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Is Seeing the Same Number Over & Over a Sign?

Updated on November 5, 2017

Repetition is a Sign

So you keep seeing the same number sequence over and over? Everywhere you go you see the same number. A license plate, an address you are looking for, the total for your grocery bill, a phone number, even your balance for a fast food purchase. Do you feel like there must be some kind of message in it?

I have always felt that when something is repetitive in my life, there must be some kind of message in it for me.

Recently I have began seeing the number 555 over and over throughout my day. It just keeps showing up. It began when I woke to find the clock on 5:55 one morning. Then the change I received for a purchase, the balance on a slot machine I was playing, even my checkbook balanced out at $5.55 (that's kind of sad). But it just keeps showing up in various ways throughout my day.

Of course at first I thought it was just a coincidence, but the more it showed up, the more I began to question why. When it continued to show up in various ways for several weeks I finally got on the internet to do some research and here is what I have found, regarding the significance of the number 555.

Significance of the Number 555

Apparently when a person keeps seeing the same number sequence over and over, their angels or spirit guides are trying to get their attention. We are continually being given signs from someone beyond this world. Because most of us lead such hectic lives, we don't always notice the signs being shown us. I believe that is why we have to keep seeing the same sign over and over. Eventually we will pay attention if we see it enough times.

It is thought that the reappearance of the number 555 is a sign that major changes are about to occur in your life. It is considered a sign, that you are about to see some significant changes. Positive changes that will help give you the freedom to live the life that you were meant to live.

It is as if there is a force that is pushing you to open up to the opportunity to embrace these changes that you have been so afraid of.

I found all of this so enlightening. I have not been happy with the way my life has been going for a very long time now. But I was so afraid of opening up to the idea that I could change the direction that it is going.

Just recently I have been gradually moving in a different direction spiritually. I feel like I am seeing some changes in how my life is progressing. So when I was researching this number, that I kept seeing everywhere, it was as if my eyes were opened for the first time in a very long time.

I now have no doubt that there is someone out there telling me that I am moving in the right direction and I am about to see some major changes in my life.

I have been so afraid of change, even though my current circumstances are not ideal. I know what I don't want, but I guess we are all more comfortable with what is familiar, even if it isn't really what we want. The fear of the unknown keeps us from having what we truly want.


Spiritual Crossroads

I have let fear keep me in a holding pattern for so long. I feel like I am finally ready to listen to my inner voice, that keeps telling me to break free.

I have been stepping out of my comfort zone lately and although it is scary, I feel like I'm going the direction I am supposed to go but I have to stop holding back.

My life is at a crossroads and I need to choose the right path, not the familiar one. I have been veering off the path I'm on, but I keep ending up back on the same old road. I think this sign that I have been receiving, the 555 appearing to me over and over, is just what I needed to help me realize that I can take the path that I want to. I don't need to fear the unknown.

The little trips that I have been taking down the unfamiliar path are going to help me change my life for the better. I just need to stop letting fear pull me back onto the same old familiar path. I really needed the affirmation that it is alright to try a different path that it is going to lead me to a better place.


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    • greenmind profile image

      GreenMind 12 months ago from USA

      Intriguing piece. I like the thoughtfulness. Nicely done!

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 2 years ago from The Caribbean

      It's great that you're making sense of occurrences in your life. Your positive attitude can only help move you forward.

      Happy Mother's Day and a big Hug of the Day to you!