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Who's Team Are You On?

Updated on November 12, 2022
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Our life stages are unique. Kathy enjoys sharing her thoughts and stages through her writing and looks forward to learning about yours.

Are we hiding behind the keys

~ Believe in Miracles ~

US Hockey Team Makes A Miracle On Ice Feb 22, 1980

One of the most dramatic upsets in Olympic history was the underdog United States hockey team. This team, made up of college players, defeats the four-time defending gold-medal winning Soviet team at the XIII Olympic Winter Games in Lake Placid, NY. The Soviet squad, previously regarded as the finest in the world, fell to the young American team 4-3 before a frenzied crowd of 10,000 spectators. The Americans defeated Finland 4-2 to clinch the hockey gold two days later.

Pick a team

I may not know you; I may not be in your circle, but I know you're at war! You're in the battle of a lifetime, spiritual warfare. This chaotic world, with its schemes and trickery, is criticizing you. Are you stuck with no escape from this circus of deception? This feeling is the ploy that evil would have you believe. It works with dynamic prowess to deter you from the reality of this raging war — evil plots against you and sight out-of-mind approach. The deceit will bombard you with covert attacks as it attempts to sneak into your inner sanctum.

As much as it distracts you from the truth, the battle remains. Like a virus scan on a computer that continues in the background, remember to be mindful of its presence as you search through life. History has proven that all viruses, if left unnoticed, have a more exceptional ability to spread. The damage is subtle, and then wham! Often we're confident against it, we keep our hands clean and stay far from any resemblance of infection, and things breakdown in the next moment. It starts with a tiny infraction left to smolder and spreads like an untamed wildfire.

You are a child of God that has great value to your Father In Heaven. He is allowing attention or awareness of this virus to enable you to understand what you are battling.

God tells us you don't put your faith in false idols or the world's ways. Perfect your attention to His desires for you and your purpose. He needs His army to be healthy for Him. He is expecting much from those that He has given. It may not be in materialism where you are benefiting; however, to feel the love of our Lord is the greatest of gifts and treasures. It is free and given to all who accept it, and we need to share it.

Imagine this battle like the referenced historical Olympic event from the underdog US Hockey Team. Check out the battering and the slams they give one another in a game. Recognize the violence and the tenacity to survive in the chaos. Breathe in the primal instinct to protect and defend. At last, understand this: it is by faith and peace in Christ that no storm formed against you will prevail. When working as a team, we can accomplish much. If the team loses, they lose as a team; they also win as a team. The entire team feels pain when one member hurts or does not do their part. Success limits when torn apart, and thus apparent dissension limits the reward. Be humbled in His Peace, permanently relinquishing to His will and not your desires. When in turbulence, put on your seat belt and delve into the word of God? He will guide and direct your path. Put on the brakes of reaction. Putting on the brakes in some situations is painful. We need more people in God's army to help us in the foxholes of life. Look inward to the heart and strength of Christ, always share it, and help others to keep their focus in this natural world.

Get Scouting

Often we fall into a blind spot and don’t see the crash that is coming. Before these barrages of the evil power on earth come to fruition, I pray we put on the armor of God, as it’s through Christ alone, our hope is!

Pray and then pray again. Hold one another accountable, but remember to forgive. Be builders of the faith. For God so loved the world, He gave His only Son, and by His Spirit, we’re to be His servants. Seek God in everything, and He will show Himself to you.

Be careful not to place too much power or expectation in His human servants or temporary idols of this world. Let no sites of the devil come against the glorification of His name and perfect peace.

It’s okay to get discombobulated, for we live in an imperfect world. And we are humans living amongst the deterrents of evil. A beast is to be subordinate to its Master if we fight against his trickery. His goal is separation, his triumph is your downfall, so the underdog, when bound in team spirit, can succeed. The strength may not be in numbers but a collective faith. Believe in the impossible and the unseen. Imagine the outcomes of a life well-lived in service to our coach, Jesus Christ.

The best part is everyone is a part of the team! Invite many and guide them to His word in their transition. Accept the individual experience and never judge. Be the hands and feet of our Lord to those who want to learn or join your sports crew. Spend less time in the cliques of camaraderie and get scouting for new players. The armor of God is your protection from the world! Without it, you are vulnerable.

© 2013 Kathy Henderson


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