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Why Is America Replacing God with Science

Updated on December 6, 2011

Why has the world replaced their personal relationship with God for the worship of science

Why did America Replace Their God With Science
Why did America Replace Their God With Science

...Why Did The World Replace God With Science?

Slowly over time ,mankind has made decisions not based on the word of God , and based on the word of God ,despite laws,oaths,and creeds written with well intended goals.,through out the ages, what exaclty is the state of our world now you may wonder.

The Original question has been posed by Tony Beck.

It Is A Global Human Problem Not just America's Problem

of course anyone can point the finger and blame evil people , evil organisations , evil countries,problematic periods of history, Christian theory behind wars ,Atheist theories behind wars , all of these people and theories. And you will be correct. Is that all of the answer, and what of the solution to resolve?

The truth of God says ,The Heart Of Man Is Desperately Wicked, that's all men (and women), we actually find it easier to be bad than good....that's a provoctive statement to read ,right , but think about it , it is most natural for us to be lazy, dishonest ,mean,self-seeking ,aggressive and arrogant. We actually have to unlearn and reprogramme our natural tendencies to 'be good',to do good and to improve good, and now to fight for good.

Note how the self help industry ,has profited from mans dilemma. How to change your life, how to improve your life, where did I go wrong, how to find the real you , what color is my parachute, is fear holding you back ---on an on , seminars to re-teach ,,rejuvenate, re-invent,restart.....

We reap what we sow (and its looking to be a bumper crop)

It was thought to be open-minded and non-suffocating to leave God out of health studies reform for high-schools ,loosely translated ,teach the kids how to have sex (that is safe according to mans laws) when to have it (when you want) and who to have it with (still your choice) with the intention of more education ,means less ignorance equals less pregnancies.

It hasn't happened ,in fact the figures keep rising ? Is mans wisdom working there.

..Even if Religion makes you gag ,use the Scientific version ,cause and effect...still not working right? Seems to me since we are sufficiently educated on how a baby is made ,abstinence is an obvious solution....but obviously not! Man( and woman) must have what they want , when they want it and anytime they chose it. We will not be controlled. We are free independent thinkers . We know whats best for our lives ,because after all ,it is our life! We are stubborn , we are self-seeking ( even good things , we do to please ourselves) Its really strange isn't it , if a car breaks down , a refrigerator quits working , or lil Johnny gets sick , we know what to do ,don't we ? Take it to a place or person who knows how to fix it/them. Yet when our lives, neighbours ,societies ,governments ,spin outta control ,do we ask the manufacturer , creator , God how to fix it ?

Why did the world replace God with Science? Could it be that Science doesnt require a change of heart, an acknowledgement ,honour,praise or glory?. Science can be objective ,unchallenged,and exist silently. Science can not replace God ,but God said ..

2 Peter 3:10-11 it says "But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night, in which the heavens will pass away with a great noise, and the elements will melt with fervent heat; both the earth and the works that are in it will be burned up. Therefore, since all these things will be dissolved, what then will all this Scientific knowledge do to help us?

God Is Science NOT God versus Science!

No , because that just might mean doing it someone elses way!

And our rule makers, politicians must please the people, or at least seen to be pleasing the people. We all know that we cannot please the people all the time. But if we please the people who will keep us in power ,well , that means not pleasing someone else-right?

For the non-Christians ,atheists, there argument naturally would be God doesn't exist period,so why adhere to anything religious ,and don't mix religion with politics ,morals or anything else ,thank you very much!! ( then usually a barrage of what atrocious acts were performed in the name of god etc etc)....I agree on that point too , nasty people have committed some nasty crimes , religionists and atheists alike.

I am not debating the who,what ,wheres here. I am observing the outcomes ,and solutions both sides suggest.

Make it an even playing field. All Religions including Atheism should be taught ,what they believe in ,why they believe it .

But Dont Replace One With The Other, That's Communism ,Not Democracy!!

God versus Science

Logic If something Ain't Broke ,Dont Try To fix It.

If teaching kids in school about the values of kindness, honesty ,integrity etc helps them be better citizens , respectful to the elderly , helpful in their communities, responsible leaders etc,that's a 'don't need fixing thing' It used to taught through religion ,now its taught through another topic....I dont have a problem with that , but is it working? everynight the news at 6pm appears to be saying its not........"thats broke, fix it"

You have the right to "not swear on the bible' in court ,did you know that ?

Even God said "let your yes be yes, and your no be no" so swearing on the Bible is one of those man-made rules , God didn't make it. (Actually he says alot about 'the appearances of good" and its many guises..

God abhorred the righteous who liked to announce their achievements and holiness .Jesus rebuked them saying although their robes were clean ( wore the right suit) their hearts were vile and like the inside of a sepulchre (tomb!) yuk that filthy.

Some even more enlightened countries boast of being "A Christian Nation" and we have all heard statements like ...oh we are Christians ,not like those uncivilised places or Muslim , oh my ,and they convince themselves that because a census record shows x per cent ticked 'Christian" then their nations must be Christian!

That is no more true than saying , I was born in a garage ,so I must be a car.


The Video's  below are  over 9mins long , but Ive tried to be objective and show both points of view.


Part 2 Alister M'Grath Responds To Christopher Hitchins

Part 1 Christopher Hitchins and Alister M'Grath

Why Is America Replacing God with Science


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