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Why I Just Don't Buy That Aliens Have Ever Visited Earth

Updated on September 11, 2019
Got this little guy at a thrift store for $1.
Got this little guy at a thrift store for $1.

It's just not logical, unless.....

As the "Raid Area 51" meme grows in popularity there's something I have got to get off my chest.

I just don't believe aliens have ever visited earth.

I'm not saying aliens aren't real. I'm just saying there's no way they could have been visiting earth for hundreds, perhaps thousands of years, without it being instantly exposed.

I mean, think about it, for aliens' visits to be covered up to the point where most people view it as a crazy conspiracy theory right up there with a 2nd gunman on the grassy knoll or Elvis Presley faking his death so he could live a normal life, then you've had to accept the following -

1: That a bunch of governments that hate each other's' guts can actually get along on this one issue. They're willing to blow the entire planet up over the most unimportant thing, you don't really honestly believe they would actually keep their mouths shut on aliens? The Orange Troll and Lil' Kim would both be revealing proof and lying about how they brokered peace with the aliens but only if every country in the world is willing to submit to them being the supreme leader.

2: Governments are constantly overthrown. The next one that comes in would happily expose proof of alien visitations to the world to make themselves look better than the people they threw out.

And no, the Illuminati would not be in on this because, frankly, the Illuminati is no more real that than the monster in your closet.

Think about it for a moment, you know I'm right. No way would all the governments of the world, both past and present, would ever get alone long enough to not blow the lid off of alien visitation just to one-up all the other governments.


Unless the aliens have proof that gods and goddesses exist.

Yeah, that's right, I said gods and goddesses, not God, not proof of no god, but proof of multiple gods and goddesses - maybe with supreme God - all existing. Proof that no one, not even Richard Dawkins, could refute. Videos, interviews, introductions to the gods and goddesses themselves. Explorations of the afterlife proving the existence of the soul.

Why do I say it has to be proof of multiple gods and goddesses? Very simple.

Proof there is no god would cause any country whose government is based on atheism such as communism, to reveal the existence of aliens. Remember, Marx, the father of the corruption that is communism, called religion "The opiate of the masses." Irrefutable proof there is no god would give atheism based governments the clout to put down and overthrow governments based on poly or monotheistic.

Proof there is only one God - well, you know the Vatican would be all over that. They could use it not only to show up everyone, but it would increase their chances of successfully forcing everyone to convert to Catholicism and fall under their rule. The Pope would become not just the head of the Catholic Church, but head of all the world.

As for polytheistic - yes, they would somewhat benefit, however, such proof would not only mean their own gods actually exist, but so do gods and goddesses no longer worshipped by the majority of the world. And if there's proof that the Judeo-Christian God exists as well, then they have even less reason to blab the truth.

Proof that all gods and goddesses exist would undermine all of these governments. It would also likely result in world peace as there'd no longer be reasons to fight over which religion was the right one - they'd all be correct. And proof there is an afterlife and consequences for one's actions would cause people to be a little more careful about what they choose to do. Not there still wouldn't be evil people in the world, there'd just be fewer of them.

Yes, aliens providing us with proof that there are gods and goddesses is the only logical explanation for a bunch of governments that hate each other being able to get along on this one subject and keep the cover up going.

That, or, you know, aliens have just never, ever visited us because either they lack the technology to or we're just too boring and pathetic to visit.

So no aliens at Area 51, no huge worldwide conspiracy between rival governments going back hundreds if not thousands of years to hide the existence of aliens, no cow mutilations, no alien anal probes.

That, or, like I said, the aliens have proof of the existence of Zeus, Anansi, Loki, Coyote, Kali, God, Jesus, Lucifer, Hades, Hel, etc and it's in the best interest of every single government to keep this all hidden.

Oh well, at least I managed to think of a TikTok because of all of this.


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