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Why Be Born Again?

Updated on August 25, 2019
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In mid 1973 Elijah was conceived spiritually, directed to reread the Bible, to note contradictions and he questioned what was written.


Is it possible to be something or go through an experience and not be able to give details of what happened. Many Christians clam to be born again and I’ve asked many what happened when they became reborn. Their only answer was “I invited Jesus into my heart and I was born again”, but without a time-lapse before their birth so are they reborn?

Paul said the invisible things of him (god) … are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made and there has been the birthing processes as long as human can remember. The process require a conception to begin, a gestating period and a trivial preceding the birth? Then why don’t we Christians have a testimony of those things for our new births?

Didn’t God's cause the need for a new birth by cursing man out of the garden and the way to bless man if they returned to the garden through the painful process to purify our minds of the opposing judgmental adjectives such as good and evil and cut us away from our attachments to people, places and things using a flaming sword? If not, did Paul make his statement to discredit God’s wisdom? Let’s look into the New Birth processes to find our answers.

Why A New Birth

When the Bible first mentioned man, boy and girl the genders, they were told to multiply and replenish earth while eating from all seed bearing plants the earth over after he produced all other earth life types. That was followed by a single Adam, defined man, being formed from the dust of earth before rain caused plants to grow, a garden was planted he was placed and given trees to eat from. Then after what it reads like that man dreamt of another man being taken from him without being told so the man called it woven from man, as woman means. Then the reading woman are given instructions to leave our parents, including all who became woven from at the flood Noah's family survived, to reintegrate the Yin or Yang within their individual flesh and become a whole man or son of god. That suggests some form of morphing took place to accomplish it. Those man woven from each other needed the masculinity or femininity not present in them returned and integrate into the half that had been removed, that process returns woman and human into man again.

Among the gardens' trees was a tree of life and of the knowledge of good and evil. [By the reading I see them as a metaphor and the same tree.] Adam was instructed not to eat from it less death death befalls him by even a touch. However, he called Adam does eat from it but his physical death didn’t happen until way past 900 years later. It's called tree because each growing year fruit trees produce more fruit than the previous and suggests as man’s knowledge increased more things would become good and evil by different pronunciations such as bitter/sweet, pretty/ugly, right/wrong, clean/dirty, delicious/nasty, stink/nice smell, righteous/unrighteous and a multitude of others. By using those terms man would loose the objectivity necessary to understand causes, effects and purposes. That's why what happened it is called dead because woman lack the ability to comprehension by objective analysis.

Few people realize man means minds able to comprehend all things and being unable to comprehend all things we are died. The judging of knowledge took away human’s objectivity because not wanting to be called the undesired by others it killed woman’s objectivity necessary to explore every aspect of human's activities.

When reading the whole dialog requiring our being born again we see that which is born of the flesh is flesh: that which is born of spirit is spirit. That reveals why at the flood those who married the ideology of the Adam's descendants were called the daughters of men. Man of both genders were sons of god, or spiritual man, and Adam's descendants were daughters of men or fleshly human and woman. Neither are genders but a state of man requiring the Reborn to return to sons of god.

What Is Born Again

For plants to give birth their flowers must be cross-pollinated to produce fruit and make the seeds fertile. The seeds lay on or in the earth for moisturizing and sprout into plant that produce flowers completing the cycle. Most trees will produce an increasing number of fruit each year until it reaches old-age when it will, after some years, began to produce increasingly less until completely discarnated.

Most animated life have two genders that copulate to fertilize their eggs. Most water beings and reptiles produce multiple eggs laid on or is buried in the earth and germinate by the environment’s heat. Most birds lay at least 2 eggs and use their body’s heat for hatching them. Then there are mammals that the larger ones produce a single offspring in their bodies and the smaller types often have multiple births. There are some species that lays eggs that hatch by environmental heat and lives as one specie for a time before a metamorphosis produces a totally different, usually similarly shaped different characteristics specie. It’s from that latter specie the Christ coined the term born again. That's what human and woman do, morphs into man or sons of god. That process make man into an eternal being able to exceed the earth and everything hereon's ability.

Conclusion: Cause And Effects

Genesis 1's Man were brings able, not that they did in all capacities, to comprehend all things who gave birth to beings unable to comprehend all things, human and woman. To comprehend all things each life-force's mind is required to experience living every conceivable attribute of the creation earth is composed of. For that cause Adam was required to become judgmental and do things to other Adams and life-types what they both do and don’t desire done to themselves called karma or reaping what one sows. Woman are to Man what tadpoles are to frogs, a being living a in pre-developed stages of the finial being.

Those first man were given dominion over the earth and everything hereon which does not mean to rule or control like dominate does the unable to comprehend all things human believe it does, it means to exceed the ability of. To dominate one exerts pressure to prevent the other from preforming at its maximum level as in a sport where one team outscore the other, lets say, nearly doubled and when domesticating another specie by force. Dominion means to inherits the ability that allows then to do more than the others are able to. Thus, one can’t exceed the ability of anything they do not comprehend every iota of and require incarnating as them.

Since earth is a conglomeration of living entities consuming one another to maintain themselves and their specie the life-forces of human have to have live every substance earth is composed of for knowing their limitats, alternate forms and how they are transformed. That’s also karma. Once the life-force becomes human they cause all of earth’s entities to be transformed into something they are able to control ignorantly believing that is dominion. Once one's life-force has experienced all forced dependences, such as being made ill by viruses, loved by the various entities of earth and experienced ever human experiences their karma is paid in full for being born again by morphing into man. Once completed the man remembers all of that and obtains the able to change into any one those that may be need to for them to replenish earth such specie because of becoming extinct. Thus, man are Immanuel or god in man as the first man the Bible called Christ proclaimed of himself in so many words.


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