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Are Ghosts Real?

Updated on February 2, 2014

Why do they haunt?

Everyone has heard of that proverbial "tunnel of light" that descends to woosh up the spirit of someone who has died. To some, there could be the alternative destination: hell. Either way, when one dies, the spirit leaves the physical body and is supposed to go to the afterlife whatever that may be according to one's spiritual beliefs.

Those who stay and don't move on are called ghosts. Why are there such things as ghosts? It doesn't seem to make sense if this earth experience is merely one brief stop along our eternal journey. Here are some possible explanations:

Those who have died do not realize that they are dead

Death happens rapidly and after being blipped out of one's physical body, the person still sees his etheric form as appearing like the person he was on earth. He is the same in his perception. He cannot understand why others do not respond to him and he works hard to get them to recognize him.

Once they realize they are dead, they refuse to move on

People largely retain their earth personalities and if they were stubborn on earth, they'll be stubborn on the other side. It isn't like how some movies depict us where, upon dying, we become suddenly enlightened and as sweet as angels. Some might; others will require a lot more spiritual practice in more lifetimes. They don't want to face the eternities out of doubt or fear.

Some souls wish to remain on earth to continue their life experiences. They wish to claim their homes as theirs. They want to relive their good times. They might still wish to serve humanity. Most of these souls will elect to stay behind to relive what they feel to be their life purpose. Many doctors and nurses will continue to treat their patients in an endless loop until they are called to continue the next phase of their spiritual progression.

The benign spirits will acquiesce to your demands. If they recognize that they are interfering with your life, they will cease to be detected even if you share the physical space or they will move to another place in time and space. The malevolent spirits need to be banished by your own intentions and prayer.

The lost and confused

Some ghosts truly are lost. They cannot understand what happened. Somehow, they were too afraid of that tunnel of light or they mistrust a helping spirit guide. They linger on in familiar surroundings which is earth. When one encounters such souls, it is good to talk directly to them to explain what happened and to encourage them to have the faith to move into the light or be open to the assisting angel. Tell them to follow the true peace whenever they feel doubtful about the truth. Let them know that there is help if they but ask for divine aid. It is important to emphasize that they cannot attach to you as ghosts will follow who can see them and who may show kindness to them. ("You don't have to go home but you can't stay here.")

Not all "ghosts" are ghosts

Not all ghosts are ghosts. Sometimes, we perceive "people" or "ghosts" reliving their life traumas but we are seeing only the residual energy that has been imbued into the place. We're witnessing the replaying of the scene like hearing a stuck recording. Usually, a cleansing of this environment will dissolve this energy.

On a darker note, there are some ghosts who aren't ghosts or disembodied spirits. They are energies that have never had a physical body in the first place. According to many religions, such energies are demonic in nature. You may not believe in demons but the energies are of lower vibrations. You can sense this easily as accompanying feelings of fear, foreboding and dark intentions (evil). They exude an eerie, scary energy because the lowest vibrations of energy are fear and evil as opposed to love and good will.

Evil presences may take on the form of a deceased loved one or a form that is benign to us such as a child or animal. This is when it is all-important to use your spiritual sense to discern the truth. Evil can mimic every human emotion except for true peace. When faced with a demonic presence in any form, you can sense that something is not right. There is a feeling of doubt, hesitation, devoid of love and peace.

Even when the spirit of a deceased loved one might frighten you at first, you will know him by the love and light that emanates from him. His words will bring comfort, love, reassurance. Messages of warning will ring with truth. You will feel gratitude. ("By their fruits, ye shall know them.")

Knowing more about ghosts can help keep you and your environment free from unwanted spirit energy. Be not afraid and claim your power. Please read "The Seven Truths about Evil You Must Know"

Are you haunted?

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Have you seen a ghost?

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Ghost hunting

Ghost hunting, or seeking experiences with spirit energy, is popular nowadays but it is a practice to be done with caution and education. Not knowing how to self-protect with spiritual energy and power can render one vulnerable to the effects of malevolent energies.

Not all ghosts are malevolent, but not all are benign either.

Seven Truths About Evil You Must Know


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    • Lori P. profile image

      Lori Phillips 3 years ago from Southern California USA

      Well, I accept that many people don't believe in ghosts. For some, their religious beliefs have taught them that any paranormal activity is strictly the manifestation of the devil or evil. My personal experiences have taught me otherwise. There have been many non-believers who quickly change their opinions after coming face-to-face with spirits, evil or otherwise. I always ask skeptics if they need to see to believe, and if so, would they want to seek out firsthand experiences. Beware of what you ask for, I tell them, for once invited, these guests are hard to be rid of.

    • Emaan Zara profile image

      Emaan zara Kazmi 4 years ago from Isb, Pakistan