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Why Evil and Good exist simultaneously on Earth?

Updated on November 22, 2011

Mixture of Good and Evil in Life.

Many people may be wondering why God has created so much evil alongside good? When we are young and immature, we may even get angry with God. As we mature due to ups and downs of life, we slowly ponder over the reasons for the negatives along with the positives. Now I will ask a small question, "If there is only white color in creation, what will happen? It is contrast which make the colors perceivable. Hence God has created variety in each and every of His beautiful creation. Saibaba has pointed out that "Negatives glorify the positives". It is because of the evil, we recognize the goodness in society. For instance, there is day and night. Can you say "Day is better than night". Both serves its own purposes. We recognize light only because of darkness. If there is no darkness, we won't appreciate Light!

Now let us delve more on the above theme. After a hectic days work, every body needs rest. Though the climate during day time is hot or sunny, the refreshing coolness of the moon sooth us a lot and we get an invigorating sleep during night to enable us to wake up in the morning afresh and rejuvenated. Coming to the different seasons of monsoon, the earth surface is dried during hot summer. When the rainy season starts, the earth absorbs the live giving water becomes ready for cultivation after tilling. Come the autumn season, the trees sheds their leaves. Winter season cools the entire atmosphere which was welcome after a scorching summer. This again has to end to commence the summer. Man can survive only if there is a change. None would like to prolong their live if every thing is stereotyped. Watch the mood changes occurring in a man. These are essential for the mental growth and to maintain a psychological balance in life. If we are angry at some people, we do not continue with the same mood continuously. After some time, we cool down and this happens mostly to maintain a normal health. When things goes beyond the control, man becomes insane or paranoid. Likewise there are natural calamities when the ecological balances are disturbed by the indiscriminate use of natural resources.

Now let us examine the ecology of the earth itself. We have land surfaces, hills and valleys, desert and antarctic regions having sub zero temperatures. If you consider the other parts of earth the Oceans occupy more than 60% of the earth surface. These contrasts make our life attractive. Secondly we have got many living creatures, fishes and other creatures in the Ocean. You will see varieties of fish both in shape, size and color. See the birds kingdom. How many varieties are there? To maintain the ecological balance and to avoid overcrowding of lives on earth and ocean, there are varieties of ways by which the population is controlled. Small fishes are prey to bigger fishes, birds, cranes, vultures etc. Each life is a prey to others. In the jungles, we find tame animals like deer, rabbit etc which are again eaten by tigers, cheetah and lion. Foxes consume the left over of the animals along with vultures. The bits and pieces are eaten by the insect kingdom. Hence creation is possible only when there are two opposite forces. Hence there is a mixture of Good and Evil in creation. When the evil forces gain upper hand, appropriate measures are taken by God by sending His incarnations(Avatars) to the earth to balance the forces.

For instance if there are only good people exist without any counter balance, they will automatically perish after a time since their goodness loose value in the absence of Evil doers. Just like darkness give value to light, Evil is necessary in creation up to certain extent. The creator maintains the balance nicely by sending suitable incarnations at the appropriate time. Jesus, Prophet Mohamad, Buddha, zourashtra, Rama, Krishna and Saibaba are such Avatars who induce monumental changes in the minds of people as well as society.

Saibaba in woods.


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