonder and see how amazing God really is. And it will change your life!

© 2017 April Reynolds


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