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Why Do Ghosts Have Clothes?

Updated on November 5, 2017
Photo by Nebraska Oddfish
Photo by Nebraska Oddfish | Source

To start off, I am a spiritual person. I’ve had my experience with the supernatural and have heard many stories that sound legit. However, I have a question, and I am sure this question has been asked before. If not, I don’t see why it hasn’t yet!

Anyway, where do ghosts get their clothes?

If a person dies, wouldn’t their spirit be naked. How do they acquire clothes? Is there a Gap store or a mall for spirits to go to and shop? Or, do they get stuck with the same clothing for their time in purgatory? What is the deal with ghosts having clothes!?

I thought I would share this thought that came to me when I was a child. I never asked my mother about this. For somehow, it would conflict with her beliefs or anyone’s beliefs.

For the most part, male ghosts are seen in suits, maybe that's why there is this new tale about the Skinny Man who wears a black suit with a white shirt and a black tie. I would guess they are seen in black suits because that is the usual attire for a dead person when being buried.

As for female ghost, the same. They are seen dresses which would be what a female dead person would be buried in. I don't know the deal, but the fact is that ghosts have clothes!!!!

I still think it’s a fair question and I would really like an answer. Otherwise, I’ll just have to wait.

What do you think?


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    • jlherrera profile image

      Bazooka Teaches 5 months ago from Los Angeles

      I hear that a lot. Even with your thought on ghosts' clothes, how does do clothes get to travel to the other side?

    • Liztalton profile image

      Liztalton 5 months ago from Washington

      This question is so genius because I've never once thought about it! Whenever you see ghosts in movies or tv their always dressed. Personally, I think that the ghosts just appear in the cloths they were wearing when they died.